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Correspondence, financial and legal records, and miscellany relating to Russell & Co., Guangzhou (Canton), China, and to its founder, Samuel Russell, and members of his family. Includes material relating to the merger of Russell & Co. with John P. Cushing, William Perkins & Company of Boston, Mass., and hong merchant Houqua, of Guangzhou, China; banking problems in the U.S.; national and international monetary matters; commerce with China; commerce within the U.S.; the Russell Manufacturing Company, producer of elastic webbing, established in Middletown, Conn., in 1831; Ithiel Town's design of Samuel Russell's Middletown mansion; land speculation in Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, and Wisconsin; the Turkish opium trade; the American Colonization Society; and epilepsy and the medical care of Russell's son, John A. Russell
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Correspondence, ships' papers, account books, memorandum books, accounts, bills, receipts, and printed material, chiefly relating to Shreve's activities as supercargo and shipmaster on a number of Salem vessels (1805-1835). Includes information documenting early American trade with Canton, China, in porcelain, tea, and silk
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Correspondence and accounts chiefly relating to maritime commerce between the U.S. and China (1827-1874) reflecting the Opium War and political and mercantile conditions in China, and to a lesser extent, shipping between U.S. East Coast ports and South America; deeds and other property records pertaining to real estate owned in Rhode Island, New York, N.Y., and Illinois; and estate papers of the Talbots and the family of Talbot's wife, the Richmonds, of Providence, R.I. Includes correspondence (1841-1843) between his firm, Talbot, Olyphant & Co., New York, N.Y., and Commodore Lawrence Kearny, of U.S. East India Squadron, William H. Morss, member of the firm in Canton, and William Delano, U.S. vice consul at Macao, concerning an attack by the Chinese military on a party from the Talbot ship Morrison, and demands for compensation; and papers concerning his support of the Presbyterian Church, its foreign missionary activities, and the American Bible Society. Persons represented include ... Read More
New Haven Museum & Historical Society Library
Correspondence, diaries, journals, ships' logs, account books, insurance papers, and other records, documenting the activities of New Haven, Conn., ships and seamen -- Includes records of vessels sailing to Europe, the Mediterranean, Caribbean, West Indies, Africa, South America, Sandwich Islands, the Pacific, and Canton, China; journals of whaling and sealing voyages; U.S. Navy cruises and Wilkes Exploring Expedition (1838-1842); papers of steamboat companies; diaries of captains, seamen, and passengers; admiralty court papers; and references to the War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War, slave trade, and the California gold rush. Major subcollections include papers of George Attwater; U.S. naval officer Henry Eld; James Goodrich and James W. Goodrich; U.S. naval officer Timothy Atwater Hunt; David Phipps; John Richardson; Walter W. Thompson; and Charles Hervey Townshend
New Bedford Whaling Museum,-- Research Library
Log, keeper unknown, relating to a merchant marine voyage from New York, N.Y., to Canton (Guangzhou) China, and return to New York -- Includes descriptions of accidents and death at sea and indigenous people. Other places represented include Bali, Java, and Macau
American Antiquarian Society
This extensive collection of papers illustrates the varied interests and careers of Paine family members as outlined above in the biographical sketches
Peabody Essex Museum
Collection includes three distinct types of shipping documents: a journal segment recording the role played by the Schooner Indiana and the Brig Marietta defending the Mississippi River for New Orleans and trade to the West Indies (no date provided for this document); a Bill of Lading from Cary & Co. for the Ship Hilah carrying tea shipped from New York to New Orleans, which includes an invoice for the tea originally shipped from Canton; and four documents of ship stores for the U.S. Frigate United States providing an "Exhibit of Stores on hand ..." in the Boatswains department, the Carpenters department, the Sailmakers department, and the Gunners department of the frigate (no date provided for any of these documents)
Peabody Essex Museum
Collection includes Chinese Maritime Customs documents; Chinese trade cards; invoices and receipts; five small volumes of disbursments; broadsides written in Chinese; lists of American vessels at Canton; a list of Americans interred in graveyard at Macao; list of missions to China; and correspondence


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