Western Reserve Historical Society
Correspondence, diaries, Bascom and Little genealogies, memoirs, obituaries, certificates, invitations, and newspaper clippings, relating to William Tully Bascom (1812-1877) as editor of the Ohio State Journal and other Ohio newspapers and his political activities; his son, Gustavus Bascom (1841-1884), as an officer with an Ohio regiment during the Civil War and his military service in West Virginia and at South Mountain and Antietam, Md.; his daughter, Laura (Bascom) Little, describing her travels to Europe and the Orient; her husband, Dr. Hiram H. Little (1816-1896), and the Little family; and their son, Tully Bascom Little (1879-1940), and his activities as president of Cleveland Chamber of Commerce. Correspondents include Newton D. Baker, William W. Belknap, Jacob D. Cox, James A. Garfield, Horace Greeley, Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, and Edwin Stanton
Historical Society of Washington, D.C.
Minutes from the opening meeting of the Central Labor Union in June 1891, remarks to be used during a debate held by the union, and drafts of letters written to other labor members and Pres. William McKinley in 1897. Topics of correspondence include urging the appointment of Representative William S. Linton of Michigan as chief of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and labor's distrust of Sen. Joseph R. Hawley of Connecticut. Much of the volume is blank. One of the letters from 1897 is signed by A.B. Schofield, and the other unsigned drafts appear to be in the same hand. Schofield worked at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and his employment at this agency likely prompted his advocacy of a particular candidate for Bureau chief
The Mariners' Museum Library
Issue of the New York journal and advertiser with the headline: "M'Kinley shot." Contains lead articles concerning the shooting of President McKinley on Sept. 6, 1901 by Leon Czolgosz, with odds of his recovery. Also contains a number of classified ads
Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
Chiefly correspondence, envelopes, cards, lithographs, relating to medicine, military, and social affairs, addressed to McCrary, Dr. W.C. Boteler, physician, of Missouri, and others -- Includes several pieces of outgoing correspondence of McCrary, two old family letters, mss. by Charles Pinckney Sumner to Philip Barbour and Jefferson Davis to John C. Calhoun, letters to Lucy Webb Hayes to McCrary's wife, a Mark Twain letter to McCrary, and other papers. Correspondents of McCrary include James G. Blaine, Roscoe Conkling, Charles Devens, William M. Evarts, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, John A. Logan, Carl Schurz, John Sherman. Correspondents of Boteler and his wife include George B. Cortelyou, William McKinley, Dr. Charles H. Mayo, Carl Schurz, and William Howard Taft
Lincoln Memorial University - Carnegie-Vincent Library
A collection of documents and letters of every indiviual holding the office of United State President
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
President of the United States, United States senator from Indiana, and army officer. Correspondence, speeches, articles, notebooks in shorthand, legal papers, financial records, scrapbooks, memorials, printed material, and memorabilia.
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Lawyer, public official, and author from Indiana. Correspondence, diaries, journals, copybook, speeches, writings, notes, legal papers, clippings, printed material, and other papers, including a late fifteenth century fragment of the Tristram Saga obtained by Arthur Middleton Reeves on a trip to Iceland. The bulk of the collection consists of Foulke's correspondence reflecting his literary career and public service, including letters from Theodore Roosevelt discussing civil service reform, the Progressive movement, Woodrow Wilson, the World Court (Permanent Court of International Justice), and pacifism.
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
United States secretary of state, United States representative and senator from Maine, and journalist. Family and general correspondence, speeches, writings, diaries, memoirs, notebooks, scrapbooks, and other papers documenting Blaine's public career.
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Lawyer, U. S. secretary of state, U. S. supreme court justice, and U.S. Court of Appeals judge. Correspondence, memoranda, financial papers, scrapbooks, reports, minutes, newspaper clippings, and printed matter relating chiefly to personal matters but also touching on foreign affairs, political patronage requests, legal matters, Day’s relationship with William McKinley, and his activities as secretary of state, Supreme Court justice, and president of the McKinley National Memorial Association.
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
United States secretary of the navy, senator from New Hampshire, and lawyer. Principally bound volumes of correspondence documenting Chandler's activities as assistant secretary of the treasury, 1865-1867, secretary of the navy, 1882-1885, United States Senator from New Hampshire, 1887-1901, and chairman of the Spanish Treaty Claims Commission, 1901-1908. Includes material reflecting Chandler's prominence in the Republican Party and his role in the presidential campaigns of 1868 and 1872, in the disputed election of 1876 between Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel J. Tilden, and in the campaign for president in 1880.


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