Montana Historical Society,-- Library and Archives Dept
Kate Young discusses her life in the Ural area; her childhood experiences on the Peloquin homestead in Lincoln County; log drives; and her husband, Rufus Young. Her stepson, Jack Young, discusses his experiences as the builder, maintainer, and operator of the Kootenai River ferry from 1930 to the 1950s
New York State Historical Documents
Correspondence of Shubert Office employees concerning various day-to-day business aspects such as bookings, financial matters, management, production, contracts, and performers. Correspondents include Gustav Ambert, 1907-1915; William Caryl, 1919-1924; Leonard L. Gallagher, 1912-1922; Mitzi Hajos, 1943-1954; Sally Jacobs, 1928-1933; Charles Judels, 1926-1928; Emanuel M. Klein, 1917-1918; Fred L. Leonard, 1926; E.R. Simmons, 1918-1929; and Jack Young, 1931-1934
Ball State University - Bracken Library
This collection includes ephemera and photographs from Jack Young, circa 1950, regarding his affiliation with the Boy Scouts
Minnesota Historical Society
Correspondence relating to the many aspects of the institution's management, particularly administration of the buildings, programs, inmates, and staff. Included are files of superintendent Harvey C. Akerson (1973-1982), community relations director Hank Kessler (1981-1983), special assistant to the commissioner Fred Holbeck (1973-1975), and commissioners and deputy/assistant commissioners Kenneth Schoen (1973-1978), Jack Young (1979-1982), Elizabeth Buckley and Thomas Foley (1976-1978), Howard Costello (1973-1984), Pat Mack (1974-1979), Pat McManus (1974), Milton Olson (1973-1974), and Orville B. Pung (1973-1982)
New York Public Library
In a panel discussion with performance excerpts, composer Steve Reich and his wife, videographer Beryl Korot, discuss their collaboration in creating the performance art piece, Three tales. Reflecting on the dramatic impact technology has exerted on life in the 20th century, Three tales contemplates three definitive historical moments: the 1937 Hindenburg crash, the nuclear bomb tests at the Bikini atoll in 1946, and the cloning of sheep Dolly in 1996. Includes excerpts from each of the three sections. Mary Sharp Cronson introduces the program


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