Atlantic County Historical Society
Bills and other materials (1863) relating to the building of schooner M. & E. Henderson; bills of sale for sloop Tille Covert and schooners Spray (1855) and Robert H. Parker (1890); papers relating to sloop Ellwood Becker, bark Annie C. Norton, and schooners Annie C. Norton, Eliza & Rebecca, and Spray; papers of Price as customs collector; militia bond on Somers Point Home Guard (1861); and letters to Capt. John Price from the captain of the schooner Polly Price -- Other vessels represented include schooners William J. Lippsett and Joseph
Maine Historical Society
Correspondence addressed to Odell, pertaining to appointment of deputy collector. Persons represented include John S. Fernald, Thomas M. Stevens, and Peyton R. Freeman
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
News clippings, articles relating to Miller, memorabilia, and photograph of his retirement home in Temple, N.H. Subjects include his early activities with the local militia and later service with the 4th and 21st U.S. Army infantry regiments, including participation in the Battle of Chippewa and other campaigns during the War of 1812
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Accounts (1808) of Joseph Palmer, deputy collector at Falmouth Custom House with Joseph Otis, collector at Barnstable; together with customhouse receipts (1875-1877)
Penobscot Marine Museum
Transcripts of talks given in Searsport, Stockton Springs, Belfast, and other Maine towns; talks in Rockland include quotes of Frank Winslow on the loss (1882) of the schooner Almon Bird; correspondence containing information used to identify vessels; materials used in the preparation of Vessels Built in Frenchman's Bay; list of vessels; materials on the East Coast; newspaper articles; notes from sea stories given to Henry Buxton by several sea captains; contract (copy) for building the brig Sarah; copy of Lincoln Colcord's list of pinkey schooners; vessel list for the Crosby yard at Bangor and three letters from Mrs. Andersen, great granddaughter of Timothy Crosby on the Crosby family and its shipyard; letters from Preston Williams, photographer, about prints of vessels, made and sent; letter (1946) from Edwin Lord, Bangor, relating to the disposal of his shipping business records; and copy of letter (1972 Sept. 1) sent to radio station WEEI by Capt. William Coughlin with criticism ... Read More
Jefferson County Historical Society
Papers relating to the career and family of Edward Sidney Dyer. Includes appointments, deed, documents, envelopes, letters, and other papers. Correspondents include his brother, George Washington Dyer (1823-1889), and his wife
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Photocopies of incoming and outgoing correspondence of Stutsman, relating to affairs of Dakota territorial government and his duties as member (1862-1868, 1872-1873) of the territorial legislature and his activities as special agent (ca. 1866-1874) with U.S. Bureau of Customs
Massachusetts Historical Society
Papers of Charles Russell of Princeton and Boston, Mass. and members of the Russell family, including correspondence, legal and financial papers, records of the Boston Custom House, printed matter, and volumes. Letters of Charles Russell on business and financial matters (1837-1874) include correspondence with George F. Folger of Folger & Wiswall and with tenants and employees in Princeton. The collection contains a small amount of Russell family correspondence. Also included are deeds for land in Princeton and for livestock, agreements, appointments, and other legal documents (1817-1853) of Charles Russell and his business partner Ephraim Mirick, as well as estate papers (1838-1845) of Russell's father-in-law Samuel Hastings. Records related to Russell's work as measurer at the Boston Custom House consist of two boxes of cargo unloading slips (1849-1854) listing ship names, products shipped (salt, coal, etc.), and number of units unloaded. The collection also contains bills, ... Read More
Massachusetts Historical Society
A small collection of correspondence between Willfred W. Lufkin, Collector of Customs for the Port of Boston, and Senator Henry Cabot Lodge of Massachusetts. Included are original letters from Lodge, carbon copies of letters from Lufkin, and some correspondence with Lodge's secretary Charles F. Redmond pertaining to the Port of Boston, tariffs, statistics of imports and exports, appointments, and staffing levels
Massachusetts Historical Society
Three appointments to Ambrose Vincent for positions in the Customs Administration in Boston, 1766-68, including one on parchment for a position as landwaiter, weigher, and gauger with unrestricted power to search under a writ of assistance, 27 June 1768. All documents are printed forms completed in manuscript and are signed by John Temple. The 1768 document is also signed by John Robinson, Charles Paxton, and William Burch


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