University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
A thief steals a farmer's gold but is outwitted by a mischievous wood spirit - the Hey Hey Man
Utah State Historical Society
An incomplete (and unsigned) letter to Matilda Davis, written by Parker (Butch Cassidy) while hiding in Argentina. Describes his activities and surroundings in the southern hemisphere
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Collection of field recordings of "true" cowboy, miner, and train robber stories told by Wilfred Babcock of Kingman, Arizona on July 19, 1958 during an interview conducted by Paul V. Long, Jr.; and two "archeologist's humorous songs" performed by James S. "Jim" Griffith in Flagstaff, Arizona on December 6, 1959. The recordings were compiled and dubbed by L. Parker "Pick" Temple on October 29, 1963
Vatican Secret Archives
This was a commission established to combat banditry
Central Michigan University - Clarke Historical Library
Family Papers, 1865-2015, and undated, are a genealogical history for the Smalley and Beemer families and also documents early history of the white settlement of Clare, Michigan. The collection contains many different formats including 3-dimensional objects, original documents, and printed material. The collection is organized according to original order. The folders are ordered so that you may recreate the binders that the documents were originally donated in. Besides this, the folders are ordered alphabetically. Box 1 (Legal) Includes: Mainly original documents which includes Tax Papers, Wills, Bank Papers, as well as Birth and Death Records. Most of this Box contains tax documents and related paraphernalia. Boxes 2-4 Include: history and genealogical study of the Beemer and Smalley families, including a focus on David Smalley and his time in the Civil War. Photographs, late 19th -20th centuries (Box 2, Folders 4/5; Box 3, Folders 2/5). An autograph book for Cordelia Smalley (Box 3, ... Read More
University of New Mexico - Zimmerman Library
Collection consists of broadsides, portraits, chapbooks, and restrikes. These include songbooks, single-sheet corridos (popular ballads), how-to booklets on writing love letters and cooking, books of predictions, gameboards, lithographic portraits of bullfighters, devotional texts and images, and children's literature. All are illustrated by Jose Guadalupe Posada or, in some cases by Manuel Manilla and other (unidentified) artists. The restrikes were made c. 1940-1944. These are prints of the illustration blocks without text. Subjects range from humorous to didactic, romantic to religious and political. Posada's signature "calaveras" (humorous skeletal figures) are represented, as are sensational crime and supernatural subjects, and popular songs printed by Mexico City's leading penny press publisher Antonio Vanegas Arroyo. Print processes include etching, type-metal engraving, and lithography. These prints were originally collected by Mexican art historian Fernando Gamboa
Utah State Archives and Records Service
Transcript made from sound recording by Pearl Baker. Longabaugh discusses the life of his father, Harry Longabough Sr., and the truth and fiction in the stories of Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch, of which the elder Longabaugh was a member
Utah State Historical Society
Comments on the theory that Butch Cassidy did not die in South America. Phillips was considered to have been an alias for Robert Leroy Parker or Butch Cassidy
Utah State Historical Society
University of California, Berkeley
Includes photos of California gold country, stage coaches, weapons of Black Bart, and a recreated view of a stagecoach hold-up of the 1880s/1890s


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