Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
The administrative divisions of the committee included a Health and Social Services Division to prepare and oversee related activities in the event of a war emergency, to support existing agencies in health and social issues relating to the war, and to coordinate federal, state, and local agencies in common programs and services -- Series is arranged by subject and document type. Files include reports, manuscripts, manuals, brochures, pamphlets, bulletins, speeches, and radio broadcast scripts. There are training material and certificates of completion for child care, social work, and other training courses. Published materials come from the Committee on Public Safety, other state agencies, federal agencies, and the Red Cross. The topics of the documents are wide-ranging, and include juvenile delinquency, prostitution, mental and sexual health, civilian defense training, and other war-related health and social services topics
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
Civilian defense activity forms are questionnaires and forms returned on a quarterly basis between January 1942 and March 1943 -- For each municipality information includes total civilians trained and prepared to act in event of attack in such activities as nursing, radio and telegraph operations, road repair and bomb reconnaissance. Some responses are directed to committee subunits such as Planning and Technical Division, Health and Social Services, and Women's Division. Series also contains command post exercises checklists, equipment and personnel training questionnaires, appropriations and expenditures questionnaires, and municipal and regional personnel change forms
University of California, Berkeley
Box 1: Material, ca. 1929-31, re his interest in East Bay regional parks, including correspondence with East Bay Regional Park Association, U.S. National Park Service (with letters from Ansel F. Hall), Duncan McDuffie, and others, and related reports and papers on proposed parks; and papers relating to his World War II civil defense work, including correspondence with California State Council of Defense, various county defense councils, San Francisco Bay Region metropolitan Defense Council and with various offices of the University of California, Berkeley, relating to his work as campus coordinator of war information and training
Indiana State Library - Manuscripts and Rare Books
This collection consists of one certificate for M. Dickerson's commission into the Indianapolis Auxiliary Police Corps on October 30, 1944. The Corps was part of the civilian defense program in Indianapolis during World War II
University of Chicago - Special Collections Research Center
Contains primarily general information files on the social and political implications of the atomic bomb. Includes newspaper clippings, Atomic Energy Commission press releases, typed transcripts of hearings before the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, journals, civil defense material, and newsletters. Also contains correspondence and manuscripts of articles submitted to the Bulletin (1980-1984)
University of New Mexico - Zimmerman Library
This collection contains organizational planning and record-keeping documents, studies and reports, publications, news clippings, legislation, correspondence, community outreach materials (i.e. posters, flyers and leaflets), and ephemera (i.e. photos, slides, recordings) from the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice (ACPJ). The collection is arranged into the following five series: Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice, Nuclear (with five sub-series: Nuclear Disarmament, Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Power, Miscellaneous Nuclear Issues, and Nuclear Waste), Central America, Peace and Justice Campaigns, and Publications
Wisconsin Veterans Museum Research Center
Harold Brown, a Madison (Wisconsin) native, discusses his fighter pilot service with the U.S. Army Air Corps in World War II. He talks about his youth lying on the Madison Capital Square grounds on hot summer nights and Pearl Harbor Day. Brown discusses his basic training in San Antonio (Texas) and his training as a P-51 Mustang pilot in Tampa (Florida). He talks about arriving in England in March 1943 as an 8th Air Force replacement pilot on P-47 aircraft. Brown recalls the story of a prostitute giving him a "lucky" rag doll in London in what was his first sexual experience before his first combat mission in May 1943 that he kept the past sixty years. He discusses flying sixty-seven missions during the war and one incident of throwing eggs at pilots in his Quonset hut which led to the flight surgeon sending him to a rest home for seven days. Brown talks about becoming a "dedicated killer" and the required fighter mission hours before a pilot could return home. Brown describes some ... Read More
Wisconsin Veterans Museum Research Center
Mello "Mel" Stapleton, a North Lake, Wisconsin native, discusses his career in the Air Force and his World War II service as a member of the Army Air Corps -- He was stationed at Hickam Field (Hawaii) during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Stapleton talks about enlisting in the Air Corps because his family had no money for college, receiving a letter from General "Hap" Armstrong permitting him to serve despite his poor eyesight, training at Chanute Field (Illinois), attending radio school, and serving as an instructor until he had a "falling out" with the first sergeant. Transferred to the 50th Reconnaissance Squad at Hickam Field in 1940, he provides a detailed account of the Pearl Harbor attack. He remembers seeing a headline in "Collier's Magazine" that day stating, "Pearl Harbor is impregnable." He describes hearing an explosion while walking to breakfast, looking outside, seeing Japanese aircraft flying toward the airfield, running toward airplanes to get machine guns, and running to ... Read More
State Library of Western Australia
Papers to do with his work in the Citizen Air Force, including RAAF warrant appointing him Warrant Officer (1944); log books (1943-1946); map titled "Construction of airstrip at Truscott showing Anjou Peninsular" (1944); memorandum to O/C Marine Section re lost torpedos (1945); poster by Jolliffe titled "The Anjo landing". Also history of early settlement of the Kimberley titled "Early Kimberley History by Old Hand" and carbon copy of poem titled "Wicked Wyndham.".
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Correspondence, budget records, special studies, surveys, statistics, news releases, bulletins, and other administrative records from the state Division of Emergency Government


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