University of Wyoming - American Heritage Center
The Dude Ranches photograph albums contain images of dude ranches located in Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota (1931-1935). Some of the ranches identified in the photographs include: Valley Ranch, Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, Ox Yoke, Paradise, Piney, Richel, Bone Brothers Ranch, Eaton's Ranch, Elkhorn Ranch, E Bar L, Elephant Head, Four K, Burnt Leather, Sunlight Ranch, Tepee Lodge and the T O Bar Ranch
University of Wyoming - American Heritage Center
The collection includes a genealogy of the Cochrane Family, written by Janet Cochrane; a trust disposition by Janet Cochrane (1912); and related trust settlement material (1947-1948); George O. Atkins' will (1912); 33 family photographs, chiefly unidentified; 7 stock certificates; articles of incorporation for the Johnston Company; bills of sale and lease agreements; James C. Atkins' United States passport; family history materials; correspondence; a plat map of the Gold Bond Tunnel in Nevada; and a well record
University of Wyoming - American Heritage Center
The collection consists almost entirely of financial records of the Eatons' Ranch in Wolf, Wyoming, with some material from their ranch in North Dakota. There are cashbooks (1902-1912), journals (1902-1911), a ledger (1904-1906), accounts payable (1910-1916), and trial balances (1906-1907, 1909-1917). There is also a guest register (1883-1903) for the Custer Trail Ranch and two guest registers (1904-1965) for Eatons' Ranch. Also included are ranch brochures (1910-1957), some scattered correspondence including three letters to Howard Eaton from Theodore Roosevelt, and photographs of the Eatons, the Custer Trail Ranch and surrounding Badlands, and guest tours in Yellowstone National Park
University of Wyoming - American Heritage Center
Collection contains more than 1000 color, black and white, and sepia photographs taken by Kisken of cattle branding, rodeos, sales barns, and cattle operations in Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire - Special Collections and Archives
Records, 1898-1942, of an Eau Claire company which made loans to farmers, sold the mortgages to investors, handled bond transactions, and managed and invested directly in farm lands in northern Wisconsin, North Dakota, and eastern Montana; including subject files, correspondence, and financial records containing information on business transactions and the property and people involved
South Dakota State University - Hilton M. Briggs Library
The Dakota Farmer, first published as a newspaper in 1881, supported agricultural organizations and promoted the development of quality livestock and crops for the Dakotas. This collection is composed of plates, publications, reports, correspondence, and photographs used for publication of the Dakota Farmer. The plates consist of frames, cover mast-heads, article mast-heads, frames for photographs, and other artwork used for the publication. A more detailed description of these plates is found in the container list. The publications are mainly specialty publications aimed at advertisers and marketers. The reports are surveys conducted on farmers, bankers, merchants. An item of note is the contracting for a new cover file. This material contains several examples of other publication covers with critiques of what works and what does not. Also included in this material are three sample covers for the Dakota Farmer and correspondence between the contractor and the Dakota Farmer staff
University of the Pacific - William Knox Holt Memorial Library
Consists of typed pages of translated excerpts from correspondence of Ole T. Kensrud and his brother, Erick Kjensrud to their family in Norway (1867-1883)
US Army Heritage and Education Center
Contains photocopies of mansuscipts written by Lian: POW (1969), and, GRANDPA AND GRANDMA'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TRUE CLASSIC CHILDREN'S STORIES (n.d.) which chronicle Lian'S POW experiences in Germany during World War II. Also includes a photocopy of KRIGSFLYVER AV PLINGERIKSAETT by Peter H. Nelson (1983). Bulk of the collection consists of 38 personal accounts of POW's from North Dakota who were captured during World War II and the Korean War plus answers to a questionnaire devised by Lian to detail these prisioner's experiences (1982). A blank copy of the questionnaire is included in the collection. Questionnaire provides for information on military service, events leading to capture and description of the camps to which the POW's were sent and their treatment. Questionnaire distributed in cooperation with the North Dakota Ex-POW's Inc
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Biographical publications and translations of several of Johnson's fictional accounts of Norwegian American pioneer life in the Red River Valley and North Dakota. Includes works such as Inga from the Grove (1917), Louis Alfred and John Otto (1917), and Diggings (undated)
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
The papers of Judge Teigen include personal, legal and judicial correspondence, reporter speeches, opinion notebooks, published materials, and memorabilia arranged alphabetically and dating from 1940 to 1978


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