National Library of Australia
MS "Journal of the account of Otaheite and our transactions there" (Sept. 1777-Jan. 1778), (28 ff.), also a page containing a chart of Trarabon. MS "Journal of the account of the death of Capt. James Cook on Owhyee in the Sandwich Islands, January 1779" and "Description of the country of Kamtschatka from April 1779". The journal ends abruptly (61 p. quarto). Also an extract from sales catalogue printed ca. 1925
Tennessee State Library and Archives
Consists of documents and photographs related to James Earl Ray's incarceration in Tennessee state prisons for the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. Aside from Ray's medical file, which is among the restricted access material, the single largest portion of documents within the collection consists of his disciplinary records, spanning the years 1971-1991. Among the other prison records are fingerprint cards, mugshots, correspondence, media release forms, materials related to Ray's various court cases, and his applications to Governor Lamar Alexander for an executive pardon
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Karen L. Parker's diary with entries 5 November 1963-11 August 1966. The entries appear regularly every few weeks in the beginning of the diary and gradually appear less often, ending with entries every several months. Parker began the diary while she was a student majoring in journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. One of the first entries concerns the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, her observations of reactions in Chapel Hill to the assassination, and her own thoughts and feelings about it. Diary entries describe her experiences as the first African American woman undergraduate to attend UNC-Chapel Hill, her involvement with the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), her participation in civil rights demonstrations against segregation in Chapel Hill, and her arrest after entering a segregated Chapel Hill restaurant. An entry dated 30 April 1964 describes the visit of former segregationist governor of Mississippi Ross R. Barnett to the UNC-Chapel Hill ... Read More
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The collection includes magazine and newspaper articles, mostly clippings
Tennessee State Library and Archives
Scrapbooks reflecting Mrs. Davies' involvement in the Business and Professional Women's Club of Tennessee, Tennessee Democratic campaigns, and Tennessee politics in general. Many clippings concern presidents of the United States. One volume is entirely concerned with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy
Boston University - Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center
April 15, 1865. Washington intellligencer. New York herald, 8:10 am. extra (and a reprint of same). New York herald (another edition) -- April 17. Philadelphia inquirer -- April 20. [Centralia?] centennial. illustrated. facsimile. The independent -- April 21. Boston recorder -- April 22. Weekly herald, N. Y. -- April 26. Richmond whig -- May 11, 20. New York daily tribune
Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
Collection of 3 disbound scrapbooks of Civil War photographs, clippings, and some original artwork compiled by illustrator and Civil War correspondent James E. Taylor, presumably in the mid 1880s. The scrapbooks contain over 1,530 items including images from noted Civil War photographers Mathew Brady, Alexander Gardner, Timothy O'Sullivan, George N. Barnard, Andrew J. Russell, J. D. Edwards, and others, as well as handwritten annotations by Taylor and supplementary ephemera and clippings from contemporary newspapers and magazines. Some of the photographic prints are possibly one of a kind. The scrapbooks focus on the Eastern Theater of the war, primarily depicting locations and events in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Included in the scrapbooks are views of battlefields, street views of towns, buildings and ruins, military camps, field hospitals, portraits of Civil War generals and soldiers, and images of casualties and battle scenes. There are several loose pencil and ... Read More
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Four ALS (1860 April 20, 22, 27, 29) from Galbraith to his wife discussing the events of the Democratic National Convention in Charleston, S.C. Also, an exchange of letters (1865 April 15, 16) between Galbraith and his wife relating to the assassination of President Lincoln. Includes typewritten abridged copies of all letters
Texas Tech University - Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library
Contains reports, printed material, and copyprints of photographs relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy
New-York Historical Society
Diaries, 1862 August-1865 November, kept by Claudius W. Rider and recording his personal activities as a fifer in Company "C," 110th New York State Volunteers in Baltimore, Louisiana during the siege of Port Hudson, and at Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas, Florida, guarding Federal prisoners -- The brief daily entries refer to life in camp, weather, military and other music, practicing and rehearsing, socializing with fellow soldiers, marches, disease, fatalities, voyages, the presidential election of 1864, the assassination of Lincoln and ceremonies held in his honor at Port Jefferson, daily occurences at the prison, and the arrival of the four conspirators