Northeastern University - Archives and Special Collections Department
This collection comprises documents relating to Feer's dissertation research on Shays' Rebellion, 1786-1787, and photographs of Massachusetts's North and South shores. Included are his research notes on index cards, annotated drafts of his dissertation, a manuscript draft of his dissertation, a paper titled "The Vine and the Fig Tree," and photographs of Paragon Park on Nantasket Beach, unidentified landscapes, and "Views of the North and South shores, Massachusetts.".
Harvard University - Houghton Library
Letters to Robert Carter chiefly relating to his political and anti-slavery activities in Massachusetts in the 1850's and his journalistic work. Includes 15 letters from Charles Sumner and 10 letters from Henry Wilson. Also includes an 1891 letter from Charles Eliot Norton to his wife Susan N. Carter and an 1898 letter from Edward Everett Hale to J.L. Carter, Robert Carter's son
University of Michigan - William L. Clements Library
The Joseph Story papers contain the incoming letters of Joseph Story, a Massachusetts state representative, United States Supreme Court justice, and Harvard Law School professor. The papers deal with a wide range of political and legal issues concerning Massachusetts and the United States in the first half of the 19th century
University of Michigan - William L. Clements Library
This collection contains responses to a series of 66 questions posed by the Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture regarding farming practices and production in Danvers, Massachusetts. The responses, provided by local residents and collected by the Danvers Agricultural Society, concern aspects of farming life such as environmental conditions, farmers' practices, and production figures for specific crops and animals
University of Michigan - William L. Clements Library
This collection contains approximately 430 items, nearly all of which are incoming letters addressed to Artemas Hale, a cotton gin manufacturer and politician from Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Hale received correspondence from acquaintances and political contacts throughout southeastern Massachusetts, as well as from politicians serving in Washington, D.C., and from family members who resided in Mississippi. Most letters concern mid-19th century politics on both national and local levels, and writers address issues such as the Whig Party, education, the Mexican War, and slavery. Approximately 10 items are letters by Artemas Hale, invitations, and a manuscript poem
Harvard University - Houghton Library
The bulk of the collection is letters, 1855-1875, to Phillips concerning his work in reform movements. The letters are from many prominent Americans, as well as from less well known abolitionists, fugitive slaves, and others petitioning him for aid. Also much correspondence between Phillips and his wife, Ann Terry Greene Phillips, and many personal letters to her from friends and relatives that provide intimate details of 19th-century domestic life. Includes approximately 250 letters to the Phillipses from Phoebe Garnaut Smalley, an adopted "niece", and over 150 letters from George Washburn Smalley, foreign correspondent for the New York Tribune, many of which concern political and social life in London and Paris in the 1860s and 1870s. Compositions contain speeches by Phillips and drafts, notes, and clippings for his lectures. The collection contains correpondence, legal notebooks, and business records of John Phillips, father of Wendell and first mayor of Boston. These papers ... Read More
Maine Historical Society
Records of the convention -- Includes county votes and comments of delegates
New Hampshire Historical Society
General, political, and family correspondence, and a family history describing Portsmouth social life as well as life at sea, with logs of 2 voyages (Manila-Germany-Cape Ann, 1822-1823, and Calcutta-Boston, 1845), and descriptions of Calcutta (1835) and Surinam (1832-1834) -- Letters from Parrott's brother, William Walker Parrott (1778-1858), Gloucester shipowner and Massachusetts state senator, concern business affairs and Massachusetts politics. Letters received as U.S. senator concern the Missouri Compromise, the tariff, foreign affairs, and naval regulations. Letters from Robert Parker Parrott (1804-1877), inventor of the Parrott rifle, touch on West Point Military Academy and his early life. A 20-page letter from Enoch Greenleaf Parrott (1815-1879) describes a punitive expedition on the coast of West Africa by the U.S.S. Saratoga of the African Squadron
Dedham Historical Society
Chiefly letters received and business papers of Martha Cunningham, reflecting the business concerns, religious attitudes, and daily life of an 18th century family in Newport, R.I., Boston, Mass., and other towns. Includes letter (1718 Nov. 12) from Ninian Chaloner (ca. 1688-1752), Martha Chaloner's father in law, relating to his safe arrival in Jamaica after many misfortunes, goods taken by pirates, and the bare escape with his life; letters (ca. 1744-1764) from her father, Rev. Benjamin Church, with spiritual advice, concern for family health, and remarks about the imprisonment of her brother Dr. Benjamin Church; papers (1760-1765) of husband John Chaloner, including insolvent debtor's inventory (1764) and letters from Jamaica and Philadelphia relating to business and health difficulties; letters (ca. 1765-1781), from Boston, Hardwick, and other locations to Chaloner from her son Edward Chaloner, regarding his master and work and the making of hats; letters from son John Chaloner on ... Read More
Maine Historical Society
Information from an unidentified compiler giving acreage by county for lands owned in Maine by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Also includes list, 1819, of grants [of land] made to "colleges, academies and other public uses not yet located.".


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