Center for Jewish History
Included are correspondence, circular letters, publications, broadcast texts, lists of DP's and search lists of relatives, Court of Honor files, posters, handicraft items by school children. Files of the Central Committee: Materials relating to the founding conference. Reports and minutes of meetings. Correspondence with district committees and with camps. Reports of Central Committee departments. Files of the Statistics Department: search inquiries from relatives and agencies abroad wishing to locate individuals in Italy. Files of the Central Court of Honor: correspondence, minutes, reports and verdicts, including cases which involved Nazi collaborators. Files of the Central Committee Cultural and Educational Department: materials on the Cultural Conference, July 1948. Records of camp schools, the Jewish Students' Organization, theatrical ensembles. Files of individual DP camps: minutes and correspondence of camp committees; election materials; broadcast announcements by camp ... Read More
University of California, Los Angeles - Ethnomusicology Archive
Sound and video recordings, papers, and photographs related to the Italian Oral History Institute, including materials from Luisa Del Guidice and Edward Tuttle
Wisconsin Veterans Museum Research Center
Donald A. Kaplanek, a Deerbrook, Wisconsin native, discusses his World War II service as a tail gunner with the 740th Bomb Squadron, 455th Bomb Group stationed in Italy and his experiences as a prisoner of war at Stalag Luft IV. Based at San Giovanni Field (Italy), Kaplanek talks about duty as a replacement tail gunner for several different crews. He speaks about several of his missions including the Ploesti Raid, a mission over Austria where he saw six of seven escort planes shot down, and a situation when he was being targeted by three enemy planes. He details getting shot down after a mission to Blechhammer (Germany): the engines getting damaged by flak, his crew bailing out over Hungary, being taken prisoner by the Hungarian Home Guard, and almost being hung from a tree by a mob of civilians. Kaplanek talks about being taken to jail by a German soldier and getting spit on by Hungarian civilians. He speaks of the trip by train to a prison in Budapest (Hungary), ten days of ... Read More
Wisconsin Veterans Museum Research Center
John G. Scocos, a native of Fond du Lac, Wis., discusses his experiences in the Army Air Corps as a bombardier on a B-24 in Europe during World War II which eventually led to his capture and internment in a POW camp in April of 1944. Scocos tells about his basic training at Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis (Missouri). He was then reassigned to various bases throughout the United States such as Fort Logan (Denver), Lockland Airbase (Texas) and Langley Field (New Mexico). Once situated in Europe with the 450th Bomb Group and stationed at Manduria Air Force Base (Italy), Scocos flew thirty-two daylight missions before being shot down near Weiner Neustadt (Austria). He depicts most of his missions as military targets including submarine pens in Toulon, airfields in Marseilles and Polesti, and the Airdrome in Weiner Neustadt just outside of Vienna. After being shot down, he was turned over to the Germans by an Austrian soldier. He speaks about his experiences at the interrogation center at ... Read More
Wisconsin Veterans Museum Research Center
Papers and photographs of Robert E. Brodhagen, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin native who served with the 58th Station Hospital, 21st General Hospital during World War II. The papers and photographs were originally a part of a scrapbook that was dismantled for preservation purposes, and a photocopy of the original order was maintained in the collection. Items in the scrapbook were arranged by geographic location and often included captions about the content. Papers consist of souvenirs, a note written by Brodhagen reflecting on his experience crossing the Atlantic, letters of commendation, and other materials collected during his service in North Africa and Europe. Also included are telegrams and postcards documenting the correspondence between Brodhagen and his future wife Jean Johnson, who served as a Corporal in the Marine Corps Aviation Women's Reserve Squadron 16. Some documents related to their wedding are also a part of the collection, including the marriage license and a note giving ... Read More
Wisconsin Veterans Museum Research Center
The Portage County, Wis. native discusses his World War II service as an infantryman serving with Company B, 7th Regiment, 3rd Division in Italy and France; the account focuses on his experiences during the campaign in France where he was wounded and lost both hands -- He touches upon growing up on a Wisconsin farm, experiences in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), being the only one of his four brothers to be drafted, and basic training at Camp Croft (South Carolina). Myhra talks about the fighting at Anzio, police duty in Rome, seeing Winston Churchill, and the debate over which unit should take Berchtesgaden (Germany). Landing in France shortly after D-Day, he describes landing at Cavalier Bay, hitting a prima-cord which wounded him, and having to walk back to the landing craft because it would not come out to the front. Myhra comments on his medical treatment in the mess hall of an 1st including initial lack of care because he was mistaken for a German soldier, shipboard ... Read More
University of South Carolina
Chiefly family correspondence of Clara W. Adger Bowen and Orasmus Allan Bowen, and of her parents, Robert Adger and Jane Eliza Fleming Adger, and genealogical information re the Adger, Bowen, Hard, Fleming, Taylor and Whilden families. Topics include family and community life in Pendleton and Charleston, S.C., the annexation of Texas, the Civil War, travels in London and Italy, and South Carolina Hurricanes of 1854 and 1874
Library of Virginia
This collection traces the Balducci family history from Italy to Richmond, Virginia. Also included are notes on the related Vermillion family and their roots in Albemarle, Montgomery, Prince George, and Pulaski counties, Virginia. A bibliography is attached. Other surname mentioned: Vermillion
Harvard University - Schlesinger Library
Series I, Biographical, personal, and family, includes articles about Mudd, an audiotape and transcript of interviews, diplomas, awards, some family papers (including correspondence with the Seeley G. Mudd Foundation), and photographs. These papers document Mudd's achievements and the effect others perceived she had on her profession
Harvard University - Schlesinger Library
Collection includes correspondence most of which consists of manuscript letters (as well as typed transcripts) from Schilling to her mother while attending Radcliffe College, 1926-1930; printed material from Radcliffe College; a college scrapbook; scrapbook from a trip to Europe, 1930; travel diary detailing a trip to Italy (also typed transcripts of the diary), 1931-1932; diary, 1932; and a manuscript notebook regarding art