California State University, Dominguez Hills - Department of Archives and Special Collections
The collection documents personal and business records of Ishibashi family, one of the pioneer Japanese farmers on the coastline of Palos Verdes Peninsula, California. The Ishibashi’s is a three-generation produce farmer, started approximately in 1910 and closed in 2012.
Florida State University - Special Collections Department
Wilson Dean Brooks participated in significant events during and after World War II. He was a part of the liberation of Dachau, Battle of the Bulge, and worked as an investigator for the War Crimes Board. His collection contains photographs capturing the liberation of Dachau, a journal describing military life in Europe, which includes details about Battle of the Bulge, and a vast amount of documents that pertain to war crime trials he oversaw as a judge advocate. His case reports on war crimes make up the bulk of his collection and contain victim testimonies, arrest reports, instances of maltreatment and murder, and other notable information. The files include testimonies from victims of all nationalities, American, Belgian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, and Ukrainian, The collection includes case files on concentration camps such as Auschwitz, Dachau, Natzweiler-Struthof, Neuengamme, Ravensbrück, Treblinka, ... Read More
State University of New York Albany
Copies of Nazi documents with translations, 1940-47, and photographs (with personal information) of 63 inmates at the Dachau and Ravensbruck concentration camps -- Retained by George Scheider during his service as a translator at the Nuremburg tribunals
Washington State University - Holland Library
This collection includes four documents related to Japanese American internment during World War II: typescript (mimeograph), "Address by Lt. Ray McDaniels at Heart Mountain; typescript (mimeograph), "Questions and Answers," about Japanese American recruitment into the United States armed forces; typescript (carbon) of a letter addressed to the Editors of the Heart Mountain (Wyo.) Sentinel regarding draft status of internees; printed form "War Relocation Authority Application for Leave Clearance.".
Columbia University Teachers College - Gottesman Libraries
Correspondence, reports, lecture notes, bibliographies, reprints, clippings, speeches, photographs, and student papers; appointment calendars, 1977-1981; and drafts of writings with related notes. These relate to courses taught at Teachers College and elsewhere, consulting work, curriculum projects, his participation in conferences and symposia, and his research on Welsh migration to the United States, the American South, American Indians, education, school desegregation, war relocation centers, and other topics relating to education and anthropology
Holocaust Center of Northern California
Survivor testimony of Gelber -- Topics include the Chenstochov ghetto and its evacuation; concentration camps at Buchenwald, Dora, and Nordhausen; his liberation; and his emigration to the United States. Subtitle of testimony: Memoirs of a survivor
Pritzker Military Library
The Arnold E. Kauffman Collection includes documents, published works, artifacts and photographs related to the military service of Tech Sergeant Kauffman, most notably his time spent as a Prisoner of War at Stalag XVII-B in Krems, Austria. The collection is arranged by periods of military service and then chronologically within each folder. The collection is contained within 3 boxes and is 1.75 linear feet
Utah State Historical Society
Twenty-seven interviews, mainly with Japanese-American internees of Topaz Relocation Center in central Utah
Columbia University
A major part of the collection is von Meck's autobiography (660 p.), covering up to the latter part of World War II, when she left Russia for the West. This autobiography primarily discusses her life in the Soviet Union in the 1920s and 1930s; her father was executed and she herself was imprisoned in Soviet concentration camps. There are five brief essays discussing railroads in Russia and the USSR, and a photograph of her grandmother, Anna Merkling. Also icluded is von Meck's translation of 681 letters written by P.I. Tchaikovsky to his family during the period March 1861 to September 1893
Columbia University
Two copies of a typescript memoir (51 p.) by G. Bukhantsov. The memoir concerns his experiences as a soldier in the Soviet army during World War II and as a prisoner in German camps in Poland and Germany


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