Massachusetts Historical Society
Manuscript copies of selected letters sent and received by Collectors of Customs at ports in Boston, Charlestown and New Bedford, Mass., 1789-1909. Letters were copied during a survey conducted by the Works Progress Administration in 1937. Also, workforms completed during the WPA survey listing crew lists and other records found at the Custom House in Boston. (Original letters housed at the National Archives in Waltham, Mass.).
Mystic Seaport Museum
Correspondence, reports, accounts, and other papers, mostly from Gelston's service as collector for the port of New York, including letters and reports between Gelston and collectors at other ports, the U.S. Treasury and State departments, and merchants and officials involved with importing, exporting, and smuggling goods through the port of New York; inspectors' and surveyors' reports regarding smuggling activities; U.S. District Court, New York (later U.S. District Court, New York, Southern District), papers for embargo violation cases; revenue cutter papers; and material relating to the operations of the New York Customs House
Massachusetts Historical Society
Papers relating to the commerce of British North America, including salaries of customs house officers (1768); account of imports into North America, Bermuda, and the Bahamas (1769-70); imports and exports (1769-72); abstract of vessels in and out of American ports (1765-66); cotton imports from British and foreign West Indies (1768-69); exports to Great Britain (1768-69); abstract of vessels in and out of Philadelphia, Boston, and New York (1766); and tea imported (1768-70). Some items prepared by Thomas Irving, Inspector General of Imports and Exports in North America
Massachusetts Historical Society
Translation of official Spanish documents relating to the detention of the American brig Mars at the port of Callao, Peru on suspicion of illicit trading. The Mars, a whaling ship of Nantucket, was detained in 1801 on suspicion of trading in dry goods, an illegal activity. The documents include correspondence and reports of Peruvian customs officials on the validity of the charges, including reports on the examination of the ship for maintenance needs, the supposed reason for the ship's arrival at Callao, and on the examination of the ship's papers and log. Also included are depositions of Uriah Swain, the owner and captain, and of his crew, as well as the eventual decision to allow the ship to leave once its goods were unloaded and sold at auction. The documents date from 1801 and were translated into English by Sales in 1802
Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library
Letters, journals, legal documents and printed material associated with William H. Sandusky and members of his family -- Letters include correspondence with James H. Starr on Sandusky's work as a draftsman for the city of Austin; and items regarding land transactions in Galveston. Also included are documents related to Sandusky's service in Galveston as a draftsman on a coastal survey and as a customs official; an incomplete journal of his migration to Texas in 1838, along with a journal of a trip along the Texas coast in 1845. Some items are related to Sandusky's wife, and to his brother-in-law, James McKnight
San Francisco Public Library
Autograph letter, signed, expressing Congressman Cole's satisfaction with the replacement of San Francisco's Collector of the Port, Charles James, with John F. Miller. Cole mentions his own current senatorial campaign. Colfax was Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives at the time
New-York Historical Society
Scrapbook kept by Draper (1857-1866) containing newspaper clippings, military passes, and commissions concerning his activities as Collector of the Port of New York and government cotton agent for the cotton in the captured city of Savannah, Georgia as well as local politics. Also includes a memorial letter to Mrs. Draper on the death of her husband
New-York Historical Society
Two record books of custom inspectors, one each kept by Samuel Scudder and Jabez Halsey (1799-1801). Records inward cargo at the Port of New York including name of ship, master, port of embarkation, quantity and description of cargo, marks, and to whom delivered
Arizona Historical Society - Library and Archives
Photograph albums with images of family, mining activities in Mexico, one image of a customs inspection at the U.S.-Mexico border, and Tombstone homes, church, street scene, courthouse, and a mule team. There are photographs of Arthur and Bill Richards as small boys. The Tombstone photographs date from 1890 to 1896 and the others fall before and after. There are photographs of South Dakota mining operations and one street scene taken in Rapid City, South Dakota


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