Gloucester Archives
Includes Gloucester, Mass. (1820-1870) with Jan. 1821-Aug. 1832, Oct. 1832-June 1836, Oct. 1836-Dec. 1838, Feb. 1839-Sept. 1867, and July 1868-Dec. 1869 missing -- Information includes date of arrival, name of vessel, name of passenger, age, sex, occupation, part of vessel occupied during voyage, country of which subject, country of which it is intention to become inhabitant, and those who died on voyage. Also includes Georgetown, D.C. (1820-1821), Hampton, Va. (1820-1821), Hartford, Conn. (1837), Havre de Grace, Md. (1820), Hingham, Mass. (1852), Kennebunk, Me. (1820-1842), Key West, Fla. (1837-1868), Little Egg Harbor, N.J. (Tuckerton, N.J., was port of entry), Marblehead, Mass. (1820-1849), and Mobile, Ala. (1832-1852. Some dates are missing
New Bedford Whaling Museum,-- Kendall Institute
Log, kept by Peter Pease, relating to coastwise shipping voyage from New Bedford to Philadelphia, Pa., and return -- Includes cargo lists, prayers, and poems
Portsmouth Athenaeum
Log (1830-1831) of the ship Sarah Parker -- Log traces the ship's course from New York to Mobile, Liverpool, and back to Portsmouth. This was Goodwin's last voyage as master
State Historical Society of Iowa
This collection contains 56 holographic letters, 12 transcript letters, and 7 documents. The letters were written to Mary Ann Rice of Iowa City, Iowa from different locations. The content of the letters are routine with the exception that Rice discusses the cost and variety of goods that he provides the troops. He notes, for example, that he purchased a dozen eggs for 25 cents. Other information is specific to the Rice family and still other information is typical, health, camp life, lack of mail, a desire for newspapers and the like. Perhaps the most interesting item in the collection is a wooden "needle" used by price to pry two molars from his mouth one night in 1862. He noted that no dentist was available. He saved the needle
University of Chicago - Special Collections Research Center
Letter signed. Recommends an immediate attack on Mobile, Alabama
Florida State University - Special Collections Department
Business forms, letterhead papers, blueprints, clippings, scrapbooks, photographs, sound recording, and other materials -- This collection deals with the Rosasco and Bronnum families and their history and business ventures. There are family biographical sketches, and scrapbooks about William S. Rosasco Jr. and the USO during World War II. There are letters, land contracts, logging contracts, materials on land management, timber, naval stores, exports, tugboats, contracts for building barges, deeds, leases, tax papers, reports, Santa Rosa Lumber Company papers, Bay Point Mill Company, Pinewood, Florida, Aiken Towning Corporation, liquidation, and a shipping businesses in Pensacola. There are materials about Walter L. Rosasco, William S. Rosasco, Jr., William Sebastian Rosasco, Sr., and Albert Thomas Rosasco, pictures of the Rosasco family, investments, banks in Pensacola, Asheville, North Carolina, and Mobile, Alabama, Escambia County tax papers, real estate in Santa Rosa County and ... Read More
Florida State University - Special Collections Department
This collection consists of holograph records of the United States Army Quartermaster Department, Tallahassee, Florida, dating 1865-1869. They include letters, orders and reports in a press book with cloth-covered cardboard binding. The binding is badly worn, but the records are for the most part legible and show that they were exchanged between various "Quartermaster Stations" in Florida, Mobile, New Orleans, with the arsenal at "Chatahoochie," and the United States Quartermaster General's office in Washington, D.C. There are also eleven pages of names of military men serving with the Quartermaster Corps in Florida, and a few loose inserts including the Malachi Martin papers. Some of the reports show that "rebel convicts" were used for work in brick kilns, for "wood cut and corded on the beach and at convenient places on the bank of the Apalachicola river," and that "the P & GRR which had been run by the Quartermaster's Dept. immediately after surrender of the rebel troops in this ... Read More
Florida State University - Special Collections Department
Papers, correspondence -- This collection consists of 40 signed documents, 7 autographed letters signed, and 6 letters signed, relating to the civil and military administration of the British possessions of East and West Florida. This is an important collection of manuscript material, apparently all unpublished, related to East and West Florida, which were part of the British Empire just prior to the American Revolution. Both were obtained from Spain at the Treaty of Paris in 1763. West Florida was captured by Governor Galvez of Louisiana in 1781, and East Florida reverted to Spain and was evacuated in 1784. Included in this collection are materials related to the following persons and topics: Major John Campbell, Lt. Col. Ralph Walsh
Valentine Richmond Historical Center
The collection contains letters, business papers, and documents relating to the Sedgwick and Mussen families who migrated to Virginia from Ireland in the early 19th century. Much of the correspondence is to or from cousins Margaret A. Mussen and John R. Sedgwick, who were married in Richmond by 1867
Peabody Essex Museum
The logbook of the schooner William R. King details a voyage from Mobile, Ala. to Pensacola, Fla. and Galveston Bay, Tex. (Oct. 1860 to Jan. 1861). Master and log keeper was John Clement Lord. It is a daily log that describes wind, weather, location, passengers, and Lord's family. Bound with the ships Josephus, Stephen Crowel, and H.M. Hayes


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