Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Informal portraits of Hitler, Göring, Hess, and other Nazi dignitaries; views of Nuremberg; units from the Arbeitsdienst, Feldjaeger-Corps, Hitlerjugend, Wehrmacht, and other national socialist organizations on parade; massed groups in the Luitpold arena, etc. Leni Riefenstahl at work directing photographers
New York Public Library
Typescript, copyrighted 1969
Columbia University
Correspondence, scripts, manuscripts, and reports regarding his activities in the American radio and film industries. Included are papers regarding projects for the United State Government, the Indian film industry, various television and radio networks, and private ventures. Also included is material regarding the Center for Mass Communications of Columbia University, in which Barnouw figured prominently and files for the books he has written
University of Texas Libraries
The Neil Leifer photograph collection consists of 89 color and black and white photographic prints, collected by noted sports photographer Neil Leifer. Ranging in date from approximately 1945 to 2001, many or all of the iconic photographs were acquired through trades Leifer made with other photographers and are signed by the original photographers
Getty Research Institute
The Lorant collection represents significant aspects of Lorant's careers as filmmaker and pictorial history book author; his better known expertise as a picture magazine editor is less thoroughly documented. The core of the collection comprises photographs he collected of German history from the Bismarck era to the Nuremberg Trials (ca. 1871-1946). A smaller portion of the photo holdings consists of stills from Lorant's silent films and personal photos of himself, friends, and family. An extensive correspondence from his American years is primarily concerned with book projects
Louisiana State University - Special Collections
Riefenstahl discusses producing official documentaries for the Nazi regime during the 1930's; her personal contacts with Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess, Albert Speer, Josef Goebbels, and other high-ranking government and party officials; description of circumstances and techniques used in making films, particularly TRIUMPH DES WILLENS, SIEG DES GLAUBENS, and OLYMPIA. Interview is a translation from German to English of an edited version
National Museum of Women in the Arts
Center for Jewish History
This collection contains materials from the life of James May (1921- ). His correspondence and the collecting of clippings document his ongoing engagement with his home town of Heilbronn, Germany, starting in the 1960s and particularly in the 1980s. It also includes other correspondence, personal papers, military materials, restitution files, genealogical materials relating to the family of his mother, Thekla Sänger May, and clippings and documents about his professional life as a textile designer
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Photographs show miscellaneous pictures of Frau Gerdy Troost, most taken after her husband's death. Includes Frau Troost examining architectural drawings in an office; visiting various construction projects; having dinner or meeting with Nazi officials. Includes picture of Frau Troost and Gauleiter Wagner of Munich with Leni Riefenstahl and other actors in costume on the movie set of "Tiefland". Also includes photos of the funeral of Paul Ludwig Troost in 1934; Adolf Hitler attending funeral; procession of the casket; numbers of SA soldiers standing at attention. Includes postcard views of Hitler walking in funeral procession; portrait of Paul Ludwig Troost and portrait of Gerdy Troost as a child


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