Massachusetts Historical Society
Journals of W. Cameron Forbes, investment banker, governor general of the Philippines, U.S. Ambassador to Japan, and member of special foreign commissions for Haiti, Spain, and the Philippines. Forbes described cultural, historical, political, social, and economic matters in each of the countries and regions he worked in or visited: Brazil (1929), China (1930-1935), Haiti (1930), Central America (1933-1934), India (1913), Japan (1930-1932), the Philippines (1904-1921), and Spain (1938). Forbes also worked as a consultant for Stone and Webster, receivers of the Brazil Railroad; as a board member for Harvard University and the United Fruit Company; and as representative on China trade matters for J.M. Forbes and Co
Massachusetts Historical Society
Clippings and correspondence related primarily to Hallowell's career as an army officer and as lieutenant-colonel of the 55th Mass. Regiment, the second Black regiment in the state, during the Civil War. Hallowell was first enlisted as a member of the 20th Mass. regiment and was later involved, along with his brothers Edward N. and Richard P. Hallowell, in the recruitment of Black soldiers for the 54th and 55th Mass. regiments. The Hallowells were active in the anti-slavery movement and in their attempts to get equal pay for Black soldiers and other equal treatment for Blacks. The papers, primarily in scrapbooks, also contain Hallowell's essays as a student at Harvard College (Class of 1861), papers related to his lifelong affiliation and loyalty to the college, and items concerning his career as a businessman in Boston
Massachusetts Historical Society
Two scrapbooks related to the life and career of Eben Sumner Draper of Hopedale, Mass., governor of Massachusetts from 1909-1911. The first scrapbook (1866-1877; disbound) contains compositions written by Draper as a child; school reports from Hopedale Private School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and photographs. The second scrapbook (1909-1913), kept by Draper's wife Nancy "Nannie" (Bristow) Draper, consists primarily of newspaper clippings about his term as governor, the Draper family, President William H. Taft, and various political subjects, but includes photographs, invitations, and a letter from Gloucester, Mass. portrait painter Cecilia Beaux about a portrait of Draper's daughter Dorothy
University of Virginia
The collection consists of the scrapbook and correspondence of Lily Logan Morrill and her husband, Albert H. Morrill. The scrapbook, about Mrs. Morrill's father, Thomas Muldrup Logan, contains some of his Civil War correspondence, speeches, and newspaper clippings, mostly from the 1870s, about him. It also contains some clippings about Mrs. Morrill and her book, Builder of the New South, written about her father's life
University of Kentucky
These are the papers of the Mackoy family -- The collection consists largely of the papers of William Hardin Mackoy and Harry Brent Mackoy. There is a large amount of correspondence in the collection, including letters written by William while he was a student at the University of Virginia. His school notebooks are also included. There are scrapbooks on family history, photographs, diaries, records of various genealogical associations of which Harry Brent Mackoy was a member, and a group of land grants and other documents signed by early presidents and governors, including John Quincy Adams, Benjamin Harrison, Patrick Henry, Henry Lee, James Madison, James Monroe, J.T. Morehead, Beverly Randolph, Edmund Randolph, and Isaac Shelby. There are also folders of information on topics which interested Harry Brent Mackoy, including sculptor Joel T. Hart and the history of Covington and Kenton County, Ky
University of Kentucky
The collection is comprised of 35 1/4" reel to reel audio tapes. They contain Senator Alben Barkley's last speech, Will Rogers commentaries, various Oral History Project tapes that include speeches by Woodrow Wilson, The Duke of Windsor, William Jenning Bryan, Lindburgh's speech to the DC Press Club, Bertrand Russell Nobel prize acceptance speech, Franklin Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, the only known recording of Thomas Edison, the coronation of George VI and "The History of Recorded Sound" series
Cornell University Libraries
Files of the New York State Civil Service Reform Association and the National Civil Service Reform League concern the organization, development, history, and activities of these associations. They include correspondence, briefs, extracts, reports, clippings, pamphlets, and other material on appointments, removals
Boston Public Library - Special Collections
Diaries, letter books, correspondence, notes, memoranda, legal and financial papers, sketches, drawings, photos, newspaper clippings, telegrams, and books, chiefly 1866-1909, relating to the architectural firm of McKim, Mead & White established in New York City in 1879. Covers the establishment of the American Academy in Rome and the building of the Boston Public Library. Includes diary (1863) kept by McKim's father, abolitionist James McKim. Among the correspondents are Edwin Austin Abbey, Daniel Chester French, Charles Dana Gibson, Henry Lee Higginson, John Galen Howard, John La Farge, Frederick W. MacMonnies, Francis D. Millet, Charles Moore, H. Siddons Mowbray, Frederick Law Olmstead, Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, Elihu Root, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Edward F. Stevens, William H. Taft, and Woodrow Wilson. Related to the Charles Moore collection of the Library of Congress
Harvard University - Houghton Library
Collection contains correspondence of James Freeman Clarke, and some additional letters that Clarke collected for the autographs. Letters written to Clarke address topics such as religion and the Unitarian church, life in New York City, comments and congratulations on Clarke's books, dinner invitations, reading suggestions, and a certificate of membership to the American Philosophical Society. There are several letters from Emerson to Clarke about Clarke's writing, and about Emerson's lectures. There are also several poems written by Emerson and Julia Ward Howe. Letters also discuss abolitionists, including a letter from John Brown that he wrote from prison before being put to death, and an article on John Brown's raid. There is a letter from Nathaniel Hawthorne requesting that Clarke perform his wedding ceremony, and also a letter from Henry James asking Clarke to perform funeral services for his wife. There are also several letters from Booker T. Washington asking Clarke for ... Read More
University of Michigan - Bentley Historical Library
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and pictures dealing with his activities in the Phillipines and publications concerning the Islands, notes of trip to Mindoro and Palawan in July of 1910, and paper concerning the special Wood-Forbes Investigating Mission to the Phillipines in 1921; also photographs. Correspondents include: William H. Taft and Leonard Wood


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