University of California, Berkeley
Contains handwritten business correspondence (3 letters, 5 p.) from a California banking firm to James Robb and his newly formed banking firm in New York City and related documents. Tallant & Wilde request assurances that Robb's firm is insured and capable of managing their business effectively and safely which includes shipping them gold bars for eventual sale in Europe. One letter to Robb is incomplete (Dec. 19, 1856 ; 4 p.). The last letter (Nov. 18, 1859), addressed to Robb himself, refers to the disposition of his assets in California (" ... you have abandoned the idea of coming to California and would be glad to know what has been done in the way of liquidating the affairs of our old concern") and enclose a copy of a statement they sent him on Nov. 30, 1858 [included in collection] to compare it with a current statement [not included in collection]. Also includes a handwritten balance sheet for Tallant & Wilde (Jan. 31, 1857), and a 12th District Court (San Francisco, Calif.) ... Read More
Ohio History Connection
Transfer ledger, 1925-1932, of the Union Banking Company in Marysville, Ohio. Each section relates accounts with other banking institutions, interest collected, and various other accounts
Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library
Consists of four pages of credits to John Cadwalader's account at the Bank of North America from February 1785 to January 1786. The name of an individual is listed next to the dollar amount added to the balance
Minnesota Historical Society
Letters and telegrams, letterpress books (1896-1905), financial and legal documents, reports, resolutions, minutes, and memoranda of an early leader of the public accounting profession in Minnesota and an active participant in St. Paul (Minn.) civic affairs
Connecticut Historical Society
Record of cash short or over, account involved and dates discovered and corrected
Georgia Archives
Record of customers' transactions with the Bank of Richland
New York State Historical Documents
Documents concerning the founding and organization of the bank including an announcement of the bank's opening, 1784; articles of association, 1898; bylaws, 1931-1982, and other documents; minutes of meetings of the board of directors, 1791-1979; property and land title documents, 1874-1954; lists of stock holders, ca. 1784-1878; minutes of meetings of stockholders, 1963-1983; mailings to stockholders, 1960's-1980's; financial records, including accounts, receipts, statements of sales of stock, passbooks, promissory notes, and certificates, 1784-1983; general business correspondence, 1784-1933; miscellaneous documents generated by various bank sectors, divisions, and branches, 1920's-1980's; speeches, memorial tributes, and biographical information on bank directors and officers, 1792-1982; and brochures and other printed materials produced by the bank, 1920's-1980's
Alabama Department of Archives and History
This series consists of various financial applications to the Branch Bank pertaining to loans, the extension of notes (debts), the renewal of notes, and discounts. Included are the applicant's name, the application number, the date of the application, a description pertaining to the loan or debt, and whether and on which date the Branch Bank accepted the application
Alabama Department of Archives and History
This series consists of an overall financial report on the condition of the Branch Bank at Mobile and of lists of the debts due and unpaid to the Branch Bank at Mobile, as reported by Henry B. Holcombe, Bank attorney, to the General Assembly of the State of Ala. on 1859 Nov. 1. Included is a summary of the amount collected on debts due and real estate sold. Also included is a list of the debts due and unpaid, which itemizes the county, first, second, and third payer, the date of maturity, the debt amount, the balance due, the date and amount of judgment, whether the suit was filed in a county or circuit court, the debt classification, and remarks. This series is similar to the series titled "discounted notes and bills in suit." This series serves as a useful research tool in the study of the liquidation of the State Bank and its Branches
Alabama Department of Archives and History
This financial ledger details the business activities of the bank, listing its daily accounts for six years


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