Connecticut Historical Society
A certificate appointing William Glen Comptroller of the Customs at the Port of New Haven, Connecticut. Signed by Benjamin Hallowell, William Burch, and Hen. Hulton. Governor Jonathan Trumbull signed his name on the reverse, signifying that William Glen had taken the proper oath in his presence
American Textile History Museum - Osborne Library
Diary of Dimond's round-the-world trip collecting wool samples for use by U.S. Customs agents. Accompanied by a printed form completed in manuscript, dated Dec. 21, 1903, requesting a leave of absence for Dimond from the U.S. Customs Service, Port of Boston, Collector's Office, and an undated newspaper clipping about Joseph A. Reed's appointment as wool examiner to succeed Dimond. Reed, a resident of Jamaica Plain, Mass., had worked for H.S. Thatcher & Co., carpet wool importers, and Mauger & Avery, wool brokers, prior to his appointment. Both companies were located in Boston
New York State Library - Manuscripts and Special Collections
Coasting licenses were issued for a one year period. These licenses authorized a vessel to trade between the different customs districts of the United States. The vessel would pay an annual tonage duty to obtain the license
Arizona Historical Society - Library and Archives
Photograph albums with images of family, mining activities in Mexico, one image of a customs inspection at the U.S.-Mexico border, and Tombstone homes, church, street scene, courthouse, and a mule team. There are photographs of Arthur and Bill Richards as small boys. The Tombstone photographs date from 1890 to 1896 and the others fall before and after. There are photographs of South Dakota mining operations and one street scene taken in Rapid City, South Dakota
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Interviews, November, 1963, by William Schereck of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin with Horatio B. Hawkins, relating to his career in China with the Imperial Maritime Customs and the Chinese Maritime Customs Service, 1906-1908, 1912-1940; the operation of the customs service in China; and his work with the U.S. Foreign Economic Administration in India and China, 1945-1946
Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library
Letters, journals, legal documents and printed material associated with William H. Sandusky and members of his family -- Letters include correspondence with James H. Starr on Sandusky's work as a draftsman for the city of Austin; and items regarding land transactions in Galveston. Also included are documents related to Sandusky's service in Galveston as a draftsman on a coastal survey and as a customs official; an incomplete journal of his migration to Texas in 1838, along with a journal of a trip along the Texas coast in 1845. Some items are related to Sandusky's wife, and to his brother-in-law, James McKnight
New-York Historical Society
Scrapbook kept by Draper (1857-1866) containing newspaper clippings, military passes, and commissions concerning his activities as Collector of the Port of New York and government cotton agent for the cotton in the captured city of Savannah, Georgia as well as local politics. Also includes a memorial letter to Mrs. Draper on the death of her husband
Nantucket Historical Association
Copies of bills of sale of enrolled vessels, compiled by customs collector's office, Nantucket custom house, kept by Joseph W. Clapp
Mystic Seaport Museum,-- G.W Blunt White Library
Correspondence; accounts; bills; receipts; wage statements; crew lists and other customs documents; mortgage from Patrick McCullough, owner, of Ireland, to Nathaniel T. Gifford, agent, New Bedford, Mass.; powers of attorney from McCullough to Gifford, and from Josiah W. Bonney and Isaac Howland, agents under the will of Gifford, to Albert A. Thomas, whaling master; and bill of sale (1871) from Thomas to new shipowners, Louis Arthur Nathan and Andrew Wardrop, of Auckland, N.Z. -- Many of the letters are from Albert Thomas to Gifford and Bonney
Old Dartmouth Historical Society Whaling Museum Library
Correspondence, financial records, shipbuilding records, ships' papers, and other materials, relating to family affairs and Hawes's involvements as ship captain and in shipping and shipbuilding; personal legal documents including leases and estate papers; court dockets, marriage records, case files, estate records, voting and election records, and other papers, pertaining to his duties as Bristol County, Mass., justice of the peace; custom house records containing correspondence, search permits, and records for the establishment and repairs of Bird Island and Gay Head lighthouses; and genealogical notes; together with business and personal correspondence and ships' papers of his first wife, Mercy (Taber) Hawes (1766-1803), son, John Alexander Hawes (1795-1827), daughter, Mary (Hawes) Wardwell (b. 1799), and nephew, Thomas Taber. Vessels represented include brigs Reuben & Eliza, Sarah, and Thomas


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