Oregon Health and Science University
Publications, including medical and other books, pamphlets, leaflets, journals, and newsletters; personal and professional photographs; medical equipment and supplies, laboratory equipment; licenses, degrees, certificates, honors and awards for Dr. Greene and his wife Jeanne Todd Booth; official and personal correspondence; news clippings; Dr. Greene's autobiography, biography of Jeanne Todd Booth (Greene), Dr. Greene's second wife, and obituaries for Dr. Greene and both wives, Julia Cooper and Jeanne. Materials relate to Dr. Greene's personal life and work as a civilian and military physician, Freemason, and member of the Anglo-Saxon Christian Association
Oregon Health and Science University
Pamphlets, reports, proceedings, addresses, lectures, and sermons, collected by Bethenia Owens-Adair, with publication dates between 1868 and 1886
New Jersey Historical Society
The collection consists chiefly of incoming letters, but also includes a pamphlet, a penmanship tablet and photographs, much of which was sent to Percy Keller by J. Harvey Hanford. In his letters, Hanford reports on his health, his family, and on his religious beliefs and practices. Of particular interest is his mention of Billy Sunday, an evangelist known for his attacks on liquor consumption. Hanford congratulates Keller on being a member of Billy Sunday's church, and regrets that he has never seen him preach. Enclosed with Hanford's letter, is a printed history of his church in Unionville, in which he is featured, and his portrait dated 1917
Peabody Essex Museum
This collection contains the personal letters and business documents of several members of the Grew family, as well as some relating to the Wigglesworth, Greene, Phillips, Williams, and Crosby families. Series I: The Grew Family contains correspondence of members of the immediate and extended family, including Henry Grew, John Grew, Anna C. (Grew) Alvord, Henry Sturgis Grew, Jane Norton (Wigglesworth) Grew, Mary Coltman, Elizabeth Coltman, George Sturgis, Anne Terry (Greene) Phillips, and Wendell Phillips. Also included are letters patent (land documents) pertaining to Ebenezer Young; John and Mary (Coltman) Grews marriage settlement; a note inviting Wendell Phillips to serve as the delegate from the Massachusetts to the American Anti-Slavery Society; photographs sent from China by Henry Sturgis Grew; a scrapbook containing Civil War newspaper clippings compiled by either Anne or Thomas Wigglesworth; and a travel journal kept by Jane Norton (Wigglesworth) Grew. Series II: The Crosby ... Read More
Indiana State Library - Manuscripts and Rare Books
This collection includes sermons, survey responses, an obituary, a minister's biography and last words and miscellaneous items from Anna Stevens and others in Indiana ranging from 1864 to 1935 and undated regarding Biblical scripture, biographies and religious courses in colleges and universities
Indiana State Library - Manuscripts and Rare Books
This collection includes 97 photocopied pages of Paul Herring's 1873 diary. Herring's entries are in both English and German and he refers to himself as "the writer". Most entries start with a description of the weather and they relate daily activities of his family and himself. Remarks about farming activities are a common theme, but he also describes special days such as Decoration Day (May 30), Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Also included are hymns in German, and poems by Burns, Wordsworth, Byron, Longfellow, Browning, Tennyson, and many others
Yeshiva University - Mendel Gottesman Library
The collection contains the correspondence, research materials, and publications of Joshua Hochstein, primarily on the Jewish communities in Latin America, Spain and Portugal, Jewish life and practices, branches of Christianity, Latin-American affairs, Jewish-Christian relations, Jewish history and culture, Sephardic Jewry, Jewish women, and the Yiddish language. It also includes materials related to Hochstein's involvement with the United States Office of Education and its inter-American activities, with the United Nations regarding its initiative to start a United Nations High School, and with the Pan-American Student League of New York. Hochstein's correspondence with leaders of various faiths about religious issues is also included
State Library of Western Australia
BA1340/Era6/34C and 42B: L-R: Maureen Tucker, Dora Cotterill, Ian Tucker, Joan Tucker, Reggie Johnston, Claude Cotterill, Betty Foot Davidson, Nadine Tucker, Deanne Blizzard. The donor notes: Claude and Dora Cotterill had ministry in Menzies, lived in Leonora