New Bedford Whaling Museum,-- Research Library
Log, kept by Charles W. Chase, relating to a whaling voyage to the North Pacific -- Includes descriptions of types of whales seen or taken including blackfish, blue, finback, humpback, killer, and sperm whale, death at sea, mutiny, indigenous people, and punishment; and whale stamps, profile portraits, pencil sketches of anchors, crew list, poems, and navigational reckonings. Other places represented include Java, Mauritius, and New Zealand
Getty Research Institute
This is an open, growing collection of views of cities, sites, and monuments from around the world. Many views are by early photographers such as Robert Macpherson, James Anderson, Carlo Naya, and Giorgio Sommer, and a number of sites are represented by photographers from various time periods, showing the changes in the site over time. The collection contains examples of most types of nineteenth and early twentieth century photographic media including albumen, salt, carbon, collotype, cyanotype, and gelatin silver prints, as well as some handcolored prints
State Library of New South Wales - Dixson Library
A collection of pamphlets relating mainly to travel in New Zealand and Indonesia. New Zealand pamphlets include views of Port Fitzroy, Great Barrier Island; Nelson; Westland; Invercargill; Pukekura Park and Brooklands; and Stewart Island. Pamphlets relating to Indonesia include train and steamer (Royal Packet Navigation Company) timetables, fares etc.; guides and histories relating to Java, Bali, Sumatra, Bandung, Bogor, Djakarta, Malaysia, Indochina, Batavia, and East Indies. Includes political pamphlets relating to Indonesia along with general descriptions and histories. Also includes extracts from National Geographic relating to Bali, and Singapore (1940, 1941). Also includes a catalogue of photographs illustrating the scenery and peoples of the Islands in the South and Western Pacific prepared and photographed by J.W. Beattie, photographer to the Tasmanian Government
State Library of Western Australia
Cornell University Libraries
Letter to Kanjeng Tuwan Ingkang Wicaksana Litnan Gupernur Jendral, dated Panaraga, 22 Rejep Alip 1755 (approximately February 1828). In response to a letter from "Tuwan Diyar," Surakata, dated 30 January 1828, announcing that [Kanjeng Tuwan Litnan Gupernur Jendral?] has appointed Prawirabrata's son, R. Wiryabrata, as an artillery officer (upesir satabelan) with rights to wear epaulettes and the like, Prawirabrata offers his deep gratitude and repayment of his debt with one drop of his blood, which is evidently dripped on the letter. The drop of blood is meant for Kangjeng Ingkang Wicaksana (the Lieutenant Governor General), Kangjeng Tuwan Resident (Surakarta), and Ingkang Sinuhun (Pakubuwana VI). With this letter are others, with dates ranging from 1827-1848
Newberry Library
Nautical chart of part of the Java Sea and Indonesia, detailing the southern tip of Sumatra and northwestern Java. Continued northward on adjacent sheet to Bangka Strait and the coasts of southeastern Sumatra, Bangka Island, and Billiton Island (Ayer MS map 30, sheet 43)
Newberry Library
Nautical chart detailing the coast and outlying islands of northwestern Java (Indonesia) from the Anyer-Lor region (previously Anjer or Anger) eastward past Tanjung Pujut (previously St. Nicholas Point) to the cape at Tanjung Karawang (previously Krawang or Baloeboek); includes generalized town plans of Jakarta (previously Batavia) and Banten (previously Bantam)
New Bedford Whaling Museum,-- Research Library
Log, keeper unknown, relating to a whaling voyage to the Atlantic and Indian oceans -- Includes descriptions of types of whales seen or taken (blackfish, blue, finback, humpback, killer, and sperm whales) and accidents and death at sea, women and children on ship, and punishment; and whale stamps. Other places represented include Brava, King George Sound, Java, and Bunbury
University of Washington
An album of 547 images documenting the Wright family's international travel and a series of three colored, outdoor images
New Bedford Whaling Museum,-- Kendall Institute
Logbook, kept by Ebenezer Chase, relating to whaling voyage to the Atlantic and Indian oceans -- Includes descriptions of whales and elephant seals seen or taken, accidents at sea, mutiny, punishment on ship, and natives at Sumbawa, Indonesia, not allowing crew to disembark; and whale stamps, anchor drawings, and profile portraits. Other places represented include Kerguelen (Desolation) Islands, Java, Dunedin, and Rio de Janeiro


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