United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
The Uri Hirschmann papers include a photo album, travel pass, and Palestinian naturalization certificate documenting Hirschmann's family in Frankfurt am Main before the war and Uri Hirschmann's relocation to Palestine. Photographs depict Hirschmann's family, their home, bar mitzvah and Purim celebrations, and Hirschman at a Youth Aliyah camp and a kibbutz in Palestine
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
The Eva Baumohl papers consist of biographical materials, correspondence, personal narratives, and photographs documenting Eva Baumohl's family in Berlin, Tel Aviv, and Antwerp; her father's and brother's expulsion into Poland in 1938; Eva's survival in Auschwitz with her sister Erna; and her husband, Naftali Baumohl
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Consists of a copy of "Recollections of One of Participant in the Evacuation of the Jewish Community from the British Colony on Cyprus in 1941" by Frederick Wohl. The memoir concerns the experiences of Frederick Wohl and his family during the evacuation of Jews from Cyprus and their travels to Israel and southern Africa. The accession also includes a list of names and addresses of those Jews evacuated from Cyprus to Tel Aviv in Jun 1941
University of Wyoming - American Heritage Center
Collection contains personal and professional correspondence (1928-1972), much of it dealing with his service in World War II; diaries and research notebooks while on his travels and in the service (1935-1936, 1938, 1943, 1948-1952); 2 scrapbooks; 1 negative album; 3 photograph albums; photographs of Palestine, Thailand, India and China; negatives of France, North Africa and Sicily during World War II; and miscellaneous maps
Oberlin College
Papers consist of lectures, appointment books, class books, notes, ms. drafts of sermons and talks, book reviews, photographs, reports of trips, correspondence with publishers, scholars, former students, and Oberlin colleagues, and published materials about May
University of California, Berkeley
Views of antiquities, landscapes, ports and ships, and scenes with local inhabitants. Originally published with accompanying text describing a tour through the region
University of California, Berkeley
Genealogies of the Seixas and Solomons families; articles and speeches by Lucius Levy Solomons on such topics as the meaning of Judaism, the Jew in the Diaspora, anti-Semitism, Palestine, immigration, philanthropy, Jewish character, fraternalism and brotherhood, spiritual nationality, political Zionism, assimilation, altruism, justice, the Jewish soul, and the prophetic idea in Judaism; family correspondence (which consists entirely of photocopies from the Solomons family papers at the American Jewish Archives); accounts and documents about the Solomons family and members of the Seixas, Green, Frank, Franks, Sloss, Lilienthal, Dorfman, and Spitzler families from Rhode Island, New York, Jamaica, and London; and a small number of photographs -- Also contains the 1896 marriage license of Lucius L. Solomons and Helen B. Frank, signed by Rabbi Jacob Voorsanger and a handwritten document entitled "Dinim/Rules to be observed in Killing," which lays out the rules for kosher slaughter (this ... Read More
University of Michigan - William L. Clements Library
This collection contains letters that Belle Patterson Rosenberger, her husband Absalom, and one other correspondent wrote to Belle's brother, Willard Patterson of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, and his family from 1910-1912. They discussed their work at the American Friends Mission in Ramallah, Palestine, and mentioned their travels in Palestine and the Mediterranean region. The collection also includes photographs and an advertisement
Center for Jewish History
Minutes of meetings. Accounting records. Financial reports and correspondence. Photographs of members. Materials on the Fund for Jewish Refugee Writers. General correspondence with individuals, organizations and publishers. Correspondence relates to the Works Progress Administration, contracts, labor disputes, strikes, labor conditions. Correspondents include: Baal Makhshoves (Isidor Eliashev), Shlomo Bickel, Menahem Boraisha, Reuben Brainin, Abraham Cahan, Simon Dubnow, Ossip Dymow, Alexander Harkavy, David Ignatoff, H. Leivick, Kalman Marmor, Alexander Mukdoni, Shmuel Niger, David Pinsky, Melech Ravitch, Abraham Reisen, Zalman Reisen, Kasriel Sarasohn, Zalman Shneur, Lamed Shapiro, Jacob Shatzky, Baruch Vladeck, Max Weinreich, Chaim Zhitlowsky. Organizations include: Jewish Labor Bund, Central Yiddish Culture Organization, *The Day* (*Der tog*), *Jewish Daily Forward*, *Freie Arbeiter Stimme*, HIAS, *Keneder odler*, Jewish Labor Committee, *Morgn zhurnal*, Jewish National Workers' ... Read More
Center for Jewish History
These are fragmentary records of the WOU which consist of the following: General files: minutes of WOU meetings, 1934-1939; reports of ORT activities; reports about ORT-OSE-EMIGDIRECT joint relief campaign. Geographical files: correspondence, minutes of meetings, reports, clippings sent to WOU office from ORT branches in Australia, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Palestine, Poland, Rumania, Soviet Union, United States. Publicity files: clippings, press releases, brochures, posters


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