Sons of the Revolution in the State of California - American Heritage Library
History Colorado
Contains typescripts of Stories for Colorado History and At King's Mountain: a story of the American Revolution
Mystic Seaport Museum
This collection is composed of plans received individually or in groups small enough that the creation of a distinct collection is not required. This collection will continue to grow and expand as additional plans are received
Mystic Seaport Museum
Typescript copy of an account of the activities of John Trevett of Providence, Rhode Island, Lieutenant of Marines on the sloop PROVIDENCE, commanded successively by Abraham Whipple, Jonathan Pitcher, and John Peck Rathbone during the American Revolution. He also served briefly on the brig ANDREW DORIA, commanded by John Paul Jones
University of Georgia - Special Collections Libraries
The collection consists of a typescripts of Sidelights on the American Revolution by Webb Garrison. There is an index of subjects and names with page numbers and an introductions. Other contents include: Thunder and lightening, The storm breaks, The wind shifts, bibliography, editorial correspondence, reviews, promotional material, sample copy as originally proposed, revised edition (with title change), original copy from author, deleted by editors, page proof, and galley proof
University of Georgia - Special Collections Libraries
The collection consists of an account book, kept by Captain Thomas Cole, from August 1777 - March 1778. The volume gives a detailed account of supplies for Continental soldiers first at Peeks Kill, New York then Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Entries include information on wages paid as well as guns, bayonets, cartridge boxes, blankets, and clothing issued to soldiers
Minnesota State University
This collection consists of items pertaining to the Anthony Wayne Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, based in Mankato, Minnesota. The organization's goals include promoting American and local history and conducting genealogical research. The collection contains many items collected by the Anthony Wayne Chapter, including scrapbooks and topical files. Also included in the collection are items published by the Daughters of the American Revolution, including a newspaper column titled "Genealogical Questions and Answers - A Weekly Feature", and copies of Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine. The records and files of the Anthony Wayne Chapter are also a part of the collection. Included in these files are membership lists, financial records, handbooks, meeting minutes, correspondence, and other miscellaneous items
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
Series consists of various printed documents issued by the Massachusetts Loan Office, as found among the papers of the Massachusetts Treasurer and Receiver-General, with whose office it interacted -- Files include loan certificates and receipts for interest payments and for certificate transfers (transferring stock between individuals). There are also receipts relating to the payment of pensions for invalids (disabled soldiers), which the commissioner did twice a year, and occasional handwritten documents relating to office business
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
Authorized in May 1779 (Resolves 1778-79, c 753), the position of State Clothier was established to expedite the distribution of clothing to Massachusetts soldiers in the Continental Army. Supplies from several sources were channeled to Massachusetts regiments through appointed regimental clothiers, who in turn distributed the clothing among the officers and soldiers. Series documents the transactions of state clothiers Samuel Ruggles (Sept. 1779-Oct. 1780) and Ezra Lunt (Oct. 1780-July 1782)


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