State Library of Victoria
Collection of papers relating to Federation, including letters from Charles Pridham referring to a national capital, and printed items. Collection comprises 15 original manuscript items and 46 printed items. Includes letters from Charles Pridham to Sir James McCulloch, 28 June 1876, and to D. Gillies; letter from E. Carlile to E.J. Thomas, Sydney, 27 February 1891; printed letters relating to Federation from D. Gillies to Sir Henry Parkes and from James Service to Robert Stout, Premier of New Zealand
New York State Archives
The Temporary State Commission on the Restoration of the Capitol was created in 1979 to study New York's National Historic Landmark Capitol and prepare a long-range, comprehensive plan for the building's restoration and rehabilitation
New York State Archives
New York State Archives
This series consists of a bound volume of photographs taken during the initial stages of the constitution the New State Capitol. The photographs were produced for Thomas Fuller, the original architect for the New State Capitol, by photographer Eugene M. Haines and published in a limited edition. They depict the progress of the construction of the New State Capitol from 1869 through 1877. Each photograph is identified by the date it was taken and the location by street, structure or both. The photographs are arranged chronologically. The first four photographs are marked A throught D and the remainder numbered 1 through 63. Photographs number 1, 35, 55-57, and 59 - 62 are missing. The photographs are reproduced originals that have been mounted on either 15 ư w x 10" h or 7 ư w x 5 1/5h cardboard sheets
New York State Archives
This series consists of a bound volume listing running totals of payments made to employees engaged in the construction of the new State Capitol building. It lists the entry number (sequential beginning with 1, with gaps), surname, and amount paid. However, the register does not indicate whether these are whole dollar amounts, nor does it explain the purpose of payment. Certain names are repeated with great frequency throughout the volume, perhaps indicating that these are payments to members of a particular work group
Library of Virginia
These records contain a volume recording information regarding the payment of services directed toward the maintenance of the Capitol, State Library, and Executive Mansion. In columns are recorded the date of a particular payment, the identity of the person or business concern paid, the services being paid for, and the fund from which money was taken for that payment. The three funds were C.C. (Civil Contingent); R.L.D. [sic] (Register, Land Office); and J. [sic], F., and G. (Ice, Fuel, and Gas)
University of Oregon
The Capitol Reconstruction Commission was established in November, 1935, during a special session of the Oregon Legislative Assembly, to plan the construction of a new capitol building. The collection (1935-1936) contains the files of commission member George A. Marshall, and includes minutes, bulletins, official and unofficial correspondence, and the commission report
University of New Mexico - Zimmerman Library
The collection consists of a map, "The Original Settlers of San Gabriel" and a list of the "Colonists & Soldiers who Accompanied Don Juan de Oñate to New Mexico in 1598 & Established the First Capital of New Mexico, San Gabriel." Research for the creation of both items was conducted by Antonio Gilberto Espinosa. The list of colonists and soldiers was found in the Scholes collection (MSS 360), with questionable provenance. Since it is the companion piece to the map, it was incorporated into this collection in April 2000
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Photographs made by Loreena Sauthoff of the Wisconsin State Capitol and buildings on the Capitol Square, 1911-1912. Included are images of the Capitol under construction; the "Old Tenney Building" at the corner of South Pinckney and East Main Streets; and a parade on South Pinckney Street


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