Oregon Historical Society Research Library
Collection includes: Diary, 1 v, October 1878-January 1879, regarding his trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as a representative of an American coffee company; Manuscript correspondence, 1888-1927, regarding personal and family matters, including letters from Charles Erskine Scott Wood.
New Bedford Whaling Museum,-- Kendall Institute
Logbook, kept by Bates, relating to a trading voyage to Brazil -- Includes descriptions of accidents and death at sea, collision at sea occuring in port at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, indigenous people, punishment on ship, shipboard medicine, shipwreck, Captain Bates's religious nature and his earlier imprisonment in Dartmoor, England, ship boarded by Argentine privateers and captain and crew temporarily taken prisoner while ship was searched and plundered. Other places represented include Paraíba, Salvador (Bahia, Brazil), Santa Catarina, Rio Grande, and New York
New Bedford Whaling Museum,-- Kendall Institute
Log, keeper unknown, relating to a whaling voyage to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and on the line -- Includes descriptions of types of whales seen or taken with coordinates, ships spoken to, accidents and death at sea, and punishment on ship; and whale stamps. Other places represented include Faial, Brava, Paita, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Malden Island, Gilbert and Island, Ocean Island (Banaba), Guam, Rota Island, Raoul Island (Sunday Island), and Rio de Janeiro
University of California, Los Angeles - Charles E. Young Research Library
Album containing 35 amateur small (9 x 13 cm) color snapshot photographs of Rio de Janeiro.
New Bedford Whaling Museum,-- Kendall Institute
Log, keeper unknown, relating to shipping voyages -- Includes description of collision at sea; and ports of call at Portland and Bath, Me., Havana, Matanzas, Boston, London, Kronshtadt, Helsingør (Elsinor), New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, and Stockholm
New Bedford Whaling Museum,-- Kendall Institute
Logbook, kept by Ebenezer Chase, relating to whaling voyage to the Atlantic and Indian oceans -- Includes descriptions of whales and elephant seals seen or taken, accidents at sea, mutiny, punishment on ship, and natives at Sumbawa, Indonesia, not allowing crew to disembark; and whale stamps, anchor drawings, and profile portraits. Other places represented include Kerguelen (Desolation) Islands, Java, Dunedin, and Rio de Janeiro
University of California, Berkeley
Written by a young army officer, describing life at military posts in Louisiana and Michigan; experiences (1846-1848) in Mexico during the Mexican-American War; voyage around the Horn (Dec. 1848-July 1849) on the ship Mary and Adeline, via Rio and Valparaiso; effect of gold fever in Valparaiso and San Francisco; posts in Benicia and at Rancho del Chino; travels in the Sierra Nevada as escort to Colonel Warner's party; growth of Benicia, Sacramento, and San Francisco; description of Los Angeles; Indian depredations, particularly in Southern California; crime and criminals, especially the Lugo brothers; arrival of Mormons in California, etc -- With these, letters from James T. Overstreet, Charles Swain Lovell, Erasmus Darwin Keys, Caleb Smith and others, concerning the last illness and death of Schureman
Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library
Credit and debit accounts for personal and business expenses; sold tools and hardware, and made and repaired furniture
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Correspondence, diaries, journals, speeches, writings, biographical and genealogical material, financial and legal papers, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, maps, lithographs, and other papers. Subjects include the claim filed by Samuel Chester Reid (1783-1861), captain of the privateer General Armstrong, in connection with scuttling the privateer in a battle with British warships at Faial Island, Azores, during the War of 1812; Reid's recommendation for the design of the U.S. flag; the Mississippi Valley & Brazil Steamship Company, St. Louis, Mo., founded by Reid and others in 1874 to provide river and ocean freight between St. Louis and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the activities of Samuel Chester Reid (1818-1897) in Ben McCulloch's Texas Rangers during the Mexican War and as a correspondent in the South during the Civil War; John Rowan and his residence, Federal Hill, Bardstown, Ky.; and activities of the U.S Army 6th Cavalry stationed in Texas, 1866-1868
Alabama Department of Archives and History
Diaries, 1867 Apr. 27-1869 Mar. 25, that detail the life of the Keyes family in Brazil. There is also an 1870 June 23 entry toward the end of the smaller diary that is a reminiscence of her life. In the diaries themselves are detailed the journey to Brazil through New Orleans, La., the family's experiences in Brazil, especially in Linhares, Lake Japarana, Rio de Janeiro (including Dixie Island), Pai Grande, and San Domingo. Keyes concentrates particularly on the weather and terrain in Brazil, and the experiences and decisions made by her father, Dr. John W. Keyes, her mother, Julia Keyes, and her elder sister and her husband, Eula and Dr. John Coachman, respectively. There are also poems and short stories composed by Keyes


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