New York State Archives
New York State Archives
The series consists of records of the commission's proceedings and activities. Three volumes contain the following: a "Level Book" of field notes on the New York and New Jersey Boundary Survey (spring 1882) signed by the commissioners; one volume containing the Description of Monuments on the New York and New Jersey Boundary, and Instructions to the Chief Civil Engineers from the Commission (March 21, 1883); and one volume containing a possible copy of information found in the second volume, the 1883 settlement, a special report on the Terminal Monument at the Junction of the Delaware and Nevesink Rivers (June 1885), and a Diary of Operations in the Field (1881-1882) by H.W. Clarke, Surveyor for the State of New York
New York State Archives
This single manuscript sheet is a report on a survey and map made to trace part of the boundary between New York and Pennsylvania, along the 43rd degree of north latitude, in 1774. It was produced under joint authorizations of the provinces of New York and Pennsylvania by Samuel Holland (appointed by New York's Lieutenant Governor Cadwalader Colden on November 8, 1774) and David Rittenhouse (appointed by Pennsylvania Governor William Penn on October 4, 1774) -- Their charge was to "fix the beginning of the 43rd degree of North Latitude on the Mohawk or Western branch of Delaware, and to proceed Westward as far as the Season wou'd permit" along that boundary between the provinces. This document is their report on their cooperative effort and the map that resulted from it
New York State Archives
Documents constituting the official record of the alteration or establishment of town boundaries concern: division of towns to erect new towns; annexation of parts of towns to other towns; and settlement of boundary disputes between towns -- The records include: proceedings, resolutions, and legislative acts of county boards of supervisors considering and acting upon applications to alter or establish town boundaries, usually including descriptions of the boundaries; maps of the boundaries to be altered or established, sometimes showing only the boundary lines and sometimes providing more details such as lot divisions and waterways; surveyors' reports of boundary lines; and State Engineer and Surveyor's determinations of the true boundaries of towns to settle disputes. An endorsement on the back of many documents provides the date filed with the Secretary of State
New York State Archives
This series consists of six maps compiled by the Office of the Secretary of State in its capacity as the general recording office for the government of New York State. All but one of the maps relate to the boundaries of the Province or State of New York. The earliest map in the series (portfolio map no. 175), completed by Deputy Surveyor General John Collins in 1774, traces the boundary line between the Provinces of Quebec and New York from the Connecticut River to the vicinity of the St. Regis River. A 1787 map (portfolio map no. 167), created by Abraham Hardenbergh, depicts the boundary line between New York and Pennsylvania from the Delaware River to Lake Erie. Hardenbergh was among the commissioners appointed pursuant to legislation enacted in 1787 (Chapter 130) for the purpose of "running out and marking the jurisdiction line between this state and the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.".
Library of Virginia
Series contains accounts, orders, and vouchers from the Council of State for payment of survey expenses. Boundaries surveyed include those between Virginia and Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee
Appalachian State University - Belk Library
Includes a notebook covering a general overview of Cherokee history, with photographs. Also includes the Cherokee alphabet and a map of Qualla Boundary
Arizona Historical Society - Library and Archives
Typescript of diary, Sept. 1, 1846 to Nov. 22, 1849, describing military occupation in Mexico, service with the U.S. Boundary Commission surveying the U.S.-Mexico border, and assistance provided to forty-niners traveling to the California Gold Rush. The substantial portions of the diary have been published
University of New Mexico - Zimmerman Library
Papers relate to Navajo research and fieldwork; California archaeology, anthropology and museum issues; ethnobotany, bear ceremonialism, pottery, rock art, and other general topics. Included are field notes, manuscripts, letters, maps, photos, etc. The Navajo/Southwest series delves deeply into Navajo boundary issues and Navajo origins, via archaeological and ethnographic fieldwork, as well as including secondary research from published sources. Reports, manuscripts, and correspondence illuminate the process and findings of the various projects. This series is divided into 6 overlapping subseries: Archaeology and Fieldwork; Apachean/Athabaskan; Boundaries and Land Claims; Correspondence; Topical Research and Writings (includes agriculture, ceramics, defense, katcinas, Kokopelli, language); Bibliographic References. Photographs relate to anthropology and archaeology primarily in Arizona and California, but also in New Mexico and Utah. Photographs depict landscapes, people, events, ... Read More