University of Michigan Libraries
Collection includes: substantial correspondence between Waldman and family, particularly Frances LeFevre Waldman, friends, and fellow poets; published and unpublished manuscripts by Waldman and others; school papers from the Friends' Seminary (New York City) and Bennington College; manuscripts and ephemera from the early years of the St. Mark's Poetry Project
McMaster University - Mills Memorial Library
The collection consists of letters written by Nations to Beth Jankola when Nations was living in Vancouver and running Strange Faeces. There are three letters, 1974-75, with enclosures. The enclosures consist of printed notices re poetry and other readings. Also in the collection: a play “Patients, Patients” by Dannnie Loreno and two printed poems by Brad Chisholm, 1975
University of California, Berkeley
Snapshot photograph albums from the mid to late 1970s depicting Irene Dogmatic, Patricia Tavenner and others at home, at play, in costume, during performances, etc. at various San Francisco Bay Area locations. Others depicted include Anna Banana and Opal Nations; the San Francisco Dadaists during a street performance in San Francisco outside of the Mostly Flowers Gallery on Geary Street; and Dogmatic's dog, often depicted in costume. Also included in vol. 2 are a few snapshot views of the Hat & Boots gas station in Seattle. Other photographs include a portrait of Bill Gaglione (also known as William "Picasso" Gaglione) and a creased and torn snapshot of artist David Hockney in a boat on the Oxford Canal near Magdelan Tower, Oxford University, taken in the 1960s
Getty Research Institute
Papers collected or generated by Higgins, documenting his involvement with Fluxus and Happenings art movements, pattern and concrete poetry; new music, and small press publishing from 1972 to 1994, with some letters dated as early as 1960 -- Correspondence primarily consists of carbons of Higgins' letters, with many responses and, in some cases, extensive exchanges with Fluxus, Mail Art and Art and Language artists, Concrete and Sound poets, New Music composers, and Small Press publishers and poets; also includes art pieces and manuscripts by these correspondents. Also, a substantial quantity of Higgins' published works in original manuscript form, some with annotations and correspondence; works rejected by Higgins; production material on 26 of Higgins' 45 published books from Something Else Press, Printed Editions and elsewhere; books by four other authors; and one killed project. The collection also has a small quantity of miscellaneous personal papers and extensive research and ... Read More
Getty Research Institute
An ensemble of original works and printed matter documenting Brown's intent to build a useable study collection of avant-garde materials, dating from 1916-1995 (bulk 1960-1985). In-depth holdings by artists participating in Fluxus, happenings, concrete, sound and visual poetry, mail art, copy art, rubber stamp printing, new music, and video and performance art underscore her range of interests. The collection's broad scope presents a comprehensive account of alternative movements, distribution networks and exhibition venues of the 1960s and 1970s
Stanford University
Included are examples of Peter Koch's work from 1975 through 2010. The archive contains works of poets and other authors that Stanford collects, and complements other library holdings by Koch and other fine presses of the American West. Among its approximately 1500 items are invitations, announcements, business cards and stationery, books, prints, broadsides, and related ephemera. It does not include MONTANA GOTHIC, Peter Koch's literary tri-quarterly which was published 1974-78


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