York County Heritage Trust/Historical Society of York County
Petition to July Court of Quarter Sessions for tavern license renewal, endorsed paid
Vermont State Archives and Records Administration
The series consists of court dockets kept by the court clerk. Court dockets are court calendars which record all cases in order for each court term, assigning a unique number to each case. Docket numbers change from term to term until 1895, when each case retains its original number through all court terms. Docket entries include plaintiff and defendant, attorneys, jury members, and a brief summary of action taking place that court term. Entries often include court costs for a case. Early dockets also include jury lists, admissions to the supreme court bar and court administrative costs. Beginning in 1820, dockets are indexed by plaintiff. Before 1808 chancery cases are intermingled with regular Supreme Court cases on the docket and are indentified as chancery in the docket entry. From 1808 to Mar. 1840 the Chancery Court docket comprises the last section of the Supreme Court docket
New London County Historical Society
Writ to collect judgment against Abel Wright, Windham, Conn., in favor of Joseph Jacobs, Jr., Mansfield, signed by E. Gray (1730 Mar. 03). Receipt on back signed by Joseph Jacobs, attorney for his son (1739 Apr. 17)
Maine Historical Society
Correspondence, documents, account books, and photographs of the company and its affiliated companies -- Includes correspondence relating to a 1939 court case: Cumberland County Power and Light Co. vs. J.G. Deering & Son, involving a dispute over rights of using the Saco River for power purposes vs. using the river for log driving; logbook of Asa Cunningham, woods and river drive boss; documents of 1901 court case: George Demers vs. Frank C. Deering, involving suit for damages by Dewers, an employee of Deering who had an accident; and White Pine on the Saco River : An Oral History of River Driving in Southern Maine (1993), by Michael P. Chaney, presenting a good history of the company
Maine Historical Society
Register of writs served by Smith as deputy sheriff (1821-1823) and justice court records (1821-1853), including marriages performed
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Minutes, reports, inventories, warrants, tax records, indentures, probate and other court records, leases, mortgage deeds, judgments, voting records, vital records, and other materials. Includes records of the town council, almshouse, fisheries commissioner, militia, overseers of the poor, school committee, town treasurer, and other offices and officials
Historical Society of Princeton
Sheriff's deed to Samuel Neilson for tract of 89 acres near Princeton, N.J., adjoining Millstone River, the Great Road, John Scot, Joseph Hornor, and other lands owned by Neilson -- Sold pursuant to a judgement against Richard Stockton
York County Heritage Trust/Historical Society of York County
Papers concerning the bank's suit against L.M. Hartman & Sons Hosiery, York, Pa., including checks and blank statements of hosiery company
Vermont State Archives and Records Administration
Record books contain entries by the court clerk which summarize each case that ended in a judgment -- Entries are arranged chronologically by court term and include docket numbers for each case entered. Individual record books are indexed by plaintiff. Two master index volumes of judgments cover county court cases between 1797 and 1907 and contain both plaintiff and defendant indexes, alphabetically by court term. Entries refer to record book volumes and page numbers but do not include docket numbers
Washington State Historical Society
Family series arranged by family member (1900-1999), includes articles and correspondence about Tanner?s father, Ernest Charles Tanner and his involvement with the International Longshoremen?s Association and Local 38-97; education series, arranged chronologically (1938-1949) includes diploma from Stadium High School and annuals from high school and College of Puget Sound; correspondence with Lyle K. Wilson, ms., and book Sunday Afternoons at Garfield Park: Seattle?s Black Baseball Teams, 1911-1951, by Wilson as well as articles about various baseball and football teams Tanner played for; honorable discharge and other papers relating to Tanner?s service with the U.S. Army; and articles concerning various court cases with which Tanner was involved: Nisqually fishing rights, Dick Gregory, George Marion Boggs, and others as well as materials about Bob Satiacum, Puyallup chief and Indian rights activist and his fights for fishing rights and tribal recognition


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