United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Consists of records relating to various activities of the Reichsministerium des Innern during the Holocaust. Contains information about sterilization, abortion, racial purity, mental illness, experiments on criminals, sexual deviance, and care for wounded German civilians and wounded military personnel
University of Wyoming - American Heritage Center
Collection contains correspondence (1945-1982); subject files on abortion, family planning, sex education, human sexuality and the mentally handicapped, and voluntary sterilization (1939-1981); materials relating to AVS and its predecessor, the Human Betterment Association of America, including budgets, news releases, Board of Directors and Executive Committee meeting minutes and annual reports (1947-1978); newspaper clippings (1956-1978); speeches on sexual rights and sex education for the mentally handicapped (1971-1977); a script of the television special "Alicia's Story" (1978); and 13 audio cassette tapes of meetings from the American Association on Mental Deficiency dealing with sexual rights and sex education for the mentally handicapped (1969-1972)
Ave Maria University - Canizaro Library
Dr. Willke is the president of the nationwide, educational Life Issues Institute. He has served for ten years as president of the U.S. National Right to Life Committee. He helped found the International Right to Life Federation in 1984 (president emeritus). His daily 5-minute radio program was carried on almost 400 radio stations for 18 years. His one-minute comments, Life Jewels, were on over 1,000 stations in English and Spanish, with 50 in Australia, 30 in South Africa and many stations in Brazil. Dr. Willke practiced medicine in Cincinnati, Ohio for 40 years, where he was on the senior attending staff of the Providence and Good Samaritan hospitals. Dr. and Mrs. Willke are authors of their fourth generation book, video, PowerPoint and slide set, Abortion, Questions and Answers: Why Can't We Love Them Both. These succeeded the seven editions of their classic books, beginning with Handbook on Abortion in 1971, being the most widely read books in the world presenting the scientific ... Read More
Harvard University - Countway Library of Medicine
The collection records the activities of the earlier Committee on Maternal Health, and research, publications, and projects of the National Committee on Maternal Health (NCMH). Files contain agendas, minutes of executive committee and board of directors' meetings, annual reports, officer reports, and secretary's correspondence from 1923 to 1955. Also contains correspondence of executive directors, of Dickinson, and other committee members; correspondents include Margaret Sanger. Additional items include legal documents, financial statements and ledgers, reprints and bibliographies of NCMH publications, membership lists, and printed material on birth control. Events reflected in the records include a report of a 1924 visit to Sanger's Clinical Research Bureau by Dickinson and G.W. Kozmak; reports on the formation of Maternity Research Council; reports of round table discussions; and conference materials for the 1942 conference on the Medical Aspects of the Woman War Worker and the 1942 ... Read More
Ohio History Connection
Papers of Columbus, Ohio lawyer and chairman of the Ohio Turnpike Commission consisting chiefly of correspondence and photocopied newspaper clippings (1960's-1970's), plus some reports, speeches, and memorabilia. Subjects include political and religious figures, newsmen and newspaper publicity, and various boards and commissions on which Shocknessy served. Contact repository for more information
California State University, Long Beach
Presents the oral histories of three women who participated in the early days of the feminist health movement in Los Angeles in the 1970s. Their activities ranged from promotion of the more radical self-help clinic concept and the founding of the Feminist Women's Health Center to involvement in more traditional, service-oriented clinics for women. The narrators are: Carol Downer, Lorraine Rothman and Viviane Verreaux
California State University, Long Beach
Presents the oral histories of nine feminist activists in the Los Angeles area. Five of the women whose life histories are included were key players in some of the Los Angeles feminist groups and/institutions, including: the Feminist History Research Project, Lesbian Feminists, Lesbian Tide magazine, NOW, Crenshaw Women's Center, Sister newspaper, and the Westside Women's Center. Additionally, four shorter interviews and the recording of a panel document the experiences of women at the 1975 Mexico City International Women's Tribunal and/or 1977 International Women's Year conference in Houston. Individual women, often unidentified, add to the history of the Los Angeles women's movement with their accounts at a 1983 Women's History Day Speak Out
Emory University - Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Collection
The collection consists of the personal and professional papers of Margie Pitts Hames from 1969-1993. The papers consist of subject files and legal case files. The subject files contain extensive research on legal issues linked to Margie Pitts Hames's major cases, information on her professional life, personal information, and material from her unsuccessful campaign for Georgia Supreme Court Justice in 1982. The series also contains material from Cynthia McKinney's campaign for the House of Representatives in 1992-1993, miscellaneous correspondence, and many materials dealing with the American Civil Liberties Union. The case files include primarily legal documents, depositions, transcripts, correspondence, notes, and evidence. The files provide much information on Equal Employment Opportunity Commission cases, abortion clinics, civil rights in Atlanta, and family law
Historical Society of Washington, D.C.
Two black leather bound volumes and a letter -- The first volume is entitled Diploma and Correspondence and contains a letter from St. Mary's Seminary, dated 13 Jan. 1888, informing Busey he has been conferred the degree of Doctor in Law, a letter in response thanking them for the doctorate in which he refers to his "abhorrence of the operation of craniotomy, early term for abortion, and numerous letters regarding a dinner at Dr. Busey's home on 7 Feb. 1888, presumably to celebrate his degree. The second volume has imprinted on its cover Samuel C. Busey, M.D., LL.D., and contains typed versions of all the handwritten correspondence in Diploma and Correspondence. The folder also contains a loose letter dated 22 Apr. 1897 from Rev. Hamlin of the Church of the Covenant, Washington, D.C., asking Busey to increase his donation to the church
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence, voting records, legislation, speeches, clippings, reports, studies, films, audio and video tapes, microfilm, opinion and case files, working files from Symington's Washington, D.C., and Saint Louis offices, and other papers, relating to his career as a U.S. representative. Topics include national, Missouri, and Saint Louis issues, among them the Watergate crisis, American involvement in the Vietnam War, the environment, abortion, gun control, crime, energy, health, economy, labor, politics, housing, urban problems, transportation, and youth