Ohio Wesleyan University - L.A. Beeghly Library
Nine postcard-size photographs of various Shaker people taken in Mount Lebanon, N.Y., dated variously from 1878 to 1905
Indiana Historical Society - Smith Memorial Library
Shaker furniture in demand, Credence Custom Furniture & Cabinetmakers in Brown County focuses on Shaker furniture
Western Reserve Historical Society
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Brooklyn Museum
Indiana Historical Society - Smith Memorial Library
John Wilson is famous for his Shaker-style oval boxes
Kentucky State Archives Guide Project
These are official spiritual and financial records, and personal journals from the Shaker community at Pleasant Hill. The earliest record documents the origin and progress of the Pleasant Hill community (1 v.; 1805-ca. 1855). Others list the daily activities and domestic duties of members (2 v.; 1843-1868). Church records detail covenants and give lists of members, including biographical information (3 v.; 1845-1894). A spiritual journal describes worship services (1 v.; 1843-1846), and an account book documents taxes paid and communal funds (1 v.; 1885-1896)
Fruitlands Museums
Correspondence from Mount Lebanon and Watervliet, N.Y., Shirley and Harvard, Mass., Canterbury, N.H., Sabbathday Lake, Me., and other Shaker communities from many individuals. Includes letters from Harvard, Mass., covering many topics including the death of Brother John Orsment, a missionary tour to Vermont, and the exemption from bearing arms during the Civil War; letters from Mount Lebanon, N.Y., including correspondence from Eldress M. Catherine Allen to Clara Endicott Sears detailing Allen's contributions to the Fruitlands Shaker museum, letters from Josephine Jilson to Sears discussing the Harvard Shaker cemetery and the relocation of Shaker sisters, and letters from some of the relocated sisters discussing M. Catherine Allen, Shaker songs, and the departure of Sister Lottie Tremper from the Mount Lebanon community; and letters (1932-1938) from Prudence Stickney, of Sabbathday Lake, Me., to Clara Endicott Sears, chiefly concerning donations to the Fruitlands Museums
Maine Historical Society
Five bill heads from the Shakers of Sabbathday Lake, Me., and one from West Gloucester, Me Includes the name of their agent, D.C. Wilson, and an illustrated blotter with a country scene and advertisement for Shaker souvenirs