Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Papers reflecting Furber's activities with various businesses in Green Bay, law practice with Gurber & Wakelee in Chicago, Ill., affiliation with National Life Insurance Company, Washington, D.C., and other insurance companies, membership in the state militia, position as economics professor at Northwestern University, presidency of International Olympic Games Association in 1904, interest in national politics, and invention of calculating apparatus and other items. Other organizations represented include Green Bay Cadet Light Guards, Chicago Board of Underwriters, Democratic and Republican parties, National Institute of Social Sciences, Chicago Academy of Sciences, and Chicago Bar Association
Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
Over 300 catalogs, advertising fliers, brochures, and pamphlets, accumulated by the Rice family, covering a broad range of household and other products, businesses and services, and transportation, many used by middle-and upper-income households -- Includes catalogs from many states with the majority from businesses in the Midwest
Maine Historical Society
Account books and business records -- Includes accounts of lobsters, fish, broom, school repairs, and other items; seaman's certificate from the U.S. (1861) of Charles Orr (probably Charles Samuel Clark Orr); and envelope containing receipts for labor and supplies (1877). Other persons represented include Stephen Orr and his wife, Abigail (Clark) Orr, parents of Charles Orr
Hightstown-East Windsor Historical Society
Photographs, slides, and postcards from the Hightstown-East Windsor Township, N.J., area -- Subjects include American Legion Post 148; dwellings; floods; parades; Lillian Smith Albert and her son, Alphaeus Albert, Jr. (1942); David and Walter Cole on a hunting outing (ca. 1890-1900?); "Colonial" costume ball (ca. 1910); citizens and buildings in Etra, N.J.; Decker's Dairy (ca. 1930s); members of the Ely and Davison families; Engine Co. No. 1, Hightstown (1953 and n.d.); railroad stations; schools; churches; parachute training by the U.S. Marines; state treasurer Rescarrick M. Smith; Scheible's Railroad Hotel (Railroad House Hotel); Dr. George E. Titus and his family; Union Transportation Company trains; various residents (some unidentified); three-legged calf (1895); and John and Mary Winiarski in their store on North Main Street. Includes pictorial collage of Hightstown (1879) published in the New York Daily Graphic; and Hightstown Gazette engraved photos mounted on wood blocks (3 ... Read More
Montana Historical Society,-- Library and Archives Dept
This collection consists of reminiscences, including a 151-page handwritten account of Walker's journey to Montana in 1863, his year and half in Montana, and his return to Iowa; a short family history; and a brief account of T.C. Everts's experiences in Yellowstone Park in 1871. These were written by Walker 1899-1905. Financial records consist of a promissory note (1864), account journal (1866), two chattel mortgages (1867, 1871), one day book (1871-1879), and one ledger (1868-1870). (SC 962)
Salmon Brook Historical Society
Resident of Granby, Conn
Maine Historical Society
Business accounts (1791-1799) kept by Means -- Includes newspaper clippings (1897-1912) pasted in relating to Means's house in Stroudwater, possibly added by Leonard Bond Chapman
Jewish Museum Milwaukee
Photographs and written information concerning the Wiviott family -- Includes information on family business enterprises and family celebrations
Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
Incomplete collection of business records, chiefly correspondence between Reynolds and Strickler, reflecting Strickler's experiences of selling to veterans, especially U.S. Grant and William T. Sherman, veterans' organizations, the company's display at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition in 1876, and other business matters -- Also includes correspondence of Reynolds; letters from other sales representatives and veterans organizations; design of patent used in 1868; order blanks; and miscellaneous notes and records of Massachusetts Adjutant General's Office (1885-1888) with which Reynolds had business dealings
Maine Historical Society
Collection of poetry books, one dated 1833 belonging to Ann E. Wilder, Eastport, Me., and the other of unknown ownership but may have belonged to Sarah Wilder -- Includes cashbook (1875) belonging to Theodore Wilder and 3 small photograph albums of the Wilder family


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