Museum of the Great Plains
Four images of railroad building in Indian Territory and Oklahoma by the Frisco Railroad -- Includes photograph of steam shovel operator, William Stiengrant
University of Pittsburgh
The photographs in this collection provide a unique gallery of individuals involved in the movement for the equal representation of African Americans in the construction workforce of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Many of the photographs include identification of the individuals pictured, generally in the form of labels affixed to the face of the pictures themselves. While this limits their value as pure visual images, the specific identification of individuals, organizations and dates constitutes an important historical resource. Photographs of Nate Smith include views of him speaking at Operation Dig and meeting with Jesse Jackson concerning Operation PUSH in Chicago. Meetings regarding the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program audits of many construction jobs are also depicted. Photographs of rioting in the Hill District after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are present, as are unique photographs of the officers of Local 11 at the union's offices
Los Angeles Public Library
Photograph caption dated June 2, 1959 reads, "Huge pipemobile costing $250,000 is shown preparing to lift a 65-ton, 16-foot long section of aqueduct pipe that will be laid underground for the Perris Valley siphon. Hydraulic power lifts great load like it was a feather and totes it down into the channel dug by drag line.".
Los Angeles Public Library
Photograph caption dated February 22, 1957 reads, "End of era - Tom Stone, foreground, who installed 65,000 gallon water tank in San Fernando for Southern Pacific Railroad in 1907, supervises its dismantling. In crane is Whitey Mezik, 41, and signaling is Charles Campbell, 31, steelman.".
State Historical Society of Iowa - Libraries and Special Collections
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Gregory Andrew talks about Francine Andrew, his parents moving to Newhalen for subsistence fishing, his parents traveling around for hunting and trapping, moving to Kokhanok, subsistence activities throughout the year, Knutson Bay, his father trapping during the winter, Pete Andrew, his father commercial fishing, his father working for the Iliamna Trading Post, buying on credit, Art Lee, living in a tent the first year of his marriage, his dog team, learning to operate heavy machinery, working for the state, owning a store, learning to trap with Gregory Wassillie, Gibraltar Lake, the dogs ability to find the trails, snow machine trails, Iliamna Lake, using all terrain vehicles for hunting and hauling, how snow machines changed hunting, Nick Nowatak, sharing meat, four-wheelers and subsistence activities, crossing the Gibraltar River, the lodges in the area, the lodges decreasing the wildlife in the area, people talking about the Katmai eruption, using four-wheelers to access the ... Read More
Los Angeles Public Library
Photograph caption dated June 2, 1959 reads, "Cement-pouring machine is shown lining the canal, a part of the main aqueduct system at point where San Diego aqueduct starts near west portal of San Jacinto tunnel. American Pipe and Construction Company is doing the work. Pipes that resemble organ carry cement to bottom and sides of open ditch.".


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