Maine Historical Society
Records of the Lower Parish, Kittery Point, Me., containing the confession of faith; the church covenant; lists of subscribers and communicants; baptismal records; and notes on church meetings
Indiana State Library - Manuscripts and Rare Books
This collection contains the diary of Zerilla L. Kimberling written in the 1878 purchasers' pass book, "Leading Business Firms of Shelbyville, Ind." The diary entries mention the weather, church activities, and her paternal grandparents' genealogy and range from 1879 to 1881. The collection also includes photocopies of letters to Zerilla and her sister, Estella, and range from 1883 to 1905. The bulk of the letters were written to Zerilla from her friend, Iva Rice Beard, and discuss love, marriage, teaching and Clinton County, Indiana news
Connecticut Historical Society
Subscriptions lists; membership records including dismissions, transfers and certificates of good standing; correspondence from other churches; council minutes; a confession; an allegation with findings against a member; and other legal records
Connecticut Historical Society
Reuben Rockwell was a farmer in, and a State senator for, Colebrook, Connecticut. The first items in this collection are a series of political letters. One from Rockwell to Daniel Ryan in March 1863, referred to the Copperheads as "Secession Traitors", described an exciting campaign for our election and had no kind words for Thomas Seymour. A letter to Rockwell from O. Loomis was also political in content, and the soldier wished he could be at home to help with the campaign and cast his vote. The bulk of the collection consists of transcriptions of records of town meetings, 1780-1787, and a history of the church along with transcriptions of baptismal records, and lists of members of the church with biographical notes about them
Connecticut Historical Society
Hawes was minister at the First Church in Hartford, Connecticut. The letters are from a variety of individuals on assorted topics. Two request recommendations, one for a girl's school in New York City and one for a man who was a candidate for pastor of a church in New Jersey. Jane R. Bulkley requested she be dismissed from the church since she had moved permanently to New York. E.C. Wines of Providence, Rhode Island, decried the "madness" of the gold rush to California and informed Hawes that he was now going to take up preaching. William Slade requested Hawes to give an address to teachers who were preparing to go West. Hawes also heard from the American Bible Society and from the directress of the Center Missionary Circle, which he evidently had criticized at one time. The lectures, dated 1849-1850, were on the topic of religious experience and were drafted on sheets of paper taken from letters, as they each bear his address on one side
Connecticut Historical Society
Raw data, research notes, and a final paper on church admissions in Connecticut between 1640 and 1799. The thesis of the paper was that the use of the jeremiad style of preaching was not directly related to a stagnation or decline in church membership. Using data on church admissions from extant colonial church records, Schwartz concludes that there was no direct correlation
University of Virginia
Includes history, 1844, by William McPheeters of the McPheeters and Moore families; and records, 1741-1908, of the Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church, also known by its earlier names Bethel Meeting House, Bethel Church, and Tinkling Spring & Waynesborough Presbyterian Church
University of Virginia
Form books, 1907-1921, kept by the Rev. J. William Rader, in southwest Virginia for quarterly conferences of Methodist Episcopal churches, including Coveton, Cedar Springs, Sugar Grove, Teas, Grant, a Wytheville circuit, Max Meadows, Cripple Creek, Chilhowie, Rural Retreat, Independence, Spring Valley, Elk Creek, Blue Ridge, Hillsville, Fries, Galax, the Marion circuit, Marion Station and Wytheville Station
Urbana Free Library
The records of the Savoy Methodist Church include early handwritten accounts of the church's history by its pastors, which later became the basis for the church's official histories. The rest of the records include member rolls, marriages, baptisms, and member departures for other communities. Some financial records for the church are also present including documentation from the 1895 fire rebuilding costs. The records contain numerous references to members of the Dunlap family and their involvement in the church and larger community
Library of Virginia
Church registers, 1872- ca. 1893, 1893-1927, and a record book of church membership, 1892- ca. 1895


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