Fairfield Museum and History Center
The collection consists of six sub-groups, primarily representing the hierarchy of the national grange. Sub-groups I and II consist of publications provided by the National Grange and the Connecticut State Grange, respectively, to their member organizations. The records of the Fairfield County Pomona Grange, 1895-1995, arranged in Sub-group III, encompasses minutes of meetings from 1895-1969, treasurers' records, 1895-1979, membership records, 1895-1973, handbooks and programs, 1931-1973, a history of the State Grange, and assorted publications
Lincoln University
Collection consists of correspondence and files reflecting Bond's tenure as president of Lincoln University -- The correspondence in the collection is voluminous and relates primarily to faculty appointments, curriculum development, coeducation, fund raising, accreditation, veterans administration, selective service, Board of Trustees, Theological Seminary relationship of the Presbyterian Church to the University, federal programs, alumni, the United Negro College Fund, student activities, and Africa. The Africa correspondence concern African students coming to Lincoln; the affiliation of Lincoln with institutions in Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Liberia; African students living in the United States, scholarships and other funding for study in the United States, and African independence particularly the debate over Italian colonies after World War II; and Bond's visits to African nations. Other material in the collection includes subject files; memoranda; annual and ... Read More
University of Washington Libraries,-- University Archives
Star charts of the large and small magellanic clouds, made from glass plate negatives shot using the A.D.H. Schmidt telescope at Boyden Observatory in South Africa (1958-1959) and Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile (1968-1975), and one print shot by Harvard University researchers at Arequipa, Peru (ca. 1890)
American Jewish Archives
Papers describe Mann's life as an active member of Pioneer Women, the Labor Zionist Alliance, the Union of Jewish Women of South Africa, the Jewish Community Relations Council, and other Zionist organizations both nationally and in Cincinnati, Ohio. Materials in the collection include correspondence, research, book reviews, and addresses. Includes material relating to Mann's husband, Albert Mann
Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
Chiefly correspondence, written during Hayes's World War I service, including letters written to his aunt and uncle, Maude and Scott R. Hayes, his father at the U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C., and mother at the family residence at Spiegel Grove; military reports, documents, records, and diary reflecting World War II service; business papers pertaining to the Standard Oil Company; and photographs of Hayes as a child, soldier during World War I, student at Princeton, and executive at Standard Oil
Florida State University - Special Collections Department
Manuscripts, correspondence, notebooks, clippings, and background materials used in research -- This collection is comprised of materials related to the military career and history of Colonel William Morrison Robinson, Jr. Much of the material deals with research and preparation for his books, The Confederate privateers, and Justice in Grey, a history of the judicial system of the Confederate States. Subjects covered by this collection include: American Legal History Society, Harvard University Press, segregation and integration, Confederate commerce, Confederate courts, Colonial national monument in Yorktown, Virginia, Georgia railroads, privateering, Cape Canaveral history, Civil War commanders, Gustavus Woods, Dr. Jonathan J. Jones, fluoridation in Quincy, Florida, Civil War blockade, Confederate engineers, Confederate Navy, C.S.S. Virginia, Georgia history, Mobile, Alabama history
University of Texas at Austin - Harry Ransom Center
The papers document all of Coetzee's major writings and include notes, typescripts, background research materials and publicity. Correspondence and materials documenting personal and family history are also present
Peabody Essex Museum
The logbook of the ship Vincennes details a voyage through the South Pacific to Australia, Antarctica, Hawaiian Islands, northwest America, East Indies, Singapore, South Africa and St. Helena (Jly. 1839 to May 1842). Masters were Charles Wilkes and Captain Ringgold; log keeper was William Clark. It is a daily log describing wind, weather, location, ports, natives, and seafaring life. Also contains watercolor portraits of natives and feather currency of the Sandwich Islands. Bound with the ship Relief
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Correspondence, minutes, reports, financial documents, pamphlets, maps, journal and newspaper articles and other records of the YMCA movement in South Africa, particularly Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Cape Town, Natal and Kimberley. Much of the collection involves the discussion of racial relations throughout South Africa, primarily between the Bantu, Afrikander and British populations but there is mention of an Indian population as well. There is much in the way of discussion about the YMCA's stand on civil rights especially when faced with apartheid in South Africa. There are many reports in the collection on the World Council of YMCAs' stance against apartheid and the way that the YMCA helped the South African citizens affected by the process of "separate development." There are also some reports on the 1988 program Youth In Exile which supplied assistance to the displaced youth living as refugees due to the economic and military destabilization efforts of the ... Read More


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