Peabody Essex Museum
New York mercantile firm. Contains tables showing prices for goods from China, Manila, Singapore, Calcutta and Java
Peabody Essex Museum
The autobiography of Salem ship master John H. Eagleston is a continuation of "My ups and downs through life," covering Eagleston's seafaring career from (Oct. 1831 to Jan. 1833) aboard the bark Peru. It describes sightings of ships, indigenous peoples, supplies, and seafaring life. Bound with the accounts of the ship Troy
Peabody Essex Museum
The logbook of the ship Malabar details a voyage from Salem to Java and Antwerp (Mar. 1820 to Dec. 1820). Home port was Salem, Mass.; owner and master was Josiah Orne; log keeper was Joseph Winchester. It is an incomplete daily log describing wind, weather, location, sightings of ships, and shipboard occupations. Bound with the bark General Stark
New Bedford Whaling Museum,-- Kendall Institute
Logbook, kept by Ebenezer Chase, relating to whaling voyage to the Atlantic and Indian oceans -- Includes descriptions of whales and elephant seals seen or taken, accidents at sea, mutiny, punishment on ship, and natives at Sumbawa, Indonesia, not allowing crew to disembark; and whale stamps, anchor drawings, and profile portraits. Other places represented include Kerguelen (Desolation) Islands, Java, Dunedin, and Rio de Janeiro
Peabody Essex Museum
The typescript of the journal of the brig Elenoro details a voyage from [China] to Mauritius (Jan. 1792 to [May] 1792). Master was Simon Metcalf [i.e. Simon Metcalfe]; log keeper was John Bartlett. It is a daily log that describes wind, weather, location, shipboard occupations, handling cargo (including tea), provisions, and interactions and conflicts with indigenous peoples. On May 9, the captain bought a small brig and the log keeper was sent on board as a gunner, the brig (named Ino) traveling in company with the Elenoro for the remainder of the voyage. Journal is a typescript of Log 1765. Bound with the ships Massachusetts and St. Crouse, brig Lady Washington, and the brig Ino
University of Georgia - Special Collections Libraries
The collection consists of papers of James L. Sibley, Jr. from 1907, 1926, and 1928. Includes a letter (1907) from Sibley, in Java, to his aunt, Mrs. Albert S.J. Gardner describing the famous Buddhist temple, Boro Boedor, with minute details of the carvings (part of the letter is missing) and a typescript diary kept by Sibley from January - August, 1926 while working in Liberia under the auspices of the Phelps-Stokes Fund. Diary entries discuss Sibley's work and travels, the people, their customs, houses, schools, missions, mode of travel, and outlook. The diary is illustrated with photographs, evidently taken from a printed report of Sibley's. The collection also includes the AFRICAN LIFE LEADERS (Primer, 1st, 2nd, 3rd) and THE LIBERIAN ARITHMETIC, textbooks edited by Sibley and published in 1928
Indiana University - Archives of Traditional Music
Part 1. Field recordings collected by Judith Becker: Gamelan Sekati. Suluks sung by the dalang during a waging kulit performance. Patterns used on drums played with the gamelan, sung drama called Langen Mandra. East Javanese street music -- Part 2. Tapes dubbed at Radio Republic Indonesia: Story Dewa Rutji sung in Matjapa verse forms. Performance at 1952 Anniversary of Indonesian Independence. East Javanese style gamelan music. Music from the Islands of Eastern Indonesia -- Part 3. Copies of field recordings: Modern gamelan music collected by the Bagong Kussudiardjo Dance Company in 1968 and by Ki Nartosabdho's technicians at his concert on June 16, 1971. Provincial gamelan ensembles from East Java collected by Michael Crawford -- Part 4. Copies of commercial discs (Lokananta Records): Kuwi Apa Kuwi ARC-001A, Gara Gara BRD 014, Ki Nartosabdho ARD 037. Ki Nartosabdho BRD 017
State Library of Victoria
Papers relating to World War 2 prisoner of war camps in Java, including camp memorabilia and press cuttings. Also, a folder of press cuttings and letters relating to Major Arthur Moon. A typescript account of Tamarkan P.O.W. Hospital. Japanese P.O.W. post cards and a typescript of radio messages sent to his wife. Piece of yellow tissue impregnated with rat poison in which the diaries and watercolours were wrapped prior to being buried and a copy of the "King's Quotation" carried by Major Moon throughout the War
University of California, Los Angeles - Ethnomusicology Archive
804 items : genres include Gamelan Degung, Renggong Sundanese gamelan, Gamelan Renteng, Pentjak, Angklung, as well as several vocal genres
University of California, Los Angeles - Ethnomusicology Archive
Field recordings supporting Baker's dissertation work on the stylistic analysis of melodic themes (tjengkok, cengkok or chengkok) used in classical Javanese music


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