Stanford University
Nelson Glueck served as Director of the American Schools of Oriental Research from 1936-1940
Center for Jewish History
The collection contains the memoir of Max Meir Aronsohn titled "Mein Leben" (bound typescript, 53 pp.) from 1941. It covers the years 1874 to 1941
Center for Jewish History
Series I contains documents and photographs pertaining to Fritz (Siegfried) Rosenberg (1883-1940), Kaethe Rosenberg (née Aronheim) (1893-?), other members of the Aronheim family, and to Alex Rosen (born Hans Alex Rosenberg) (1925- )
Yeshiva University - Mendel Gottesman Library
The collection consists of issues of three newspapers in Hebrew entitled Af-ʻal-pi (1945-1946), Mishpaṭ ha-20 (1945), and Ḥerut (1945-1948). There is also a small journal entitled Fighting Judea, of which there are issues in English, French, Hungarian, and Romanian, with issues from 1946-1949, as well as a typed booklet created by the IZL entitled "The Hebrew Struggle for National Liberation: A Selection of Documents on its Background and on Events Punctuating its Course." There are also notices announcing the deaths of various Jewish civilians and soldiers, as well as announcements to raise morale among Palestine's Jewish residents and support for the IZL's activities. Also included are memoranda and reports between the IZL and the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine from June 1947. Finally, there are transcripts of broadcasts from two radio shows in Hebrew entitled Ḳol Tsiyon Ha-loḥamit (1946-1948) and Ḳol Ha-ḥerut (1948), and a political cartoon published by ... Read More
Yeshiva University - Mendel Gottesman Library
Includes a pamphlet on the ideology of the Irgun and its accomplishments; posters with calls to action, calls for unity, explanations of Irgun activities, and denunciations of Jews who collaborated or cooperated with the British authorities; and death notices for Irgun fighters
Center for Jewish History
The collection holds materials pertaining to Ernst Markowicz (1901-1980)
Center for Jewish History
The collection consists of three typescripts and one clipping pertaining to the Pinner family
Center for Jewish History
The collection contains three typescripts
New York State Historical Documents
Correspondence, minutes, reports, budget material, publications, articles, speeches, and memos concerning the American Zionist Medical Unit, and the Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO), including its Governing Board, 1923-1928, Medical Advisory Board, 1940-1970; Ein Karem Medical Center, 1951-1984, Medical Center departments, 1950-1984, HMO Committee, 1961-1984, HMO in Israel Committee, 1960-1983, Cancer Institute, 1924-1958, and other hospitals and units; subjects including preventive health, 1925-1951; occupational therapy, 1941-1949; affiliation with Hebrew University, 1927-1973; ethnic conflict, 1929-1938; management-worker relations, 1923-1933; siege of Mt. Scopus, 1947-1950; relations with Magen David Adom, 1934-1948, and Kupat Holim, anti-malaria campaign, 1928-1946; Chagall Windows; autopsy controversy, 1953-1971; public health and social medicine, 1948-1969, and infant welfare, 1922-1938; and HMO directors and other individuals, including Haim Yassky, Eli Davis, Kalman Mann, ... Read More
College of William and Mary - Special Collections Research Center
Diary, 1933-1934 of a young Austrian who emigrated to Palestine in 1933. The name, age and gender of the writer could not be determined. The entries documenting life in Tel Aviv are very detailed and describe daily experiences: searching for housing and jobs, economic situation, and social life. The author also writes about being ill and hospitalized with typhus. There are references to being homesick and of writing to parents and relatives frequently. The work situation is tenuous and the author moves between jobs quite frequently, mostly making a living as a tailor/seamstress. Also included is an undated 2 page description of Purim in Tel Aviv. The diary is written in German with the occasional word or phrase in Hebrew


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