Loyola University Chicago - Cudahy/Lewis Library
The Writenberger papers consist of 2.5 linear feet spanning the years 1927 to 1976 (bulk 1940 to 1970) and include scarpbooks, lecture notes, retreat notes, sermon/homilies, maps, booklets/pamphlets, and essays. Subjects include business morality, spiritual retreats, and Loyola University Chicago
University of Virginia
The collection contains the business, political and family papers of Williams, president of the Seabord Air Line Railway, asst. Secretary of the treasury, 1913, comptroller of the currency, 1914-21, and treasurer of the American Red Cross
New York State Historical Documents
Compilation of letters, memoranda, and other material of Committee on Member Firms and Committee on Business Conduct, 1932-1958; and files on investigations, 1954-1972. Also, minutes of Committee on Member Firms, 1938-1941
Rutgers University Libraries
The records document Consumers' Research's interest in the advertising industry and its influence on consumers, especially during the 1930s. Included are correspondence, clippings from newspapers, magazines, and industry journals, and sample advertisements. Subjects included are advertising agencies, approval of advertising by government agencies, bad advertisements, failure to substantiate claims, cost and amount of advertising, critiques of advertising, defense of advertising, disparagement in advertising, economics of advertising, ethics, false or misleading advertising, manufacturers misleading use of test data, names imitating better known names, pseudo-science in advertising, publicity and propaganda, reform of advertising, sex appeal in advertisements, suppression, advertising techniques, tesimonials, and trick photography
Rutgers University Libraries
The records document Consumers' Research's view of the threats, barriers, theories, and practices relating to the health of the American economic system. Included are correspondence, magazine and newspaper clippings, manuals, pamphlets, and brochures. These files were used by CR editors to back-up editorial commentaries. Subjects include economic theory, economic radicalism, capitalism, free enterprise systems, the decay of economic competition, the Great Depression (1929), "portents of the next depression," economic planning, business, business ethics, Big Business vs. Little Business, quality control and product liability, production costs, monopolies and trusts, home industry, distribution costs, forced obsolescence, income, wages and salary, cost of living, banks and banking, investment, taxation, income taxes, inflation and deflation, tariffs, prices, price mark-ups, price fixing, resale prices, consumption economics, and bibliographic materials on consumption
American Philosophical Society
This is a graduate history paper and was the early research which led to Goldstein's later book, "Philadelphia and the China Trade 1682-1846" (University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1978)
Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives
The CLC / ERLC Seminar proceedings collection consists of proceedings, programs, addresses, news stories, correspondence, photographs, and conference planning materials related to a variety of seminars and conferences sponsored by the Christian Life Commission and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. The collection also includes materials related to CLC sponsored state ethics workers meetings and Congressional prayer breakfast gatherings. The collection covers conference materials generated by the Commission from the late 1950s through 1999. The major topics and issues included in the CLC / ERLC seminar proceedings collection are: abortion, AIDS, alcohol abuse, aging issues, Christian citizenship, drugs, economic issues, education, environmental issues, family, gambling, homosexuality, human rights, hunger, marriage, peace, pornography, race relations, religious liberty, sexual purity, smoking, women in church and society, and other social ... Read More
Chicago History Museum-- Research Center
Complaint files, correspondence, memos and other papers, statistical summaries, radio scripts, and sound recordings, relating to the daily activities of BBB/Chicago, such as sponsoring educational programs for its membership of businesses and organizations, monitoring and helping to regulate fair advertising practices, gathering data and responding to consumer inquiries about businesses and charitable organizations operating in the Chicago area, mediating consumer complaints, and providing consumer education programs and literature. Includes substantial material about automobile dealerships, the insurance industry, and retail trade, and about the Chicago bureau's cooperation with better business bureaus elsewhere and with law enforcement agencies
University of Virginia
Deposition of Moses H. Mann taken in Richmond, Va., 1824, for the Superior Court of Chancery in Lewisburg regarding business ethics and the sale of a slave woman
New York State Historical Documents
Scrapbooks containing clippings, flyers, programs, letters, reports, and other material. Scrapbooks include miscellaneous "Scrapbooks of Items Concerning the Stock Exchange and its members," 1878-1892, corner in shares in the Stutz Motor Car Company of America, 1920-1925; Veterans' Bonus Bill and Stock Transfer Tax, 1920-1922; Stock Clearing Corporation, 1915-1921; "Special articles," 1924-1937; "Calvin Coolidge Says" column, 1930-1931; Thomas F. Woodlock columns, 1923-1925; forms, form letters, etc., 1920-1928; statistical data, 1915-1920, 1930-1932; "Samples of editorial, newspaper, magazine, TV and radio coverage of Mr. Funston's blast at securities swindles operating out of Montreal," 1954-1955; "Unfavorable newspaper comments" concerning the Exchange, 1924-1928; "Stock Frauds, Better Business Bureau, etc.," 1919-1920; Seymour L. Cromwell, President of the New York Stock Exchange, 1898-1926; editorials from newspapers regarding the Exchange, 1934-1936; closing of the Exchange at ... Read More


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