University of West Florida,-- Special Collections Dept
Personal papers including correspondence, land abstracts, plat maps, and related material of organizations in which Robertson was active or for which he performed legal services, primarily in Santa Rosa County. Correspondents include Lex Green, Bob Sikes, Millard F. Caldwell, Claude Pepper, Charles Andrews; Florida governors LeRoy Collins, Spessard L. Holland, and Fuller Warren; and Ashley Pace and J. Edgar Hoover. Organizations represented include the Florida Democratic Party, First Baptist Church of Milton, Fla., Florida Baptist Convention, Florida Children's Commission, Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association, Milton Kiwanis Club, Santa Rosa County Children's Committee, Santa Rosa Tuberculosis Association, Selective Service Board (Milton), State Democratic Executive Committee, and University of Florida Alumni Association. Other subjects include the Santa Rosa Beach Administration relating to leases and development of Navarre Beach; Santa Rosa County Commissioners relating to ... Read More
Montana Historical Society,-- Library and Archives Dept
Writings and other materials of Pearl Danniel -- Chiefly writings of Pearl Danniel, including several uncompleted versions (written from the 1930s to the 1970s) of her autobiography; several works of fiction, including a novel entitled "Slum Timber" about the Mississippi River bottom lands and several novelettes about her brother Albert Leroy Sparks; essays and narrative poems about horses, cowboys, sheepherders, and the Badlands; her regular local news column; and her political writings. Most of her writings reflect the difficulty of survival in eastern Montana's Badlands, the loneliness of life on the homestead, the close community feeling of people living there, and her bitterness at the loss of her homestead to the government
University of Chicago - Special Collections Research Center
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
As part of its function to design, construct, maintain and operate a Metropolitan Water Works (MWW) system as authorized by St 1895, c 488; St 1901, c 168; and St 1919, c 350, s 123, the Metropolitan Water Board (MWB) (1895-1901), the Metropolitan Water and Sewerage Board (MWSB), Water Works Division (1901-1919), and, later, of the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC), Water Division (1919-1985), photographs were created to document the real estate takings for, and the construction and operations of the Metropolitan Water Works (MWW) system. The name Metropolitan Water Works was designated for the system in St 1895, c 488, s 3, as was the name Metropolitan Water District
Minnesota Historical Society
Case documents, depositions, transcripts, and plaintiff's exhibits (blueprint maps) in the case of Minnesota Canal and Power Company (MCPC) vs. the Koochiching Company, Minneapolis Trust Company, E.W. Backus, International Bridge and Terminal Company, May A. Cook, F.T. Nicoll, Frank P. Nicoll, Eugene A. Arnold, and Ernestine S. Arnold. The MCPC sought permission to condemn certain lands in St. Louis County for the right of way for a canal and waterway for navigation and other purposes, including the supply of water to municipalities together with reservoir and flowage purposes
Minnesota Historical Society
Minnesota Historical Society
Files documenting both the acquisition of land for expansion of public areas and the disposal of surplus public land. Included are correspondence, appraisal and condemnation records, maps and site sketches, architectural drawings, and photographs, many showing structures later demolished
University of Virginia
The collection contains papers generated by Michael's service in the Virginia State Senate. Each group generally contains correspondence, memoranda, reports, drafts and revisions of bills, and pertinent research material
New Jersey State Archives
Abstracts of title relating to property to be conveyed or transferred to the State of New Jersey -- Abstracts also contain references to the condemnations of 1831, as well as to occupancies of properties in 1923
New York State Archives
This series consists of the original linen and paper maps created and maintained by the State Engimeer and Surveyor and its suceeding agencies. Each map includes the names of property owners (or reputed owners) and often the names of adjoining property owners; a detailed narrative description of the lands to be appropriated, written directly onto each map; book and page numers of deeds filed with the appropriate County Clerk; a standard title that includes the town and county of the land to be appropriated; a scale equating inches to feet; the direction of true north; and a signature block of persons who made, traced, and checked the maps, sometimes dated


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