Buffalo History Museum
Book kept by Lars Sellstedt Potter listing his descent through the Bostwick family, as set forth in the Bostwick family genealogy compiled by Henry Anton Bostwick, 1901; ALS, Buell and Helen, to Lars, regarding a book sent as a birthday gift, 16 June 1931; and the Lord's Prayer and Ten Commandments written in miniature by Dr. William K. Scott, Potter's great- grandfather
Buffalo History Museum
Born in Sweden; left in 1831 to become a sailor; settled in Buffalo in 1842 and opened an art studio. In 1850, married Louise Lovejoy, who died of cholera in 1851. Married Caroline Scott in 1856; her brother- in-law, Solomon G. Haven, was a former mayor, current Congressman and law partner of Millard Fillmore. Built a reputation as a talented portrait painter. Was a founder of the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy and one of the first curators of the Albright Art Gallery. In 1872 he was elected an associate of the American Academy of Design, becoming a full-fledged Academician in 1875. In 1904 his art studio on West Mohawk St. burned and many of his paintings were destroyed. His most notable paintings are portraits of Millard Fillmore, Grover Cleveland, and himself. Author of an autobiography and a history of art in Buffalo. The ancestors of Sellstedt's wife Caroline include William Scott, an officer in the Revolutionary War. Sellstedt's daughter Eva married Dr. Frank H. Potter in 1887


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