Historic Northampton Museum & Education Center
Authorization (1729 Oct. 16) to administer oaths for the Province of the Massachusetts Bay and four written statements (1730 Aug. 27), one relating to Wm. Pynchon, of Springfield, Mass
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence, deeds, and other papers relating to Thacher's political, business, and legal affairs, including information concerning his law practice, properties owned, U.S. trade regulation, Massachusetts elections, military pensions, bank stocks, and ports of entry, customs administration, and postal service in Maine. Correspondents include Daniel Cony, Samuel Freeman, Jeremiah Hill, George Peirson, Aaron Porter, George Stacy, and Thomas B. Wait
Winthrop Public Library & Museum
Facsimile of personal letter from Margaret Winthrop to her husband, Gov. John Winthrop; and part of draft of letter by John Winthrop
Maine Historical Society
Copy of a petition (7 June 1704) by which the inhabitants of York County petition the General Court (of Massachusetts) to subsidize their minister, Rev. Samuel Moody, and to reimburse the town for expenses incurred in maintaining Abraham Stevens, a soldier, during his illness; also a copy of his resolves (16 June 1704), of the House of Representatives (of Massachusetts), granting such relief. Copy of a petition (1705) of Lewis Bane and Joseph Hill, representatives for the towns of York and Wells, to Joseph Dudley, governor of Massachusetts, praying that the inhabitants of the province of Maine be excused from paying taxes because of the hardships created by Queen Anne's War; accompanied by the resolve of the General Court (1705) remitting the taxes of the inhabitants. Also includes a copy of a petition (16 Nov. 1779) by which the inhabitants of various towns of Lincoln County ask the General Court of Massachusetts for tax relief due to the ravages and impositions of the war and as a ... Read More
Peabody Essex Museum
The charter comprised a grant of privilege to the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay from Charles I, enabling the corporation to establish a settlement in New England. The boundaries of the Massachusetts settlement were prescribed by the charter, encompassing that area bound on the south by a line drawn three miles south of the Charles River, and on the north by a line drawn three miles north of the Merrimac River. The charter also provided for the governance of the company and its settlement by delegating administrative functions to a governor, deputy governor, assistants, and a General Court
Peabody Essex Museum
Accounts of court expenses Sept - Nov 1771 and Dec 1771-Feb 1772. Includes charges to lawyers, lists of cases, and more
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
Series consists of bonds for clerks of courts, for varying amounts, signed and sometimes sealed by the principal, sureties, and witnesses -- Most also have signed certifications indicating approval by a justice or other government official. Many pursuant to the 1811 act, especially in 1812, are on printed forms. Some also include court-issued certificate of appointment or signed oath of allegiance by the appointed clerk
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
Resolves 1732-33, c 125 provided for the appointment of a committee of the General Court of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay to survey lands at Paquoig (now Athol, Mass.) and on the upper and lower Ashuelot River (now Swanzey and Keene, N.H.), for the purpose of establishing towns on those sites. An additional committee was to be appointed to admit settlers to the towns (Resolves 1733-34, c 125 and c 198). Such settlers were to live on their land within three years of admission, to build a house according to specifications, to till or fit for mowing eight acres, and to give bond of twenty pounds to the committee to be paid in case of failure to perform these requirements. Series consists of completed printed forms stating this obligation, and signed/sealed by the settler and signed by witnesses. All three localities are represented. All documents (19) are dated June 26, 1734. For additional (4) bonds see: Massachusetts. Office of the Secretary of State. Massachusetts archives ... Read More
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
Publication by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts of the complete and annotated set: The Acts and resolves, public and private, of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay, including the years 1692 to 1780, and popularly known as the Province laws, was authorized by Resolves 1865, c 43 and again by Resolves 1867, c 87. (See also Resolves 1893, c 12; St 1894, c 387; and St 1899, c 477.) Under the mandated direction of the governor and council, the twenty-one volumes were issued between 1869 and 1922, with materials relating to the project being deposited with the state secretary -- Editors consulted previously published editions, archival material in custody of the state secretary, and documents from the State Papers Dept. of the British Public Records Office, of which they obtained transcripts (see: Transcripts from the British Public Record Office (M-Ar)43X)). Series includes correspondence of Abner C. Goodell, editor through 1896, and notes based on archival consultations, including a ... Read More


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