Stanford University
Poet, and creator of "concrete" books. Born in 1939 in Lascano, Rocha, Uruguay
University of Michigan - William L. Clements Library
The Garesché family album contains poetic verses and illustrations addressed to DuPont F. and Anna L. Garesché of Philadelphia
Brown University Library
Correspondence, notes, bibliographical material, and a few printed items, most of which relate to Schevill's biography of Porter, Where to Go, What to do, When you are Bern Porter (1992), and his essay, Further Notes on the Roaring Market and the Silent Tomb. Also include a few printed items
Ohio State University
A collection of artists' books and multiples, one-of-a-kind artists' books, visual poetry, mail art, correspondence, art and literary serials, and related materials, from 1965 to 2000, with most material from the 1970's and 1980's. Includes works by Marilyn R. Rosenberg, as well as works by Richard Kostelanetz, K.S. Ernst, John Byrum, Dick Higgins, John M. Bennett, Carol Stetser, Scott Helmes, Ruth Laxon, Robert Jacks, Ray DiPalma, Ray Johnson, Bern Porter, Paul Zelevansky, Karl Kempton, Karl Young, Musicmaster, Bill Keith, Avelino de Araujo, Davi Det Hompson, Joel Lipman, David Cole, James Johnson, and many others
Northwestern University
Ian Hamilton Finlay was born in 1925 in Nassau, Bahamas, but returned to Scotland with his family as a child.  The McCormick Library holds a large collection of Finlay’s published poems, cards, prints, and booklets, as well as the issues of Poor. Old. Tired. Horse ., announcements of publications, and other pieces of ephemera.
Getty Research Institute
Collection consists of poetry in a variety of media sent to and collected by Jasia Reichardt. Includes manuscripts and typescripts, screenprints and posters, collages and original graphics, sound recordings, photoprints and objects (some ready-made). Artists include Ronaldo Azedredo, Stephen Bann, Derek Boshier, Eugenio Carmi, Henri Chopin, Bob Cobbing, Kenelm Cox, Robert Filliou, Ian Hamilton Finlay, John Furnival, Ludwig Gosewitz, Brian Hindmarch, Michael Horovitz, D.S. Houedard, Ferdinand Kriwet, John Latham, Christopher Logue, Edward Lucie-Smith, Hansjörg Mayer, Franz Mon, Seiichi Niikuni (and the Tokyo Assn. for the Study of Arts [ASA]), Tom Phillips, John Sharkey, Gianni-Emilio Simonetti, Mary Ellen Solt, Edgardo Antonio Vigo, and Wolf Vostell. Some works are included in letters received by Jasia Reichardt
University of Maryland, Baltimore County - Albin O. Kuhn Library and Gallery
The Dick Higgins Collection spans the years 1958 to 2002 and is 17.5 linear feet. Materials include artwork, publications, and exhibition items. Over one hundred items have been cataloged and are searchable in the USMAI catalog; like the rest of the collection materials, these publications can be viewed in the Special Collections Reading Room only. There are three major divisions within the Dick Higgins Collection and they correspond to the official series: a sampling of Dick Higgins' artwork, publications, and exhibition materials; publications from Something Else Press; and individual and collaborative artwork and publications from members of the greater Fluxus movement. With the exception of the ReFlux Editions items housed in Series III. B, all items were donated from Higgins' studio by Alison Knowles. Selections from ReFlux Editions' "Flux Kit" collection were purchased by the library in 2002. This collection provides an overview of Fluxus artwork and includes rare examples from ... Read More
Getty Research Institute
The Jean Brown collection of art objects, 1958-1986 (ca. 493 items forming Series VI of the Jean Brown Papers) comprise an important collection of works by artists involved in the Fluxus movement or in other explorations of the conceptual arts, such as mail art, concrete poetry, happenings, etc. The works reflect these movements as they spanned the decades of the 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s, with a high concentration of material emerging around the climactic year 1969 -- Items are constructions, assemblages, or other expressions, often small-scale and ephemeral, some existing simply as reflections or remnants of artistic or intellectual events. Many are one-of-a-kind pieces created especially for Brown, betraying the collector's intimate connection to the works and their creators. The pieces are arranged alphabetically by artist, with a large portion of unidentified works listed at the end. Additionally many of the objects also have their own individual analytic records within the ... Read More
Getty Research Institute
Coracle Press records, 1953-2013, document the artists' press and its exhibition space primarily during the years in England, 1975-1997. It also contains a small amount of material from Cutts's prior publishing enterprise, Tarasque Press, Nottingham, as well as material from the present incarnation of Coracle in Ireland
Indiana University
Consists of the correspondence and writings of Ian Hamilton Finlay, 1925-. Letters are exchanged with other artists, architects, designers in glass, and photographers all in pursuit of the construction of his poetry in concrete form. Also includes correspondence with Fulcrum Press regarding copyright concerns for The Dancers Inherit the Party


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