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Collection consists of thirty-nine personal and business letters and postcards from Hans and Marguerite Arp to Richard and Beate Huelsenbeck. Some postcards are also signed by Gabrielle Buffet-Picabia, Otto Flake and others. The letters include significant mention of Arp's exhibitions, including the successful "Derriere Le miroir" (1950). Publications by and about both Arp and Huelsenbeck are discussed, and include Huelsenbeck's Dada Manifesto (Anthology) and Arp's "On My Way" and "Dreams and Projects." Also mentioned is Arp's Grand Prize in the 1954 Biennale. Among the many friends and acquaintances discussed are several other Dadaists and Surrealists; New York dealers and curators, including Curt Valentin, whose 1954 death is mentioned; and artists, editors and writers, among whom Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart, Siegfried Giedion-Welcker and Gabrielle Buffet-Picabia are of particular note. The work and exhibitions of Sophie Tauber-Arp are discussed in depth, and of particular ... Read More
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A short poem about heroin users in New York City
Museum of Modern Art
An interview between Richard Huelsenbeck (Dr. C.R. Hulbeck) and David Ossman
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Contains typescripts of original and reconstructed writings sent to Bernard Karpel from Huelsenbeck in preparation for publication of two monographs. Items include: typescript and 3 printed copies of "Dada Manifesto 1949," which was to have been published in Robert Motherwell's "The Dada painters and poets: an anthology" (1951); 3 photocopies of photographs, one of which was reproduced in the above book; a typescript translation in English, dated 1951, of "The Works of Hans Arp" originally published in "Dada" no. 3; and typescript reconstructions of both "Erklaerung, vorgetragen im Cabaret Voltaire, im Fruehjahr 1916" and "Dadarede, gehalten in der Galerie Neumann, Berlin, Kurfursten dam, am 18ten Februar 1918," and a photocopy of the Berliner Sezession program and invitation of April 12, 1918, which were published in "Dada: eine literarische Dokumentation" (1964)
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An ensemble of original works and printed matter documenting Brown's intent to build a useable study collection of avant-garde materials, dating from 1916-1995 (bulk 1960-1985). In-depth holdings by artists participating in Fluxus, happenings, concrete, sound and visual poetry, mail art, copy art, rubber stamp printing, new music, and video and performance art underscore her range of interests. The collection's broad scope presents a comprehensive account of alternative movements, distribution networks and exhibition venues of the 1960s and 1970s
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Among the Huelsenbeck papers are manuscripts by Huelsenbeck and Raoul Hausmann, correspondence to and from Huelsenbeck with some photographs, clippings and catalogues, and about 130 letters between other correspondents
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The papers consist of letters, manuscripts, and other documents from the business files of Kurt Wolff Verlag. Chiefly correspondence with authors of the German Expressionist literary movement. Includes contracts, financial statements, and documentary material. Correspondents include Walter Hasenclever, Franz Kafka, and Franz Werfel. Most letters to the Kurt Wolff Verlag are directed to Kurt Wolff himself; others are addressed to persons associated with the Kurt Wolff Verlag, e.g. Georg Heinrich Meyer, Giovanni Mardersteig, Ernst Rowohlt, Kurt Pinthus, Erik Ernst Schwabach, Lothar Mohrenwitz, René Schickele, Annemarie v. Puttkamer, Arthur Seiffhart, and Daniel Brody. Letters from 1907 to 1912 are directed to the Ernst Rowohlt Verlag (which became the Kurt Wolff Verlag on Feb. 15, 1913). Many letters to the Hyperion Verlag and to the Verlag der Weissen Blätter, some to Der neue Geist Verlag, Genius Verlag, and Verlag der Schriften von Karl Kraus, which all were part of the Kurt ... Read More
Brooklyn Museum
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On the stationery of the journal Transition, Jolas discusses George Grosz and Hugo Ball, the whereabouts of Dada artists, and the destruction of the movement by political events in Germany


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