New York Public Library
Collection consists of objects, text scores, correspondence art, gallery announcements, concert programs, posters and other items produced by and/or relating to the Fluxus group of artists, ca. 1958-1987 -- Highlights include: multiple edition Fluxus objects, e.g. George Brecht's Water yam, 1963, Robert Watts' Events, 1964, Joseph Beuys' Zwei Fra╠łulein mit leuchtendem Brot, 1966, and Yoko Ono's A box of smile, signed in 1984; complete set of the Fluxus in-house newspaper, V TRE, 1963-1978; posters from Charlotte Moorman's Annual New York Avant-Garde Festivals, 1964-1980; signed performance poems and "text-sound texts" by Jackson Mac Low; performance programs from La Monte Young and Yoko Ono's Chamber Street Loft Series, ca. 1961-1962. Many items are inscribed to the collector, Ellsworth Snyder
Getty Research Institute
"[This piece] visits Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, the site of a devastating battle during World War II. On one level, the video is an evocation of past horror, which is seen in fragmentary documentary footage and recalled in interviews with American and Japanese veterans and Solomon Islanders. Synthesized through Paik's postproduction mix, the manipulation of memories, fragments, visual and auditory representations, and sites of devastation, becomes, on another level, a struggle to locate and convey experiential truths"--J.G. Hanhardt, p. 22
Getty Research Institute
An ensemble of original works and printed matter documenting Brown's intent to build a useable study collection of avant-garde materials, dating from 1916-1995 (bulk 1960-1985). In-depth holdings by artists participating in Fluxus, happenings, concrete, sound and visual poetry, mail art, copy art, rubber stamp printing, new music, and video and performance art underscore her range of interests. The collection's broad scope presents a comprehensive account of alternative movements, distribution networks and exhibition venues of the 1960s and 1970s
University of California, Santa Barbara - Davidson Library
Charlotte Moorman was an American cellist and performance artist who gained some notoriety for her Avant Garde performances at festivals she helped organize beginning in 1963. Moorman was trained as a classical musician at Julliard and later joined the American Symphony Orchestra in the late 1950s. She is widely known for her performance art however, as one of her performances of Nam June Paik's Opera Sextronique would lead to her arrest for performing the work topless. Paik and Moorman were longtime collaborators, with Paik composing many pieces exclusively for Moorman. Paik also produced a documentary film after Moorman's death in 1991 entitled "The Topless Cellist." This collection was originally edited, compiled, and produced by the manager of Moorman's estate Barbara Moore. This collection is one of 100 limited edition archives that were sold at an exhibition on the life and work of Moorman in 2000. This collection has been arranged chronologically, and the contents largely ... Read More
Art Institute of Chicago - Ryerson and Burnham Libraries
The World of Charlotte Moorman collection originated as a publication in conjunction with the archival exhibition of the same name at Bound & Unbound, a gallery in New York, March 28-June 30, 2000. The collection includes recital announcements and programs from Moorman's college years; programs, posters, catalogs, and ephemera from her 30-year career collaborations with Nam June Paik, Joseph Beuys, Yoko Ono, and other vanguardists; posters and programs from each of the fifteen Annual Avant Garde Festivals in New York; and bibliographical and biographical material
Getty Research Institute
Willi Bongard's research papers document the art market and avant-garde artists active internationally, particularly in Germany, during the 1960s and 1970s. Included are letters to and from artists, dealers and other art world people; vertical file materials (invitations, announcements, posters, photographs, clippings, exhibition catalogues) about individual artists. Artists represented in the collection include Joseph Beuys, Gilbert & George, Robert Indiana, Charlotte Moorman, Nam June Paik, James Rosenquist, Daniel Spoerri, Jean Tinguely, Ben Vautier, Wolf Wostell and Tom Wesselmann, among others. Fluxus artists of the period also are represented. Especially extensive files document Christo, 1969-1979. Bongard used his research to follow the art market and formulate his theory of the economics of the market. He published his theory, linking fame and sales prices, in a newsletter called Art Actual. Papers relating to the production of his newsletter (along with issues of the ... Read More
Getty Research Institute
The archive documents Schneemann's performances, happenings, film and book production, and exhibitions from 1959-1994. It includes original materials relating to performances and publication projects in the form of notes, drawings, performance scripts and mss.; correspondence with visual, literary and performing artists, art critics, and other individuals prominent in the international avant-garde; printed ephemera, artists' books, and Fluxus objects by Schneemann and others; lecture notes and other materials pertaining to Schneemann as teacher and lecturer; research files on performance and feminist topics; mss. by others about Schneemann's work; and photograph albums which provide visual documentation of much of her performance work
Cleveland Museum of Art - Ingalls Library
Smithsonian Institution - Archives of American Art
An interview of Alison Knowles conducted 2010 June 1-2, by Judith Olch Richards, for the Archives of American Art's Elizabeth Murray Oral History of Women in the Visual Arts Project, at Knowles' home and studio, in New York, N.Y.


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