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Philip Stanger, drummer and instructor. The Philip Stanger Collection contains drum, xylophone, marimba and other percussion pedagogy books and manuals, sheet music, advertisements, articles, magazines, and photographs
National Library of Australia
Indiana University - Archives of Traditional Music
Film shows Eskimos in various activities, including fishing with nets or with spears, making a kayak, making boots, using the ulu knife, making nets, harpoon heads, and spears, telling stories with a cat's cradle, and making the someak, or drum -- Possibly a continuation of the film, showing Eskimnos hunting caribou, hunting a polar bear, hunting a whale, hunting seals, hunting walrus, and playing the someak; and interacting with caucasians through taking an Eskimo to a hospital, Eskimos attending church services, and Eskimos trading supplies and receiving supplies from Hudson's Bay Company
Indiana University - Archives of Traditional Music
A collection of musical items from the FulbeĢ, Diakanke (Dyula), Soninke, Malinke and other groups in the Bondu region of Senegal; it includes vocal music by soloists, griots and ensembles (baiodieng), at times accompanying themselves on hodou, balondji (struck gourds), Kora or drums. Also included are songs for dancing, playing games, circumcision, for or about weavers and black smiths, praise songs, wedding music, Tukulor minstrel songs, Soundiata epic, and chants of the Murid order (Muslim clerics)
New York Public Library
The Melville and Frances Herskovits Collection is one of the most comprehensive ethnographic collections documenting African and African American culture. The collection is comprised of 945 items such as masks, statues, household utensils, tools, weapons, furniture, musical instruments, gold weights, games, costumes, textiles, several maps and paintings etc. Most items are primarily from West Africa and Surinam in South America. There are also some materials from the Caribbean and the United States. The collection is organized by geographical region, culture area and object type. Objects contained in the collection are from the following countries: Nigeria, Zaire, Liberia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Angola, Sierra Leone, African Central Republic, Cameroon, Benin, Mali, Burkina Faso, Kenya and Surinam and Haiti. Ethnic groups represented are the: Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Fulani, Ijo, Pende, Kuba, Mangbetu, Dan, Ashanti, Akan, Ewe, Senufo, Baule, Chokwe, Mossi, Masaii, Ramileke, and the Bamana
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Marching band music -- Kasongo Manicura 75th anniversary ceremonies, celebrating defeat of Arab slave traders -- Speeches -- Bindendela water drums -- Kivucats, a popular combo, performing -- Catholic church service -- Calls of drill instructor -- High life ensemble -- Pepsi-Cola songs and Rumbas -- Children's songs -- Boy's choir
Historic Deerfield Library
The collection primarily deals with an exhibit and book about powder horns Guthman produced with the Connecticut Historical Society (CHS). Guthman first began work on this project in the early 1980s. After publishing an article on powder horns in "The Magazine Antiques", he was encouraged by the staff at the CHS to write a longer piece and create an exhibit of powder horns. Neither the exhibit nor the book would come to fruition until 1993. The materials here chronicle the planning of the exhibit and the writing of the book. Many drafts and excerpts are included, along with various notes and plans for the exhibit. These four boxes show the work of one man over the course of a decade trying to organize an exhibit and a book to go with it. "Drums A'beating, Trumpets Sounding: Artistically Carved Powder Horns in the Provincial Manner 1746-1781" was featured at the Connecticut Historical Society, Heritage Plantation (Sandwich, Mass.), and the Concord Museum (Concord, Mass.) There are also ... Read More
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Harvey Lang, drummer. Lang started playing the drums at age three and played for over sixty years, primarily in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Disneyworld in Orlando. He played for a long list of performers including Wayne Newton, Herbie Fields, Ginny and the Gallions, Lee Caron, Frank Sinatra, Bubba Kolb, Louis Prima, and Clark Terry. The Harvey Lang Collection includes lists of Lang's record album collection, and thirty-eight scrapbooks containing photographs, newspaper articles, programs, brochures, correspondence, advertisements, postcards, and other ephemera documenting his career as a drummer
Massachusetts Historical Society
Drum book kept by Benjamin Clark of Abington, Mass. in 1797 recording drum beats for various songs. A few blank pages of the drum book were used by Lyman J. Clark of Royalston, Mass. in 1857 as an account book and penmanship practice book, 1857