SUNY Oswego - Penfield Library
The records contain ledgers, daybooks, and receipts produced by the John Nacey Bottling Company of Oswego, New York. It also includes miscellaneous items such as bottle caps and promotional material generated by the company and other local bottlers
Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives
The William H. Berry Collection contains the account of a Southern Baptist career missionary and his family in Brazil over a 41 year period, 1922 to 1963. The collection contains an eight-volume, 1522-page autobiography of Berry which includes personal and official correspondence, articles, newspaper clippings, observations, and photographs. A significant part of the collection documents in detail a long-standing difference of missionary philosophy between Berry and the leadership of the Foreign Mission Board (now International Mission Board)
University of California, Berkeley
The records of the Eureka Benevolent Society (EBS) include minutes; reports; histories; scrapbooks; photographs; and newspaper clippings. The collection also contains the by-laws and constitution of the EBS (1858-1860) with signatures of its members; succeeding by-laws for the EBS beginning in 1870; a constitution of the Ladies' United Hebrew Benevolent Society (1876); and reports, minutes, budgets, and campaign materials from the related charities and agencies listed above as well as from the Jewish Committee for Personal Service and the Maimonides Health Center. It also has case studies from the various agencies, which, although written from the perspective of the social workers, effectively portray the poorer side of Jewish life and describe the difficulties that many faced from the Gold Rush era to the 1930s. The collection's women's organizational material provides a contrast to that of predominately male agencies, and its scrapbooks, which range from 1929 through the 1950s, ... Read More
Newberry Library
Correspondence, diaries, writings and photographs of May Walden, mainly dating from 1892 to 1959 -- About half the collection consists of correspondence, the bulk between Walden and her daughter, Katharine Kerr Moore, detailing domestic life during the Depression. There are letters to Walden and to Charles H. Kerr relating to their political interests; significant correspondents include William Jennings Bryan, James Russell Lowell, Frank W. Taussig, Clarence Darrow, Helen Keller, and Margaret Sanger. Also brief notes from Theodore Dreiser, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edward Everett Hale, Alan Lomax, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Margaret Chase Smith. Among Walden's works are her diaries, 1913-1956, and her essays on various topics including birth control, the Socialist home, votes for women, and the sanitary collapsible cup used as a campaign novelty by Eugene Debs in 1912 (sample cup included). There are photographs of the family and of Eugene Debs, Jack London (with Coxey's Army), Max Hayes, ... Read More
University of Washington
The collecton contains photographs depicting three of the shelters set up by the Salvation Army to help homeless men in Seattle during the Great Depression. Interior views of the shelters show bunk beds and shower facilities, as well as work areas, such as a tailor shop, a shoe repair shop, and a wood yard operation, where the homeless could find employment
University of Notre Dame - Hesburgh Library
A collection of more than 500 personal letters directed to Frank and Ruth McCracken at Toston, Montana. The letters span the years between the wars; most were written by relations and acquaintances in Minnesota, Montana, and (especially) North Dakota. In addition to personal and social content, there is much allusion to the broader economic, geographic, and cultural forces that shaped life on the Northern plains in the 1920s and 30s. The majority are from family members, most notably the siblings of Ruth McCracken. The dispersion of letters over the interwar years is fairly even. In addition to their extensive personal and social content, the letters have much to say on broader issues of the period, with reference to the Northern plains generally and North Dakota in particular. Among these are: the American involvement in World War I; the influenza epidemic of 1918-19; the farm crisis of the 1920s; the North Dakota Non-partisan League; banks and the economy; Prohibition and ... Read More
Williams College - Sawyer Library
The George Alfred Cluett correspondence contains correspondence with committee chairmen (trustees) and reflects the management of Professorship Fund campaign. References to the Stock Market Crash and campaign postponement are of particular interest. The Harry L. Agard correspondence contains reminders and acknowledgements for pledges. President Garfield's correspondence and reports focus on marketing endowed professorships. Two Million Dollar Endowment Campaign material comprises committee reports and sampled correspondence representing the management of the campaign. Williams War Memorial Endowment Fund files contain correspondence and reports. Bequests, gifts and scholarships series includes correspondence and legal documents
Georgia State University - Special Collections and Archives
The collection consists of an oral history interview with Joe Mack Wilson on April 1, 1988 in which he discusses his family background; early family homes; education; successful students; ditch digging; quality of Marietta education; teacher salary; FHA mortgages; WPA jobs; effect of the Depression; hitchhiking to Atlanta; Wilson family business; family history; interest in city politics; 1959 Marietta mayoral race; Red Atherton; campaigning; power within Cobb County and the press; C.W. Barmlett; Sam Welsch; Rip Blair; Jimmy Carmichael; 1960 legislative race; support for education; interest groups; local races as personality contests; constituencies; county unit system; political support in local politics; university accreditation issue; attitude toward Ellis Arnall's book THE SHORE DIMLY SEEN; Cobb County changes to five-man commission system; 1964 commission race; voting machines; cause of lost 1964 election; Lester Maddox election; increase in legislative power; Tom Murphy; urban ... Read More
Georgia State University - Special Collections and Archives
The collection consists of an oral history interview with Downing Musgrove on August 11, 1971 in which he discusses E.D. Rivers; tax structures; Rivers as a lawyer; Musgrove's relationship with Rivers; the "4 R's" campaign; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Walter George; the 1938 governor's race; Jim Gillis; the Atlanta press' treatment of Rivers; Gologly (pardons); Governor Cox; the prison system in Georgia; pardons; the Depression's effect on the prison system; the Depression in Atlanta; the origins of the Rivers faction; Eugene Talmadge; the Rivers faction; Rivers as a speaker; Rivers' abilities as a courtroom lawyer; River' honesty; the 1934 governor's race; Rivers' relationship with Assembly; reasons for Rivers entry into the 1946 governors race; three-governor controversy; Rivers' counties; and campaigning under the county unit system


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