Montana Historical Society Research Center - Archives and Photograph Archives
This collection consists of board minutes (1985-1992), legislative subject files (1984-1994), correspondence and general administrative files, general subject files (1980s-1992), and financial records for the Montana Women's Lobby and it's predecessor the Women's Lobbyist Fund. Subject files include topics such as abortion, veteran's preference, Women's Lobby history, comparable worth, insurance, and taxation.
Montana Historical Society,-- Library and Archives Dept
Topics include her management of the Cut Bank weekly Western Breeze from 1955 to 1984, and the participation of women in local businesses
New Haven Museum & Historical Society Library
Correspondence, business and family historical materials, personal and estate papers, investment records, government correspondence, regulations, and bulletins, federal and state tax returns and related correspondence, financial records, factory production and inventory records, commercial forms including invoices, statements, bills of lading, receipts, and shipping memos, personnel files, advertising and promotional materials, and photos, relating to the Osterweis family and all aspects of the tobacco and cigar industry in New Haven and Connecticut, including the manufacture and distribution of cigars, Cuban suppliers at the turn of the century, Connecticut tobacco growers, brokers, and middlemen, tobacco products and wholesalers and retailers, labor relations, government guidelines, effect of World War II on production, and price and wage controls. Includes historical materials and books of Gustave's son, Rollin G. Osterweis; documents relating to the family's other business, I. ... Read More
Idaho State Historical Society,-- Idaho Oral History Center
Farber discusses her involvement with a women's consciousness-raising group, her professional career from Ore-Ida to McLeod Realty; and her personal life beginning in the late 1950s in Boise
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Account books, ledgers, receipts, promissory notes, advertisements, trade cards, invoices, published materials, programs, convention papers, legal documents, and other records of Manchester businesses and business and labor organizations, including information relating to ice, textile, shoe, printing, stove, steam fire engine, and locomotive industries; women in business; business and labor leaders; utilities; and smaller business enterprises. Includes statistical analysis and computer punch cards of James Hanlan pertaining to his book Working Population of Manchester, New Hampshire, 1840-1886 (1981); and account books of New Hampshire governor and businessman Frederick Smyth and his partners. Businesses and organizations represented include Amoskeag Industries, Amoskeag Manufacturing Company, Cohas Company, East Side Company, Manchester Board of Trade and its successors Manchester Chamber of Commerce and Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Pike & Heald, and Rumeley Press
Montana Historical Society,-- Library and Archives Dept
Topics include her operation of the Maverick Bar in Roundup from 1939 to 1984; the 1930s Depression; local entertainment; and other Roundup businesses
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Annual reports, minutes, bylaws, programs, newsletters, scrapbooks, slides, and publications, reflecting the organization's statewide activities in alcoholism, child abuse, education, politics, and the Equal Rights Amendment. Includes state convention materials and information pertaining to the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Political Action Committee (BPW/PAC)
Eastern Washington State Historical Society
Correspondence (1937-1959) and records of community organizations in which Kehoe was involved, including Hillyard Commercial Club (1953-1959), Hillyard Community Club (1937-1941), and Spokane Visiting Nurses Association (1942-1958), which she helped organize in 1942. Includes material relating to Kehoe Hardware Company, Spokane, Wash., owned by Kehoe and her husband, Thomas E. Kehoe
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Materials reflecting Morgan's business activities as partner in the shipping firm owned by William Rotch, Sr., and Samuel Rodman, in other areas of business, and as owner of New Bedford whaling vessels; and personal affairs. Includes correspondence from captains of his ships, from William Logan Fisher (1781-1862) and Fisher's daughter, Elizabeth Rodman Fisher (1810-1875), pertaining to their iron works and nail manufacturing business (in which Morgan was a partner) in Duncannon, Pa., and from Benjamin Rotch describing the failure of the Davis Strait and Greenland whale fishery in 1836; financial records, including ships' papers for such whaling and merchant vessels as ship Frances Henrietta and brig Parthian; lighthouse records containing bills and receipts for supplies, repairs, and transportation of goods for various U.S. lighthouses; legal documents including estate records; papers of Morgan's wife, Sarah (Rodman) Morgan (1793-1888), chiefly consisting of correspondence from Fisher ... Read More
Montana Historical Society,-- Library and Archives Dept
Topics include operating, with her husband, Leland Harper, the Harper Logging Company of Missoula, from 1921 to 1958; specific logging contracts; camp life; cooking for lumberjacks; and the effects of mechanization on the industry