University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Scope and Contents Car Book File, including reports of mileage, car requests, use of credit cards, individual and departmental assignment of cars and trade-ins and correspondence concerning the use of the cars assigned to the College of Agriculture.
Museum of the Great Plains
Subjects of interview include first auto in Hobart (1903) and early roads; first election (1910); early Hobart businesses; Ku Klux Klan (Clay's father was cyclops of Hobart clan; Indian dances at beginning of World War I and relations between Indians and the townspeople; high school graduation in Hobart (1924) and Oklahoma College for Women in Chickasha (1928); activities as a school teacher in Verden, Okla.; World War I and II; home remedies; games; participation in the compiling of a Kiowa County history; life philosophy; and town characters Jack Boxley (a gambler) and Frank Nash (outlaw)
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence, agreements, price lists, and financial reports, relating to the manufacture and sale of automobile equipment, including vulcanizers and tire retreaders, and industrial machinery
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Correspondence, biographical material, booklets, clippings, and photos, relating to Fawick, designer and manufacturer of one of the first four-door American automobiles (Fawick Flyer), naval and industrial heavy-duty clutches, and the Fawick violin
New Haven Museum & Historical Society Library
Papers, compiled by Latham Benjamin Lambert (1902-1986), of New Haven, relating to his ancestors and those of his first wife, Helen Elizabeth (Beckley) Lambert (1902-1981), including correspondence, genealogical materials, pedigree charts, account books, notebooks, deeds, wills, and legal documents. Includes legal documents of Daniel C. Bacon (1791-1820), lawyer in Broome County, N.Y.; correspondence, military records, and other papers of Charles Foster Beckley (1836-1925) including catalog (1875) of his dry goods store in New Haven, C.F. Beckley & Company; town of Berlin, Conn., death and burial records (1760-1820), kept by Luther Beckley (1778-1841); land grant (1668) and will of Sergeant Richard Beckley (1618-1690), early landowner in New Haven; and information pertaining to Latham Lambert's fourth great-grandfather, John Graham (1694-1774), first minister in Southbury, Conn
Rutgers University Libraries
Correspondence file (45 cu. ft.); technical files (290 cu. ft.) relating to products tested by Consumers' Research, including product information and specific test results; general files (330 cu. ft.) including information relating to consumer services not suitable for laboratory testing; administrative files (85 cu. ft.) concerning organization and operation, including material relating to aims and policies, management and personnel, finances, circulation of publications, publicity, and speeches; government war preparations files (25 cu. ft.) relating to the effects of World War II on consumers; and files on Consumers Union (20 cu. ft.). Includes files on individuals and organizations it labeled communist, left wing, or fellow traveler. Products and services investigated include advertising, automobiles, business, cameras, consumer and cooperative organizations, economic and business theory, electric toasters, fraud, front organizations, insurance, lawn mowers, medicine, politics, ... Read More
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Clippings, photos, and printed material, relating to Morton County, N.D., history, farm machinery, automobiles, and antiques. Includes part of Morton County justice of the peace docket (1891, 1896-1898)
Seattle Municipal Archives
Three albums containing 1,500 photographs of vehicles and equipment used by the Engineering Dept. and the Traffic Division. The vehicles date from the 1920s to the 1950s. Vehicle identification, purchase date, and cost are given. Pictured are dump trucks, pickups, sedans, and other vehicles and equipment such as trailers and air compressors
York County Heritage Trust/Historical Society of York County
Minute books and correspondence, legal agreements, property records, price lists, newspaper articles, photographs (some col.), magazine articles, stock certificate (1917), typescript by Fred Rosenmiller, Pullman owners' registry, company history, and other materials
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Documents and photographs relating to early railroads, streetcars, and ships which serviced Wyandotte, Mich., and the Detroit/Toledo metropolitan areas from the late 1880s through the 1920s; together with information pertaining to early automobiles