Lexington Historical Society
Letters from Hope family bankers in Amsterdam to Thomas Hancock (1750 Apr. 15 and June 20); order sent to Bezaleel Lawrence, constable of the Town of Lexington, Mass., from the town tax assessors empowering him to collect state taxes, as of Dec. 29, 1777, together with list of taxpayers; resolutions adopted and petition to the King (1775 July 4), print of a report brought to New York, printed Sept. 12, 1775 in Newport by S. Southwick; warrant for tax collection issued by Harrison Gray, receiver general for his Majesty George III, Province of Massachusetts, to James Robinson, constable, of Lexington (1763 Nov. 2); proclamations for a general fast (1770 Mar. 7, probably in connection with the Boston Massacre) and for a public Thanksgiving (Oct. 29, 1772 for Dec. 3, 1772) by Thomas Hutchinson, Governor of the Province of Massachusetts; facsimile of oath of allegiance to the Colony of Massachusetts Bay (1776) signed by men of Lexington (11 copies); photographic reproduction of the ... Read More
University of Montana--Missoula, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, K . Ross Toole Archives
This collection consists of Edward W. Spottswood's diary, from Jan. to Aug. 1913, in which he briefly describes life in Missoula and then focuses on the family's travel in the U.S. and Europe. Spottswood mentioned his wife, their children, and the events and sites they enjoyed as well as prominent people they met, including Joseph Dixon and Pres. Woodrow Wilson. Their travels began with a cross country trip from Missoula to New York, Augusta, Ga., and Washington, D.C. In May the family sailed to Europe and traveled through many cities including Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Bergen, Stockholm, and St. Petersburg as well as parts of Italy and Germany
New Bedford Whaling Museum,-- Kendall Institute
Logbook, kept by Freeman T. Church, relating to a trading voyage to Amsterdam, Netherlands, and return -- Includes descriptions of shipwreck, icebergs 100 feet high, and calculating the time at sea; and accounts, poems, and record of birth of Freeman T. Church's children: William Augustus Church and Lucy Ann Church
Tauber Holocaust Library, JFCS Holocaust Center
Relates experiences of a Jewish Dutch family in hiding in Amsterdam from 1940 to 1945 in the form of a letter written by the author to his brother -- Original in German with English translation
Massachusetts Historical Society
Journal and scrapbook of art educator and historian Diana Korzenik describing a trip to Europe, 28 Sep.-9 Oct. 2000, with the Massachusetts Historical Society. The tour was led by author David McCullough and followed the footsteps of John Adams. Includes entries about the lives of John Adams, Abigail Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and others; talks by David McCullough; and the art, architecture, and history of Amsterdam, the Hague, Paris, and London, as well as printed material, drawings, photographs, and some later correspondence
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
The Trompetters were a Jewish, Dutch family that survived Nazi occupation in Amsterdam. Femma and her two daughters, Marianne and Sylvia, were placed in different homes through Joop Woortman's NV (Naamlose Vennootschap) network. Morris was arrested and imprisoned in Auschwitz and Ebensee. After the war, the family reunited. The Trompetter family papers contain primarily records relating to their efforts in locating other family members, with responses from the Red Cross detailing as much information as possible. Other items include identification for both Femma and Morris, the Trompetter's extended family tree, and photographs of Marianne, Sylvia, and relatives
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
The Samson family collection contains correspondence between Esther Fluck, in Cheltenham, England, and her mother and sister, Amelia Samson and Marie Samson-Blik, while the latter were living in the Netherlands during the German occupation. The correspondence is mainly in the form of letters sent via the Red Cross, and cover the period between 1940 and 1944. The letters are initially between Amelia and Esther, and then later between Marie and Esther, due to Amelia becoming ill. These letters were sent to Amelia's address in Amsterdam, and later to the Westerbork transit camp, where the family was subsequently interned. Other correspondence includes letters from the British Foreign Office to Esther, dating from 1964-1966, and giving her instructions on how to collect reparations for the death of her mother at Bergen Belsen, a letter sent by Marie to Esther prior to Marie's post-war departure for the United States, and an undated photograph of Amelia, her daughter Marie and son-in-law ... Read More
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
The Trudy Katzer papers contain documents relating to Trudy Katzer and her grandfather, Levi Katz. Levi was a survivor of Theresienstadt, while Trudy stayed with several families throughout the war. Included in the papers are memoirs and family histories written by Levi Katz, his refugee card, and his correspondence. Other material includes Trudy's letters to the family that sheltered her through the war, some photographs of her, and news clippings. and content note
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
John Franklin's thirteen page memoir, A Family History, documents his Frankenthal and Frankenthaler relatives from Schwanfeld and Untereisenheim Germany, his family's move to Holland following Kristallnacht, their relocation to the Amsterdam ghetto, and deportation to Westerbork. It relates his and his father's survival in Bergen-Belsen, his father's death aboard an evacuation train, his reunion with his mother and grandmother in the Netherlands, and his immigration to the United States. The memoir also documents his mother's survival in Auschwitz, his grandmother's rescue by the Van Hooff family in Boxtel, the deaths of two uncles and two cousins in Auschwitz, and the death of another uncle in Bergen-Belsen
Getty Research Institute
One unpublished manuscript, six research files, and miscellaneous notes by Antoine-Pierre-Charles Favart, together with four letters to Favart -- Favart's Dictionnaire des artistes was compiled over several years and never completed; it gives biographical information on artists from A-C and identifies the major repositories of their paintings. The research files include alphabetical lists of artists, museum catalogs, and miscellaneous notes on the museums of Amsterdam, Brussels, the Hague, St. Petersburg, Vienna, and Madrid, as well as on private collections such as the Duchesne collection. Three folders contain Favart's research notes and drawings, annotated bibliographies of useful books on art and salons, ideas for his own paintings and engravings, and four letters regarding commissions by Favart (1829-1830, n.d.).


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