University of Montana--Missoula, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, K. Ross Toole Archives
This collection contains genealogical information on many branches from Fra Broadwell's family and Edwin Dana's family. There is correspondence from family members to Fra and Edwin about their families histories. Some of the families that have excellent research included are lines from the Anderson, Brewster, Broadwell, Dana, Forester, Maxwell, Page, Paine, Putnam, and Sunderland families, although this does not include all of the lines researched in this collection. There are copied accounts from family members early history, and publications on the Paine and Dana family. The collection also contains publications on astrology and scientific papers; notes on the Crow language; and a brand book of the cattle herd of the Blackfoot, which was purchased by E.L. Dana
Boston Athenaeum
Henry Hollingsworth's commonplace book reflects his interest in astrology, alchemy, poetry, and chemistry. Many of the entries are Hollingsworth's abstractions from other texts. An unidentified, printed concordance of the Bible is bound-in at the middle of the volume. Bound in contemporary full calf. Hollingsworth was born in England, and in 1682 followed his father, Valentine Hollingsworth, a Quaker, to the area that would become Philadelphia. Henry assisted Thomas Holmes, a surveyor in laying out the plan for that city. In 1695 Hollingsworth represented New Castle County, Del. in the House Assembly and was Sheriff of Chester County, Pa. for that same year. He went on to be appointed Deputy Master of the Rolls in 1700, Prothontary of the Court of Common Pleas and Clerk of the Peace in 1707. Later he removed from Chester County to the area the would become Elkton, Md., where he was appointed President of the Court of Cecil County by Lord Baltimore
University of California, Berkeley
Contains unpublished writings by Walter C. Cambra concerning Bram Stoker's Dracula for the Bram Stoker Circle, many written in 1997 for the centennial. Titles include: "Selected Commentaries on Bram Stoker's Dracula," containing 7 essays; "Short Commentaries on Bram Stoker's Dracula," containing 15 essays; "Gog and Magog: a Study in Thematic Clarification"; "Tracking the White Goddess: '3 Studies'"; "Disconnected Connections"; "Dracula: a Knights Templar Chess Game"; "Revisiting Dracula"; "Shades of the Craft"; "The Shadow of the Yew Tree: (an Occult Thread)"; "Tracking the Tarot"; "The Unfamiliar Familiar"; and "Marian Iconoclasm." Also correspondence relating to Cambra's Dracula activities, program notes from a Dracula 97 event held in Los Angeles, Calif., and selected issues of "Today's Astrologer" containing articles on astrology and numerology written by Cambra. Also includes some issues of related publications such as "The Bram Stoker Society Newsletter", "The Bram Stoker ... Read More
University of Virginia
The collections contains manuscripts of short stories, poems and quotations including the printer's setting copy of "Old Town of Berwick," and "A Marsh Island," chapter eight from "A celebration of rural life.".
McMaster University - Mills Memorial Library
Text of first manuscript is in Old Persian written in black and red ink. It contains astrological and cosmological charts and diagrams of stars, moon, suns, and the seasons, giving the auspicious times for prayer. The manuscript is not complete and some leaves have been cut. The second manuscript is written in a different and unsophisticated hand in Persian with two words in Arabic
College of William and Mary - Special Collections Research Center
Letters, 1902, received by Judith L.C. Garnett. Many concern her writing. Includes printed advertisements and newspaper clippings. Some concern patent medicines, astrology and there is a book with instructions for palmistry
New York Public Library
Views of Chinatown in San Francisco: includes street scenes; views of store fronts; joss houses, including interiors; restaurant interiors; a man smoking opium in an opium den; portrait of an astrologer in front of a joss house; portraits of Chinese individuals wearing traditional dress. Some views duplicated
Dartmouth College - Rauner Special Collections Library
Collections of tracts, including the Ars brevis of RamoĢn Llull, and selections from the writings of Albertus Magnus and Thomas Aquinas
New York Public Library
Manuscript written in England in 1674 by an unknown author, divided into chapters which respond to criticisms and alleged misunderstandings of astrology. Contains many Biblical allusions and argues that astrology is not witchcraft. Includes "An Appendix Containing a Vindication of Physick, Chiromancy, and Physiognomy" as well as an index which lists the chapter titles
University of Michigan Libraries
Consist of 478 photos primarily of astronomical and astrological papyri and ostraka, accompanied by 281 manuscripts (correspondence, notes, tables, and graphs) concerning the various individual texts. The correspondence is largely with noted papyrologists and scholars, including William M. Brashear, Revel Coles, Sharon L. Gibbs, Manfredo Manfredi, Jutta Noack, Peter Parsons, Rosario Pintaudi, Colin Roberts, Peter Sattler, and Pieter Sijpesteijn