Virginia Commonwealth University - Cabell Library
The bulk of the collection includes correspondence in the form of letters, mail art, and poetry to and from Davi Det Hompson from 1969 through 1988. The inclusion of typed copies of letters from Hompson adds a dimension of exchange to the correspondences in the collection. Notable exchanges are documented between Davi Det Hompson and artists, Anna Banana, Fletcher Copp, David Sucec, and Alice Aycock; and poets, Madeline Gins, Lyn Hejinian, Richard Craven, and Dick Higgins. The content of the correspondences focuses on Hompson's ideas about art, collaborative efforts, exhibitions and other projects. The collection also includes announcements for art shows along with newsletters and fanzines produced by art groups such as General Idea and W.O.R.K.S. Four folders are dedicated to an exhibition of mail art and performance art held at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1973 titled International Cyclopedia of Plans and Occurrences. The exhibition was curated by Davi Det Hompson and ... Read More
Newberry Library
The papers are largely organizational records and newsletters of the association -- There are also small numbers of photographs and spotty files on the group's collaborative alphabet books, exhibits, and other projects. Narrative descriptions of the subject matter, types of material, and arrangement of each series are available through the Organization section of the finding aid
Bowdoin College - George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections and Archives
Writings, artwork, correspondence, and biographical materials that document Bern Porter's life as a scientist and avant-garde writer, artist, and publisher. Included are manuscripts and typescripts of books authored and published by Porter; articles, poetry, and other writings by Porter (both published and unpublished); and artwork, photographs, and mail and copy art. The collection also includes personal and professional correspondence, announcements of public appearances and publications, documents regarding Porter collections at other libraries, clipped articles pertaining to Porter, and biographical information and items of personal interest to Porter
University of Nevada, Reno - Mathewson IGT Knowledge Center
Included in this collection are correspondence, subject files, and materials on various projects
Getty Research Institute
The collection comprises three letters by Edward Lear. One, in Italian, was sent to an acquaintance in Brindisi, asking him to provide the best accommodations in his albergo to friends on their way to Corfu (1868 Feb. 28, Cannes). The artist thanks a gentleman for purchasing his picture "Kasr es Saad" from the Royal Academy exhibit, and gives him the name and address of his banker for the payment, and that of the shipping company. He mentions a companion piece sent to the Academy representing another view of the Nile, which might interest his patron (1870 May 16, Cannes). In a short note, he asks Mrs. Wickham at Portland Place to introduce to "the world of Hampshire" his new book about the "scenery of Corsica," to be published soon [1870]
School of The Art Institute of Chicago - John M. Flaxman Library
Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library
Consists of three letters written by Audubon -- The first letter was written to his wife, Lucy, in Shippingport, Ky., on May 24, 1821. It provides a description of Audubon's experiences in New Orleans while he was earning a living by making portraits in black chalk and teaching art. He was also seeking a means to begin publishing pictures of birds. He writes of his desire to join an exedition to the Pacific wilderness, his aspirations of showing his work in Europe, his family's financial difficulty, and much about his daily activities. Of particular note is a passage about his future and bird illustration: "Then my poor Birds come Next or will they ever come - I see that thou hast no faith in them. I cannot say I am much encouraged about them, but it seems my Genius (if I have any) was intended that way ..." He continues on about showing his work to the public. The letter contains two cross-written passages, one of which appears to be instructions for unpacking the pictures he had ... Read More
Smithsonian Institution - Archives of American Art
Correspondence, printed material, photographs; and "birthday books" containing drawings and writings by artists sent to Neuberger on his 50th and 75th birthdays
Smithsonian Institution - Archives of American Art
The records of the Woman's Building measure 33.4 linear feet and date from 1970 to 1992. The organization played a key role as an alternative space for women artists energized by the feminist movement in the 1970s. The records document the ways in which feminist theory shaped the Building's founding core mission and goals. During its eighteen year history, the Building served as an education center and a public gallery space for women artists in Los Angeles and southern California; the records reflect both functions of the Building's activities
Smithsonian Institution - Archives of American Art
Correspondence, research files, personal financial records and artwork relating to the career of American painter and printmaker Dotty Attie. Correspondence is mostly professional and is with dealers, curators, and colleagues. Research files includes source material for Attie's works of art. Financial records include receipts for materials and production costs. Artwork includes tiny artists' books, tracings, and sketchbooks


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