Rochester Institute of Technology - Wallace Memorial Library
The Collection on RIT campus art contains documents related to the artwork housed on the Rochester Institute of Technology's (RIT) campus. This includes published articles, newspaper clippings, press releases, and images of various works. There are also several documents that list items on RIT's campus, creating a partial inventory for the university's collection. Specific artists included in the collection are Josef Albers, Alistair Bevington, Harry Bertoia, JoseĢ de Rivera, Frederick Lipp, Henry Moore, and Albert Paley. There is also information the D'Amanda Clock, located on top of Kate Gleason Hall, and a publication highlighting the art on RIT's Henrietta campus in 1968
Saint Louis Art Museum - Richardson Memorial Library
The library continues to add material to its files, including articles, biographies, bibliographies, photographs, reviews, small catalogs, invitations, and correspondence
Metropolitan Museum of Art - Watson Library
The folder may include clippings, announcements, small exhibition catalogs, and other ephemeral items
Rochester Institute of Technology - Wallace Memorial Library
Files on the artwork on the Rochester Institute of Technology's campus, compiled by Peter Giopulos. Giopulos served as the associate dean for the College of Fine and Applied Arts at the university. The collection includes articles, clippings, correspondence, and miscellaneous administrative documents for each piece, as well as photographs of the items and tape recordings of interviews with some of the artists
University of Kansas - Kenneth Spencer Research Library
Brooklyn Museum
Cleveland Museum of Art - Ingalls Library
Smithsonian Institution - Archives of American Art
An interview of Albert Paley conducted 1982 Dec. 2, by Robert F. Brown, for the Archives of American Art


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