School of The Art Institute of Chicago - John M. Flaxman Library
Newberry Library
Mainly exhibit planning files, but also publicity, business records, informational records, photographs, and a small amount of original artwork from the Arts Club of Chicago -- Also includes files on the Club's lecture, film, and drama series
University of Washington
Accession no. 2553-2 contains letters, gallery notices, and clippings; Accession no. 2553-1 consists of a taped interview (with transcript) conducted by William Hoppe; and Accession no. 2683-001 includes a taped interview of Cumming and Northwest artist Bert Garner discussing the Northwest Annual at the Seattle Art Museum
University of New Mexico - Zimmerman Library
The collection contains personal papers and papers pertaining to Virginia Dooley's business relationship with R.C. Gorman from 1916-2008. The collection's value lies in the materials Dooley kept relating to Gorman and his art career. Virginia Dooley first met R.C. Gorman in the summer of 1970 in Taos, New Mexico. The bulk of the collection highlights Dooley and Gorman's social life and work together at Gorman's Navajo Gallery. Dooley prodigiously documented Gorman's art career through newspaper clippings, articles, pamphlets, programs and publicity mostly relating to Gorman's art shows and public appearances. Dooley retained press releases that document important milestones in Gorman's art career, like his first one-man show in New Mexico at the Manchester Gallery, which he later purchased and renamed the Navajo Gallery. Published materials in the collection include the Nudes & Foods series Dooley collaborated with Gorman on, which features his drawings and her recipes. The collection ... Read More
University of Oregon
Collection consists of photographs of paintings and murals that were installed in Oregon public schools, University of Oregon, and Doernbecher Memorial Hospital for Children, Portland, Oregon. It also consists of black and white photographs of artwork made for installation at Timberline Lodge. Much of the work is represented at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. The inventory also represents original watercolor designs for drapery at the lodge
Harvard University - Houghton Library
The papers reflect Freilicher's friendship and collaborations with poets and artists of the New York School. Included are letters to her, some with compositions; compositions, chiefly poems, sent or given to her, some of which are about or are dedicated to her; photographs of the circle of friends; and printed material
Jewish Museum of Maryland
Consists primarily of diaries and correspondence belonging to Harry Klawan. Series I contains correspondence, diaries, and other materials sent to or collected by Klawan. Correspondence is between Klawan and various friends and family including his cousin Samuel Schein, his sisters Rebecca and Jennie, artist friend Herman Maril, and other friends and family during Harry's time living in New York from 1923 to 1938. Correspondence is frequently between Harry and girlfriends and contains insights into his relationships. Also includes information about his medical condition, sexual dysfunction, a "vocational analysis," birthday and anniversary cards, telegrams, art reception brochures for I. Rice Pereira, and sketches and photographs by Klawan of various subjects in Baltimore and New York. Klawan's diaries were written during part of his time living in New York City from 1923 to 1930. Also includes a travel journal of Klawan detailing his trip with his sister Rose from New York to ... Read More
Delaware Art Museum
Collection contains pencil sketches and reproductions of James Ormsby Chapin; administrative material (1996); draft letter (16 Nov. 1926), from unknown to Frank Knox Morton Rehn (1886-1956); correspondence (1994-1995), between Avivah Wargon and the Delaware Art Museum regarding death of Mary (Fischer) Chapin (wife of James Chapin); correspondence (28 June 1939; 8 Aug. 1939; 15 Aug. 1939; 27 Jan. 1941), between Grant Wood, Iowa City, Iowa, and James Chapin; drawing of James Chapin by Reginald Marsh; photocopies of Chapin illustrations from Robert Frost's, "North of Boston" and from "Collected Poems"; newspaper articles; and Scribner's Magazine cover proofs
Monhegan Museum
Album containing 1470 images, gelatin silver prints, reflecting family events, Monhegan's tercentenary celebration, various gatherings on the island and in Deerfield, Mass., and relationships between those summering on the islands -- Persons represented include artists Rockwell Kent, Frank Myrick, William Claus, Alice Stoddard, and the family of Alfred Fuller
Getty Research Institute
Materials comprise video recording of an oral history interview with George Herms conducted by Andrew Perchuk and Rani Singh on April 16, 2004 at Herms' studio. Herms discussed his works in Love Press and Semina, his difficulties in transitioning from drawing to painting, and his relationships with artists such as Michael McClure and Paul Beattie. The Getty Research Institute (GRI) hosted events and conducted oral histories inspired by the "Modern Art in Los Angeles" theme beginning in 2003. Much of the research and product generated by the GRI's Modern Art in Los Angeles activities has been incorporated into the Getty's larger initiative, "Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A.," which focused on postwar art (1945-1980) in Los Angeles


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