Massachusetts Historical Society
Sketchbook kept by juror George R. Shaw while observing two trials in the Suffolk County Superior Court, 1 Jan. - 4 Feb. 1887. Shaw sketched the judge, lawyers, clerk, witnesses, and other participants during the civil trials of Solomon H. Dyer vs. John N. Kimball for "alienation of wife's affection"; and Mary D. Cole vs. the City of Boston for injuries incurred during a fall on an icy city street. A few of the sketches include quotes from the trial. Also includes Shaw's jury duty notice, 20 December 1886
Emory University - Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Collection
Correspondence, legal and financial records, printed material, photos, and tape recording, relating to family affairs and to Harrison's interest in progressive education in general and open air schools and environmentalism in particular, her activities as a journalist, travels in U.S. and Europe, and her efforts to preserve the forests and natural areas that now form part of Fernbank Science Center; papers of Harrison's father, Z.D. Harrison (1842-1935), lawyer and clerk of Georgia Supreme Court (1874-1934), relating to professional interests as well as work in Protestant Episcopal Church; and papers of banker and businessman, James M. Bell, lawyer and judge, Richard H. Clark (1824-1896), and Robert Emory Park, and his wife, Emily Hendree Stewart Park, all of Atlanta
Senator John Heinz History Center
Papers include five bound scrapbooks detailing Judge Soffel's career and volunteer activities
Senator John Heinz History Center
Papers include personal correspondence, educational material, printed speeches of Philander C. Knox and other sundry material. The speeches pertain to Knox's views on foreign affairs in the early 1900s
University of Florida - George A. Smathers Libraries
Materials pertaining to Isaiah Hart include: two letters relating to the purchase of land in Jacksonville, two indentures, a transcription of his will, and a house insurance policy
Cornell University Libraries
Essays, decrees, minutes of meetings, speeches, poems, satires, fiction, fictitious dialogues, a political catechism, and an acrostic concerning the French government, mainly at the national or provincial level, with some material from localities. Topics covered include France's Parlements, the monarchy, Catholicism as a political issue, the influence of the Enlightenment, the three estates, the Assembly of Notables, the convocation of the Estates General in 1789, the administration of Jacques Necker, and the Diamond Necklace Affair. Included is a list of localities sending deputations to the Estates General of 1789
Cornell University Libraries
Letters dealing with the New York State Supreme Court of Herkimer County, including bills of judgment, letters of discharge, orders of transportation, and inventories of Supreme Court furnishings; an account book for Spinner when he was sheriff of Herkimer County; also letters of a military content dealing with the 5th Brigade of the New York State Militia, including bills from Aylesworth and Holmes of Utica; also, letters dealing with construction and personnel matters of the New York State Lunatic Asylum at Utica, on whose planning commission Spinner served. Also, correspondence with Edwin D. Morgan, Thurlow Weed, William P. Fessenden, and with Benson J. Lossing concerning the origin of the United States Treasury seal
Cornell University Libraries
Notebook containing cases from Nathaniel Freeman's tenure as Justice of the Peace, 1775-1785; and an Orderly Book, October 3-27, 1777, containing general orders, brigade and regimental orders, codes, paroles, counter-signs, and court martials covering the period of the Newport campaign of the Revolutionary War
Cornell University Libraries
Essays, open letters, decrees, letters patent, minutes of meetings, poems, satires, fictitious dialogues, and a political catechism by or about the Parlements, sovereign law courts which settled cases in each of the provinces of France and registered the laws. Topics include taxes, judicial reform, Catholicism in its political aspect, the Parlements in relation to the monarchy and to the Third Estate, finance minister Charles Alexandre de Calonne, the king's "lit de justice," and individual Parlements including those of Paris, Brittany, and Bordeaux
Harvard University - Houghton Library
Contains professional correspondence and legal documents reflecting the careers of the two John Lowells, father and son. Includes depositions, testimonies and memoranda from legal cases; reports and petitions of congresses; and deeds, contracts, wills, accounts, receipts, and promissory notes. Also includes records of the Continental Congress, the Massachusetts Provincial Congress, various Massachusetts courts, and New England town meetings, as well as correspondence and court documents concerning the senior Lowell's service on a commission to determine the Massachusetts-New York border, and much correspondence about land sales and debt collection. Also contains correspondence of other family members, including a younger John Lowell (1856-1922) who traveled in Europe in the 1870s, and correspondence of third parties